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The Kingdom of Mersch
« on: April 01, 2023, 10:04:21 PM »

The Kingdom of Mersch was formed by a group of tribesman who can trace their origins back to the area around Ostlake in East Moreland. As followers of the Cult of Helus they were kicked out of their own tribe as heretics because they believed that there was not a pantheon of Gods but rather just a single God known as the Great Creator. They believed that the war between the Cultist Gods and the Underlords did take place but that it began in the spirit world spilling into the human one through a lake which acts as a portal between the two worlds. As a result they had settled around Ostlake believing this was the "Portal Lake" however when their heresy was discovered they were chased North until they disappeared into the Alps. They eventually discovered Lake Meran which their leader believed was the actual "Portal Lake" as a result the tribe settled in the region by establishing themselves first as a mercenary army for hire. By the 10th Century under legendary war-lord leader Mortiz König, the North of Alba Karinya began to fall under their rule until by the 14th Century the modern borders of the Kingdom of Mersch had been formed.

Between 1370 and 1700 the Keil dynasty did their best to make Mersch a welcoming home to those of any faith. This changed though in 1700 when the Keil family dynasty ended and Krüger's took over. The Krüger's were devout followers of the Great Creator and put great pressure on the unbelievers to convert. This saw blashpermy laws and other harsh punishments put in place against those who insulted the faith. This lasted until the early 1900's. At this point the Kingdom became more tolerant again.

The next major landmark in the nations history came in 2016 when the tiny nation of Academica saw a multi-sided civil war. Mersch attempted to support operations there carried out by other Alba Karinya nations however as the followers of the Chieftan of Silverdale were being overrun in Academica many of them fled North into Mersch. Chieftan Sylvia of Silverdale went into exile in Mersch and having failed to take control in Academica began attacks against Mersch government forces. With there being several Silverdale factions in the south of Mersch there began a conflict in the border region. This gave Republican factions within the government the confidence to attempt a coup and following a series of attacks many of the royal family were killed and others went into exile. This civil war in Mersch continued until 2022 when with help from East Moreland the Royalist forces were victorious however there was no significant member of royalty left. In November 2022 the nation approved a return to their constitution however it has yet to fully come into force as no monarch has yet been appointed.

Population - 42,769,813 (Census 2022)
Capital City:- Wahlstadt (1.5million)
Currency:- Schilling
Demonym: Merschian
Languages: Merschian (similar to Morelandish in a way that Spanish and Portugese is)
Religion 80% Cult of the Creators 9% Cult of Helus, 5% Christian, 6% Others (Rights Protected Under Law)
GDP per Capita $36,111

Government Structure Monarchy with supporting Democracy
Government Body - 301 member legislative assembly called the Witan
Head of Government - Prime Minister Hanna Dahl
Head of State - TBD
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Re: The Kingdom of Mersch
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2023, 05:46:49 PM »

Prior to the Civil War (2016-2022) the nation was a monarchy where much of the power laid in the hands of the Krüger dynasty. To help conclude the war a new constitution was put in place. It still see's the monarch having most of the power however with many of the Krüger family having been assassinated, captured and murdered this has yet to fully come to light.

The government has three levels of government.


The monarchy of Mersch has yet  (as of April 2023)  not been restored following the civil war.  At the moment the role of the monarch is taken by a member of the aristocracy who is elected for a period of two years. The monarchy is responsible for;

*Giving final ascent to legilsation. The monarch may veto legislation however this is then added to the next election (regardless of level) run in the nation. The monarch may also determine the order in which legislation is heard and so can prioritise their own.

*Overseeing elections.

*Granting titles of nobility.

*Appointing judges to the Supreme Court

*May pardon/commute sentences

*Commanding the Armed Forces

*Concluding treaties with foreign nations


The Small Witan is made up of 17 appointed nobles. They may serve for 12 months before being replaced but then the following year may be selected again. They may be removed if a 2/3 majority of the Groß Witan. If you are removed from the Klein Witan you may not ever be selected again. The Groß Witan's responsibilities are;

*Oversee the nations budget. The monarch may not change taxation without their permission.

