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Seaforth NPC Factbook
« on: August 12, 2023, 08:00:56 PM »

Flag of Seaforth

The Crimson Tide
The Royal Seal

The Kingdom of Seaforth is a country in north eastern Cotf Aranye.  The Kingdom is divided into six provinces. The coastal provinces of Caledonia, Northumbria, Seaforth and Scotia and the interior provinces of Strathcona and Arc-Royal.
World Data:
Kingdom Of Seaforth
Capital: Eventide
Largest City: Eventide
Official Languages: Gaelic
Demonym: Seaforthian
Government: Monarchy
Sovereign: King Andrew III
Population: 100,000,000
GDP Per Capita: 40k
Unemployment: 5.6%
Literacy: 98.6%
Defense Spending As GDP: 3.3%
Land Area: 2,832,593 km2
Water %: 8.2 (232,272 Km2)
Currency: Crown
Seaforth National Anthem

Etymology And History
The Kingdom of Seaforth is named after Seaforth Castle, located in the capital city of Eventide in the province of Seaforth. The people of Seaforth are descendants of the people known as the Scoti and refer to themselves a Seaforthians. The Scoti themselves were a sept of Celts originating from Ui Ceinnselaig. These seafaring Celts raided and traded their way north eventually landing in what is now called Seaforth. These Celts continued to raid and pushed east from the shores, driving out the native tribes and permanently settling the area. Little remains of the original tribes, not even their names. The Celts were made up of clans and eventually organized into 6 Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Eventide, The Kingdom of Scotia, The Kingdom of Northumbria, The Kingdom of Caledon, The Kingdom of Arc-Royal and the Kingdom of Strathcona. In the early to mid 1100's, The Knights Hospitaller arrived in the Illumic. Refugee's fleeing their destruction at the end of the Vanoran Crusades. These Knights, led by Jocelyn of Rhodes, settled on the wild and uninhabited Island of Somerset. Just across from Somerset was Halifax Bay and the city of Halifax. From there ruled Ulric, King of Caledon. The King and his son, Prince Owen eventually befriended the knights and together, through war, diplomacy and marriage they united the six Kingdoms into the Kingdom of Seaforth. The former Six Kingdoms are still existing today represented by provinces of Seaforth.

The coastal mountains dominate the western edge of the kingdom. A solid wall of rock towering above the sea, only 2 natural breaks occur in the mountain chain. The northern break is located in the Bay of Eventide, where the capital city of Eventide is located. The southern break is located in a natural harbor in the province of Caledonia and where the provincial capital of Halifax sits. The area accounts for 25% of the kingdoms landmass.

Spoiler: Coastal Mountains • show

East of the Coast Mountains are the foothills. Also known as the Ranchlands, these rolling hills stretch out from the Coast Mountains and are home to most of the livestock in the kingdom. These are also the original tribal lands of the Scoti people and account for 50% of the landmass in the kingdom.

Spoiler: Ranchlands • show

At the far eastern end of the kingdom are the plains and farmlands which provide much of the agricultural produce in the kingdom and account for the remaining 25% of the landmass.

Spoiler: Praries • show

The Kingdom of Seaforth contains 8.2 % water which is made up of mountain rivers running to the sea and the foothills where it empties into a series of small lakes. Few rivers flow into the plains and the farmland is maintained by a series of irrigation canals.

Spoiler: Island Of Somerset, AKA Hetral/Rishi • show


The Island of Somerset is the traditional holdings of the Rhodes family, stretching back to the time of Jocelyn of Rhodes. The Seaforth section on the island contains the City of Bethesda and a joint service naval base. The eastern area of the island is leased long-term to Rokkenjima and consists of Urakawa City (Civilian) and Elpidiana a city for military personnel and dependents while the Office for Illumic and Tripartite Affairs sits semi between them. Somerset is an autonomous zone under the sole control and possession of House Rhodes. Somerset remains a part of the Kingdom of Seaforth.

The Rokkenjiman portion would then simply be known as the Rishiri Imperial Overseas Dependency.


