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In the early 9th Century the people of the Themyscira culture lived close to the coast of the Gulf of Liberty. At that time pagans from other lands began to land and the rather peaceful Themyscira were gradually absorbed into these invaders or hurried in land. Eventually fearing a destruction of their culture the Themyscira split into four maternal groups and began to head into the interior of Aranye. For several centuries they were victimised and pursued until settling in lands owned by the Reenbergs. There, in return for service on the land and various other concessions the first of the four groups found a permanent home and over the next century were joined by others. While in the early days the Themyscira had lacked a cohesive military force and even a lack of military ability in general they now recruited foreign troops utilising the Reenberg influence. A new system of government developed and in 1681 the Land of Themyscira was officially formed as one of the larger Charters.

Population - 8,329,122
Capital & Largest city - Tetradamos(762,781)
GDP per Capita - $49,342
Nations GDP - $411,725,158,704.
Main exports - Silk, industrial fabrics, hydroelectic components and chemicals
Type of Government - Four person council with positions inherited. The Council members are known as The Tetrarchs
Head of State - The title is known as The First Daughter.

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Re: Themyscira
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The Lands of Themyscira are ruled by a form of family/tribal council. This was set up when the group left their ancestoral lands and went in search of safety. Each group of refugees elected a leader known as a Tetrarch, this title later was replaced by Queen. When the Agelaus family made their deal with the Reenbergs the othe Tetrachs began migrating their groups to the new territory. First the Naukles, then the Gygaea before finally the Corythia family arrived bringing the Themyscira people back together.

In 1680 they agreed a formula for how the lands would be run while maintaining their links to traditional values.

Quote from: The Tetrach Council Decree

The Four Queens of the Themyscira Peoples have today began an arrangement to unite all peoples of Theyscira under one banner. In order to do this the following Decree shall enter into effect.

1. Each of the Agelaus, Naukles, Gygaea and Corythia families shall appoint one of their female line to a Council that shall run the nation called the The Tetrarchs Council.

2. The Tetrarchs Council shall be the authority on all matters saving negotiations with foreign nations and military matters.

3. Every five years the citizens of Theyscira shall by means of voting elect one of The Tetrarchs to hold the position as First Daughter. This position shall be responsible for foreign relations and military matters.

4. No law may be passed without the approval of three of The Tetrarchs.

5. Any of The Tetrarchs may present proposals for laws.

6. Any citizen of Theyscira may begin a petition. Once it has 25,000 (originally was 800) signatures it must be considered by The Tetrarchs

7. Should 100,000 citizens (originally 1,500) sign a petition calling for the removal of one of The Tetrarchs then the approval of the other three is required for that persons removal.

8. If one of The Tetrarchs is removed her family line may appoint a replacement.

9. If The Tetrarchs family lack a female bloodline the most senior male must select a new Tetrarchs from within his tribe and thus re-establish the lines of succession.


Clockwise from top left, Nympha Agelaus, Simin Naukles, Avgusta Gygaea and Lucille Corythia

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Re: Themyscira
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In Themyscira the vast majority of the population follow a religion that calls itself The Balance. Its concepts are actually rather simple to understand. All things within the Universe must be kept in balance and humans are the ones tasked with ensuring that takes place. The religion has a heavy focus on nature and the idea of the meaning behind an action being significant. The belief is that there are four Gods, two responsible for acts of good, two for acts of bad. Neither are considered evil as they are simply maintaining balance in the Universe. The Gods of good control a paradise where those who achieve a positive balance in life are rewarded with fine banquets, love, dancing and joy for all time. Those who achieve a negative balance are cast into a realm frequented by demons. These demons feed upon certain human elements such as emotions, feelings and even the soul itself. The demons also inhabit a realm where there are demonic cities where the things they feed upon are used as currency. As such these demons seek to corrupt us.

To ensure the four Gods are able to make an informed decision on what happens to a human once they die each of us have an "Arbitor" sat on each shoulder. These are neutral spirits who exist within the physical world unseen. The one of the right writes down our good deeds, the one on the left the bad. These deeds are inscribed in two identical books of our life with the ink being considerably weighty. When we die the books are weighed by the Gods and the heavier one determines their fate. Should they be equally balanced then the person is held in limbo between the two realms for a year and further information added to the book based on what their family does in reaction to the persons death.