*Act as moderators for legislation from the Klein Witan. If a piece of legislation does not gain 9 votes then a member voting against it must write a review of the legislation for it to return to the Klein Witan.

*Ensure any required referendums are carried out.

*Should a succession issue arise they shall vote on its solution.


The Groß Witan is made up of 301 members. These are selected every four years from geographical areas each of which have around 140,000 residents. Anyone over the age of 18 who is either a citizen or has had a right to residency for at least five years may vote in elections however only those born within Mersch may actually stand for election. The Witan must "lend their support" to a single Representative who if gaining the written support of 151 members of the Groß Witan is pronounced as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is given the following responsibilities.

*Representing the people in discussions with the monarch.

*May nominate the first speaker on any legislation to be debated.

*Every Thursday is Prime Minister's Day meaning that they control what business is conducted by the Witan.

*Calls for votes of confidence in members of the Klein Witan

*Has permission to attend and talk in meetings with foreign diplomats

In addition the Groß Witan has the following responsibilities.

*Give final consent to taxation issues

*May remove members of the Witan

*Create legislation and vote on it.

*Approve Cabinet Ministers.

*Review and amend legislation returned from the Groß Witan.

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Re: The Kingdom of Mersch
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2023, 08:13:54 PM »

68,200 Soldiers / 21,250 Reservists

160 x Tanastus Main Battle Tank
190 x Iarizkar Infantry Fighting Vehicle
220 x Agilmund Armoured Personnel Carrier
100 x Ragnhild Reconnaissance Vehicle
180 x Machorel Mine Resistant Vehicle
420 x Madelger Mobility Vehicle
220 x Laiamicho Light Vehicle
30 x Sabene Self Propelled Howitzer
35 x Hache Towed Howitzer
40 x Marplay Multiple Rocket Launcher
25 x Saevil SAM System
20 x Hadawardus Helicopter
5 x Ubbi UAV

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Re: The Kingdom of Mersch
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2023, 08:14:59 PM »

28,100 Sailors
6,100 Reservists

7 x Stettin Class Submarine

1. Eisenstadt
2. Neusiedl
3. Oberwat
4. Mattersburg
5. Pinkafeld
6. Parndorf
7. Neudorft

2 x Hamburg CLass Helicopter Carrier

1. Jennersdorf
2. Gols

5 x Dorpat Class Destroyer

1. Gussing
2. Grosspetersdorf
3. Neufeld
4. Oberpullendorf
5. Kittsee

8 x Falsterbo Class Frigate

1. Deutschkreutz
2. Rechnitz
3. Bruckneudorf
4. Hornstein
5. Siegendorf
6. Pottsching
7. Purbach
8. Frauenkirchen

6 x Polotsk Class Patrol Boat

1. Forchtenstein
2. Rohrbach
3. Wiesen
4. Stegersbach
5. Steinbrunn
6. Oberschutzen

3 x Malmo Class Minehunter

1. Illmitz
2. Schattendorf
3. Andau

4 x Anklam Class Fast Attack Boat

1. Morbisch
2. Zurndorf
3. Monchhof
4. Rudersdorf

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Re: The Kingdom of Mersch
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2023, 08:16:08 PM »


17,634 Airmen / 4, 188 Reservists

45 x F-2 Dragonskin Multi Role Fighters
30 x F-15 Fae Multi Role Fighters
25 x F-3 Brownie Multi-Role Fighter
4 x E-7 Pixie AEWAC Fighter
15 x E-6 Banshee Electronic Warfare Fighter
5 x P-3 Leprechaun Maritime Patrol Aircraft
5 x K-78 Elf Tanker aircraft
9 x C-124 Kobold Transport Aircraft
22 x C-32 Changeling Transport Aircraft
25 x T-9 Devas Basic Trainer
25 x T-20 Dryad Advanced Trainer / Light Fighter
4 x U1-Gnome Surveillance UAV
10 x U-2 Kelpie Combat UAV
15 x H-22 Nymph Helicopter
20 x H-15 Salamander Helicopter