Spoiler: Seaforth Castle • show

Spoiler: Arc-Royal Standing Stones • show

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Re: Seaforth NPC Factbook
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2023, 08:01:27 PM »
Map Illustration By Malson


Spoiler: Eventide • show

National Capital and Capital of Seaforth Province
Population: 15,132,794

Spoiler: Halifax • show

Capital of Caledonia
Population: 12,654,987

Spoiler: Scotia • show

Capital of Scotia
Population: 7,135,201

Spoiler: Arc-Royal • show

Capital of Arc-Royal
Population: 6,095,404 

Spoiler: Strathcona • show

Capital of Strathcona
Population: 6,087,400   

Spoiler: Lancaster • show

Capital of Northumbria
Population: 5,960,015

Spoiler: Glasgow • show

5,696,946  Caledonia Province

Spoiler: Coventry • show

5,670,580   Seaforth Province

Spoiler: Sherbrooke • show

5,316,313         Arc-Royal Province

Spoiler: St. Catherines • show

 5,309,319     Strathcona Province

Spoiler: Stirling • show

3,984,565  Seaforth Province

Spoiler: Chelsea • show

 8,752,649 Caledonia Province

Other Towns

Village of Halstead:

Site of a major atrocity commited by the Seaforth Catholic Church, the entire village was wiped out.


Town of 45,000 on the border between Strathcona and Arc-Royal. Site of humanitarian efforts by the Rafealites of Mountjoy.

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Re: Seaforth NPC Factbook
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Two years of military service is compulsory for all citizens. While the regular force is a small, professional, volunteer force, this compulsory service gives the kingdom a very capable reserve force. The Seaforth Armed Forces consists of the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army. Naval vessels carry the prefix CSS.

Royal Navy
Head: Grand Admiral Hannibal Kane
Regular Force: 128,540
Major Bases: SFB Eventide, SFB Halifax, SFB Illumic East, SFB Gibraltar, SFB Victoria

Spoiler: Calypso Submarine Tender • show

RSS Calypso, ST01

Spoiler: Dockwise Class Heavy Lift Ship • show
RSS Dockwise Vanguard, HL01
RSS Clydesdale, HL02
RSS Taurus, HL03

Spoiler: Arctica Class Icebreaker Polar Class 1 • show

Spoiler: Stats • show

Length: 193.6 m
Width: 38.0 m
Depth: 20.3 m
Draft: 13.0 m
Displacement: 55,600 t
Powerplant: NPP
Shaftpower: 110 MW
Propellers: 3
Speed: 24 kn
Icebreaking: 3.5 meters
Endurance: Unlimited
Crew: 127
Aircraft Carried:CH-148 Cyclone x 3

RSS Arctica, PC01
RSS Glacier, PC02
RSS Aurora, PC03
RSS Northern Lights, PC04

Spoiler:  Patrol Vessel • show

1 x 57mm Bofors
2 x 25 mm Bushmaster
1 x Kestrel (16)
Modular Mission Pack (Kestrel, Harpoon)

17 In service

Spoiler: Queenstown Class: Auxillary Oiler/Replenisher • show
Aircraft carried:CH-148 Cyclone x 4
RSS Queenston, AR01
RSS Provider, AR02
RSS Protector, AR03
RSS Provisioner, AR04
RSS Caravan, AR05
RSS Replenisher, AR06
RSS Respite, AR07

Spoiler: Eventide Class Heavy Frigate • show

4 Kestrel Anti Air Missile Cannisters (64)
2 Havoc Launchers (24)
4 x  Harpoon (16)
2 Oerlikon Millennium 35 mm Naval Revolver Gun System CIWS
1 5" Naval Gun
2 Orca Launchers (24)
1 x Cyclone Helicopter

