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The Republic of Samoslavia
« on: June 21, 2023, 10:32:53 PM »

In 2011 the Kingdom of Samoslavia experienced a small popular uprising. The people gathered in the capital city of Velesgrad and began a sit in protest. King Yaroslav VI ordered the army to clear the city of protests and while initially elements of the army began to some felt sympathy and refused to fire upon the innocent. The Army, lead by the politically ambitious Field Marshall Oto Krall, declared a state of emergency with the Field Marshall assuming control of government under martial law. While for the first week this was tolerated by the general public they then began to get concerned. With the nation being ultra religious Krall approached the Order of the Divine, which controls the nations faith and completed a deal that would see them share power. This in 2012 saw a third person added to the leadership when the head of the Internal Security Division, effectively a secret police force was added to form a Triumvirate. By 2017 a system existed where each of the three leaders has a system in place where power is slightly shared at least on a surface level.

Population - 37million
Capital City - Velesgrad (pop-1.3million)
Currency - The Zkatnik.
GDP per Capita - $27,384

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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2023, 11:01:25 PM »

The Triumvirate Agreement governs how Samoslavia is ruled. It was last modified in 2017 to give an impression of being less controlling as the Triumvirate aim to transition the government back to "The people". This in reality is merely a facade. Under the Agreement each of the Triumvirate Heads have a vote in making laws and is bound to follow an established set of rules for how they vote.

MEMBER 1 - Head of the Armed Forces

His Excellency Field Marshall Oto Krall

This is currently Field Marshall Oto Krall. He helped create the current system and overthrew the King. He is considered to be the most powerful of the three. In order to cast his vote the Field Marshall must have the support of the majority of the heads of the Navy, Air Force and Special Forces. As the Field Marshall appoints these positions it is therefore safe to say that he is always assured of this happening.

MEMBER 2 -Head of the Order of the Divine.

Lady of the Moon - Her Holiness Ilona Kohout

The nation is extremely devout and the Lady of the Moon, the equivalent of the faiths Pope, hold tremendous weight. The position is inherited through a female bloodline and the holder assumes one of the positions on the leadership. She is bound to take the instructions of the Druidesses of the four leading Sanctuary's. As the Druidesses of these Sanctuary's are family members this is usually a foregone conclusion.

MEMBER 3 - The Head of the Internal Security Division

"The Guardian" Silvester Mlynαrik

The ISD was originally set up by the monarchy to root out disloyal elements of the Armed Forces however when Field Marshall Krall came to control the military he was able to manipulate the monarchy to put his friends into positions of power within the organisation. Today the ISD operates as a national secret police force and has earned a reputation for being rather brutal to those deemed enemies of the state. The holder of the position is not public knowledge and the title holder is just referenced as "The Guardian". He is expected to consult with his two deputies however they do not exist. 

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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2023, 12:12:18 PM »

The main faith of Samoslavia (87%) is Samo Divinity. This is a pagan religion however it is dominated by the God known as Veles. The religion is presided over by a group known as the Order of the Divine. This religious group is all female and runs various Sanctuarys around the nation at locations where Gods are thought to have a special connection.


There was once a God known as Veles who lived in his own realm. He created living beings with small magical abilities to be his servants and to give him amusement. While this pleased him for a while eventually he became bored of having no one of his status and so he created various other Gods to give him friends. This move however back-fired as some of these believed that Veles was cruel and used people only for his enjoyment. As such some of them rebelled against Veles who easily defeated them. He cast them out of his own realm and created a new type of creature with no magical powers to live alongside them. This was a test, if the failed Gods could guide humanity to produce just one perfectly worshipper of Veles then the Gods would be allowed to return home. Veles however finds amusement in creating additional challenges for the Gods and so occasionally sabotages their efforts by causing natural disasters, wars or disease. He is even known to have spent time living in disguise among the humans to corrupt them.  Despite this Veles does show compassion. As every human dies those who have made good attempts to worship Veles are rewarded. They are sent back to the human world for a second or third attempt. Those Veles deems to be unworthy remain in his realm and become his playthings.


 It is believed that on one of his journeys to the human world Veles meet and fell in love with a beautiful young woman called Tatiana of the Forest. She was a young girl with golden hair and blue eyes who lived alone in the forest to meditate and search for knowledge from the Gods. Veles appeared to her in many forms until finding one she found particularly pleasing. The girl fell in love with him and knowing he could not remain in the human world forever he taught her the secret of how to reach the realm of Veles. She in turn taught her daughters by the God these secrets. It is believed now that by some form of genetic memory the descendants know the secrets of reaching the perfect afterlife. The Druids therefore perform rituals to please Veles as well as ensuring the Gods of this realm do not interfere or risk harming our chances to go to the perfect afterlife. Druids also act as a form of community leader and the Druid class have therefore become extremely influential.