Places of Worship

The Balance have no single places of worship. Most things are done in nature and communities have built small stone shrines usually very simple in nature. Each tends to be just four standing stones, occasionally with a table between them. Often the stones are not even uniform but rather just the first four large stones found by the community in any area where they wished to worship. It is expected that on Friday evenings the faithful will gather at the stones and sing praises to the Gods while also meditating. During meditation they often will quietly explain the reasons behind actions they have taken that are likely to have been written on the negative list. They hope that the Arbitor on that shoulder will remove the negative deed from their book if they know the reason.


The Arbiters make a list of our deeds. The interpretation of what they write down have significant impact on peoples lives.

*Creating new life
*Creating beauty
*Helping a soul in need
*Growing nature
*Praising the Gods
*Remembering the dead
*Being in love
*Seeking knowledge
*Ending a souls life
*Causing uneccessary pain or suffering
*Turning a blind eye to others in need when you could make a differnece
*Any act of violence
*Disrespecting the Gods & the Dead
*Taking more than your fair share

These rules have had significant impacts on the nations culture.

*The nation has found it hard to form an armed forces. In the past this has seen them rely heavily on a form of Foreign Legion made up of people who do not share their faith and who are paid. Military service has also been used as a form of judicial punishment. The concept of a "Enlightened Warrior" exists. This is where military forces as well as learning combat skills undertake courses in study in art, literature and music in the hopes that they may out weigh any evil caused by killing or injuring in combat and committing acts of violence.

* Vast investment in The Arts. The nation places great emphasis on music and dance in particular as well as encouraging art.

*Each year on the anniversary of a persons death people will make an item to place on their grave. In order to allow the body to be of use the person is buried without a coffin of wood but in a wicker basket. The basket is filled with wood chips and other organic matter designed to help the body break down. Seeds are contained within the burial, usually of a tree, in hopes that their body will create a thing of beauty or help grow nature.

*It is said Themyscirans fall in love very easily. This is because of a desire to have a significant person in their life. While the religion doesn't say you have to be married to the person you love that is seen as the surest way of getting favour from the Arbiter. The average time from a couple meeting for the first time to marriage in the nation is less than a year. Marriages do not always last long however as the idea of lying to a person brings with it negatives. The average divorce rate for the nation is around 12% and divorce is not seen as a negative as it ensure that you are not causing unnecessary pain or suffering and ending a lie which is the marriage.

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Re: Themyscira
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The TDF is made up of all volunteers and often that becomes challenging to achieve. The faith known as The Balance puts a rather large emphasis on maintaining a positive balance within your life and "ending a souls life" ranks rather highly. As such many Theyscirans shun military service. It is a profession seen as something done by those of other faiths or Theyscirans who may struggle finding other means of employment. It is not uncommon for judges to even offer to defer sentences for pesistant lower level criminals if they serve a minimum period in the military. To try and remove some of the stain of evil associated with military service the armed forces embrace the idea of using  the positive elements of the Balance to even out their fate. This means the TDF has produced a large number of musicians, artists and poets. As seeking knowledge is also important the TDF offers many educational opportunities. Another way that they've attempted to overcome these issues is by utilising a force made up of foreigners. Any individual who can prove they have not served more than 5 years in a prison may join the Theysciran Foreign Legion (TFL). If an individual completes a minimum of eight years of service and is honourably discharged they become Theysciran citizens.

TDF Ground Branch - 17,000 soldiers.
TDF Air Wing - 2,800 Airmen
Theysciran Foreign Legion - 2,800 Legionnaires

As Theysciran is land locked it has no Naval Branch

TDF Ground Branch Equipment

45 x Type 77 Main Battle Tank
80 x Type 45 IFV
50 x Type 46 APC
25 x Type 47 APC
150 x Type 21 Mobility Vehicle
100 x Type 20 Mobility Vehicle
20 x Type 6 Self Propelled Howitzer
20 x Type 7 Towed Howitzer

TDF Air Wing Equipment

10 x F-20 Multi-Role Fighter
25 x F-22 Multi-Role Fighter
8 x C-7 Cargo Plane
8 x C-72 Cargo Plane
2 x C-12 Cargo Plane
20 x A-4 Ground Attack Aircraft
8 x H-5 Scout Helicopter
20 x H-1 Utility Helicopter
4 x H-4 Transport Helicopter
5 x U-1 UAV
5 x U-2 UAV
5 x U-3UCAV
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