RSS Eventide, HF01
RSS Ardia, HF02
RSS Gibraltar, HF03
RSS Halifax, HF04
RSS Caledonia, HF05
RSS Seaforth, HF06
RSS Northumbria, HF07
RSS Scotia, HF08
RSS Strathcona, HF09
RSS Arc-Royal, HF10
RSS Glasgow, HF11
RSS St. Catherines, HF12
RSS Lancaster, HF13
RSS Stirling, HF14
RSS Sherbrooke, HF15
RSS Simcoe, HF16
RSS Crowsnest Pass, HF17
RSS Halstead, HF18 
RSS Falkenrith, HF19
RSS Chelsea, HF20
RSS  Coft Aranye, HF21
RSS Rhodesia, HF22 
RSS Lyonesse, HF23
RSS Troyes, HF24
RSS Heatherington, HF25
RSS Rutherford, HF26
RSS Idylwylde

Spoiler: Vigilant Class LRPV/Light Frigate • show

1 x 5" Naval Gun
2 30 mm cannon
2 Miniguns
2 General purpose machine gun
2 x Kestrel Anti Air Missile Cannister's (32)
8 x Havoc Anti Ship Missile Launchers (8)
2 x Orca Torpedo Launchers (16)
1 x Cyclone Helicopter

RSS Ranger, LF01
RSS Wanderer, LF02
RSS Odyssey, LF03
RSS Intrepid Crossing, LF04
RSS Voyager, LF05
RSS Illiad, LF06
RSS Explorer, LF07
RSS Expedition, LF08
RSS Pathfinder, LF09
RSS Nomadic, LF10
RSS Patroller, LF11
RSS Pioneer, LF12
RSS Pursuer, LF13
RSS Traveller, LF14
RSS Venture, LF15
RSS Vigilant, LF16
RSS Observer, LF17
RSS Oracle, LF18
RSS Alert, LF19
RSS Scout, LF20
RSS Vision, LF21
RSS Sentinel, LF22
RSS Watchman, LF23
RSS Guardian, LF24
RSS Seeker, LF25
RSS Anabasis, LF26

Spoiler: Swiftsure Class Fast Frigate • show

Spoiler: STATS • show

A joint East Moreland, Achkaerin, Seaforth, Rokkenjiman, Dartfordian and Quinntopian project
(OOC - Based on the real-life MEKO CSL Project)

Length:-108.8 m
Propulsion plant :-CODAG-WJ (Combined Diesel and Gas Water Jet)
Speed max:- 40 kts
Complement total:- 75 persons
Endurance :-21 days
Range :-3,500 nm

Radar System:- PAAMS - Designed to track, target and destroy a variety of high performance air threats, including saturation attacks of very low altitude (sea skimming), supersonic cruise missiles, fighter aircraft and UAVs. PAAMS, with its connection to the Vertical Launching System, can launch 8 missiles in under 10 seconds while simultaneously guiding up-to 16 missiles to designated targets at any one time.The East Moreland Fast Frigate PAAMS(S) variant consists of two long range radars and capable of tracking in excess of 1,000 targets at ranges of up-to 400 km. The Designers also claim its radar has "excellent detection of stealth aircraft and missiles".

Weapons Systems:-

Front to back.

Either a 57mm or 76mm automated canon
A 40mm cannon (CWIS)
18 cell SAM VLS
18 cell SSM VLS
(Both VLS can be quad packed)
Internally carried torpedo launch]
Rear 40mm cannon (CWIS)

Depending on the modular system at the back a system of launch bays for fast boats, ASW systems or extra weapons systems can be installed.

The VLS systems are part of the modular design and can be quickly modfied for mission specifics.

RSS Swiftsure, FF01
RSS Solstice, FF02
RSS Eclipse, FF03
RSS Polaris, FF04
RSS Hyperion, FF05
RSS Northwind, FF06
RSS Windrunner, FF07
RSS Banshee, FF08
RSS Orion, FF09

Spoiler: Broadsword Littoral Combat Vessel • show

1 57 mm gun, 400 rounds in turret and two ready service magazines with 240 rounds each.
2 x Kestrel Anti Air Cannister (32)
4 .50 Caliber GPMG
2 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster II guns
24 Hellfire missiles
1 x Cyclone Helicopter