Tatiana of the Forest and Veles had six daughters, the most significant of this is Kaja. Legend tells that she was the fourth of the daughters and was born under a full moon. She was not breathing when she emerged and Veles himself breathed life into her. It is therefore said that she became the most knowledgeable and most connected to Veles. She was called the Lady of the Moon and once her mother died became the teacher of the rest of humanity. As she neared the end of her mortal life she selected her youngest sister Albνna to inherit the role, who then when her time neared named her daughter Draha. Since then the title Lady of the Moon has indicated who shall lead the faith. The title must pass within the family of the holder and to ensure this happens the incumbent Lady of the Moon writes the name of her successor on a piece of paper which is stored in the Central Sancturory inside a sealed clay pot. When the Lady of the Moon dies her successor is usually already known however to confirm the pot is broken in front of witnesses and the name read out. At any point the incumbent Lady of the Moon may change her mind and have the existing pot smashed and the paper burnt, this happens for example if the successor dies before the Lady of the Moon. The Lady of the Moon is considered extremely influential even today.


To reach the perfect afterlife an individual must follow these rules.

1. Give their loyalty and obedience to Veles.
2. Take life only if it would provide life for another.
3. Be honest
4. Support your fellow man
5. Place no God higher than Veles
6. Be a good steward of nature
7. Expand human knowledge of Veles
8. Reflect on how a world without Veles has suffering
9. Protect the holy places of Veles
10. Fulfil your obligations to the Order of the Divine.


Ritual of the Full Moon - It is believed that a Druid may only assume her powers fully under the light of a full moon. The apprentice and the Druidess of the Sancturory she will be working for invite the apprentices mentors, female family members and any other female the apprentice wishes to the sacred grove at Chlumek. This sacred grove has at its centre a lake which legend has it was created with the tears of Veles following the death of Tatiana of the Forest. The lake is surrounded by a series of trees set up in a ring pattern, this in turn is circled by a wooden palisade making the grove completely private. An all female military guard is responsible for the safe upkeep of the palisade and security. On the evening of the full moon the apprentice is lead with her hands tied to a sacred rock just next to the lake. There the Druidess under which the new inductee will work sacrifces an animal, collects the blood and then pours this over the apprentice. It is customary the apprentice then declares a name they will be known by before those who have helped mentor her use stone knives to cut her dress apart, each mentor keeps a strip as a reminder of their success in adding a new Druidess to their ranks. Once the new inductee is naked she joins her new lead Druid in the lake and is dunked under in a similar way to a Christian baptism. With the blood removed she is then dressed in a full Druids attire and then carries out her own sacrifice.

Festival of the Harvest - At a point determined by the Lady of the Moon, usually early August, the Harvest is celebrated. Each farmer is expected to make an effigy of a woman from wheat and this is buried under the farmers barn floor. The farmer is then expected to take his first meat and vegetable to the local Sanctuary where the community have a large celebration made from the food. Various contests take place such as folk wrestling, dancing and a competition to see who can make the best ale. The festival is a time to give thanks to Veles for providing food for the people, and to celebrate the abundance of nature. It is also a time for the community to come together and enjoy each other's company. The Festival finishes were the community select a young man and woman as the Harvest Lord and Lady and they are paraded from farm to farm to bless the fields. The duo undertake various other duties during the year at community celebrations and it is considered an extremely powerful omen if the pair end up marrying.

The Winter Solstice - At the Winter Solstice, usually towards the end of December, the local community gather at a cave or some other underground location. There they offer a sacrifice, usually a sheep or goat, to Veles and ask for the Gods protection during the winter months. It is traditional that children act out stories from the faith and the local communities history and are rewarded with gifts for their performance. These gifts are provided by the local community and the Harvest Lord and Lady are expected to distribute them.
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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2023, 02:29:03 PM »

• Abortion: Only permitted if two doctors agree the mothers life is at risk

• Adultery: Not a crime in itself but is one of the grounds for divorce.

• Affirmative action: Not practiced

• Age of consent: 16

• Age of majority: 16

• Artificial insemination: Not Permitted

• Assisted suicide: Not Permitted. Any medical practitioner found involved in charged with murder

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Discreetly available and discouraged

• Childcare: Parents receive 12 hours free and 10 hours subsidised

• Concealed carry: Not permitted

• Death penalty: Judges have access to the Divine Justice Code which is a set of around 100 crimes, some spiritual in nature that are permitted to use the death penalty. All executions must be agreed by the Lady of the Moon. Only executions for murder have been carried out since 1978. Other death sentences given are commuted to life imprisonment

• Divorce: Permitted only with the approval of two Druids

• Double jeopardy: Not permitted

• Drinking age: 16

• Driving age: 16

• Education: School is compulsory for  all between the age of 4 and 18. There are a wide choice of educational options.

• Eminent domain: Permitted with appropriate compensation

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes

• Felony disenfranchisement: Anyone with a criminal record including two years or more of prison time may not vote.

• Flag desecration: Punishable by death

• Gambling age: 16

• Gun purchase age: 18

• Homosexuality in the military: No legal stance

• Human cloning: Not permitted.

• In vitro fertilization: Not Permitted

• Marriageable age: 18

• Military conscription: All males must serve 24 months, females must serve 12 months. Only childs are exempt, women entering religious service are exempt.

• Minimum wage: Set by central government and reviewed every 12 months.

• Parental leave: Mothers get 12 months , fathers 4 weeks.

• Polygamy: Not permitted.

• Pornography: Proof of age required for 18

• Prostitution: A licenced profession

• Same-sex marriage: Not permitted

• School leaving age: 18

• Sex reassignment surgery: Not permitted or recognized if done abroad.

• Sex toys: Permitted

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowingly infecting an individual is a crime. An individual can be charged with crimes ranging from assault, rape or murder in the case of AIDS/HIV

• Smoking age: 16

• Sodomy laws:- None

• State ideology: None

• State religion: Order of the Divine Veles

• Stem cell research: Not Permitted

• Taxation: Sliding scale income tax complimented by a general sales tax and a few other forms of specific taxation such as on cigarettes.

• Torture: Not permitted

• Trial by jury: Utilises 12 members of the armed forces

• Universal healthcare: For non-cosmetic cases paid for by taxation.

• Voting age: Once completed military service

• Women's rights: Protected in law

• Working age: A person may not work more than 20 hours a week and no more than five hours in a day until 16 years of age.

• Working week: No legislation

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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2023, 08:42:44 PM »

13,500 Sailors / 3,532 Reservists

3 x S-03 Class Submarine

1. Badin
2. Cerin
3. Donovaly

3 x S-04 Class Submarine

1. Haidel
2. Hrochot
3. Kordiky

5 x F-08 Class Frigate

1. Lucatin
2. Molca
3. Nemce
4. Oravce
5. Riecka

4 x C-09 Class Corvette

1. Bala
2. Dekys
3. Ilja
4. Drobda

3 x C-10 Class Corvette

1. Podkonice
2. Sebedin
3. Tajov

3 x MS-03 Class Minesweeper

1. Kozelnik
2. Moclar
3. Vklonova

2 x R-03 Class River Monitor

1. Prencov
2. Vysoka
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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2023, 09:08:20 PM »

12,000 Airmen / 8,000 Reservists

58 x F-39 Multi-Role Fighter
20 x F-29 Air Superiority Fighter
4 x E-26 Surveillance Aircraft
8 x C-30 Transport Aircraft
8 x C-12 Transport Aircraft
40 x H-53 Helicopter
20 x H-3 Attack Helicopter
3 x E-2 AEWACS
5 x B-95 Bomber
10 x U-2 UAV
30 x T-8 Basic Trainer/Counter Insurgency Aircraft
30 x T-9 Advanced Trainer
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Re: The Republic of Samoslavia
« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2023, 11:32:45 PM »

58,000 Regulars / 82,000 Reservists

160 x MT-85 Main Battle Tank
40 x MT-59 Main Battle Tank
110 x I-84 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
250 x A-71 Armoured Personnel Carrier
100 x A-79 Armoured Personnel Carrier
80 x A-U Armoured Personnel Carrier
200 x M-1 Mobility Vehicle
180 x M-2 Mobility Vehicle
300 x M-3 Mobility Vehicle
30 x BUCV Unmanned Combat Vehicle
120 x TH-D Towed Howitzer
100 x SPH2000 Self Propelled Howitzer
45 x AT-11 Anti-Tank Gun
30 x AA-7 Mobile Anti-Aircraft System
40 x AA-10 Anti-Aircraft System
30 x AA-95 Anti-Aircraft System
25 x H-3 Helicopter
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