RSS Broadsword, LC01
RSS Gypsy Dancer, LC02
RSS Arcanum, LC03
RSS Witchcraft, LC04
RSS Cerberus, LC05
RSS Sun Dancer, LC06
RSS Wind Walker, LC07
RSS Alpine Wind, LC08
RSS Star Gazer, LC09

Spoiler:  Aegis Class Advanced Missile Cruiser • show

20 x Champion Missile
20 x Solar Guard Missile
20 x Jupiter missile
20 x Havoc Missile
50 x Kestrel Missiles.
2 x Cyclone Helicopter

RSS Aegis, MC01

Spoiler: Highlander Class Air Defense Frigate • show

Eventide Class converted to Air Defense

8 Kestrel Anti Air Missile Cannisters (128)
2 Havoc Launchers (24)
4 Oerlikon Millennium 35 mm Naval Revolver Gun System CIWS
1 5" Naval Gun
2 Orca Launchers (24)
1 x Cyclone Helicopter

RSS Highlander, AD01
RSS Gallowglass, AD02
RSS Crusader, AD03
RSS Braveheart, AD04
RSS Warspite, AD05
RSS Black Knight, AD06
RSS Cavalier, AD07
RSS Myrmidon, AD08

Spoiler: Iomaire Class Command Ship • show

RSS Aid Ollain, CS01

2 Phalanx CIWS guns
4 25 mm Bushmaster cannons
8 .50 cal. Machine guns
Mark 36 SRBOC chaff rockets
2x Cyclone Helicopter

Spoiler: Coventry Class Amphibious Assault Carrier • show
RSS Coventry, AC01
RSS Snow Raven, AC02
RSS Jade Falcon, AC03

Spoiler: Red Crown Class Aicraft Carrier • show
RSS Red Crown, CV01
RSS Somerset CV02
RSS Jocelyn of Rhodes CV04

Aircraft Carried:
12 Spitfire
9 Hurricane
3 Hurricane EW
12 Black Knight
2 Aurora
2 Sentinel
1 Grim Reaper
3 Thunderbolt
12 Cyclone
3 Cormorant

Spoiler: Rhodes Class Battleship • show

Capabilities Coming Soon
RSS Josiah Rhodes, BB01 Museum Ship

Spoiler: Sovereign Class Modular Attack Submarine • show

Type:  Modular Attack Submarine
Displacement: 24,20026,000 t surfaced 40,80046,000 t submerged
Length: 200 m
Beam: 26 m
Draught: 12 m
2 Oceanvolt pressurized-water nuclear reactors, 225 MW (286,800 hp) each
2 VV-type steam turbines, 55 MW (65,000 hp) each
2 shafts with 11-bladed shrouded screws
Speed: 36 knots surfaced
44 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph) submerged
Endurance: Unlimited
Test depth: 800 m
Complement: 220
Havoc SLCM 32 Tubes, 8 Missiles Each, 256 Total
Kestrel Submarine Launched Anti Aircraft Missile (SLAAM)
Orca Supercavitating Torpedo x 10 Tubes
RSS Sovereign, SW01
RSS Million Voices, SW02
RSS Clarion Call, SW03
RSS Unshattered Allegience, SW04
RSS Salient Debate, SW05
RSS Courage Under Fire, SW06
RSS Graveyard Sky, SW07
RSS Darkling Sea, SW08
RSS Black Ocean, SW09
RSS Pillar Of Autumn, SW10
RSS Fires Of Winter, SW11
RSS Glory Of Summer, SW12
RSS Break Of Spring, SW13
RSS Into The Breach, SW14
RSS Imminent Justice, SW15
RSS Crucial Taunt, SW16
RSS Harvest Requiem, SW17
RSS Inglorious Ultimatum, SW18
RSS Intemperate Message, SW19
RSS Noble Transgression, SW20
RSS In Amber Clad, SW21


Seaforth Army:
Head: Field Marshal Ulysses Scott
Regular Force: 280,654
Major Bases: SFB Eventide, SFB Scotia, SFB Northumbria, SFB Caledonia, SFB Halifax, SFB Arc-Royal, SFB Strathcona, The Citadel, SFB Gibraltar, SFB Illumic East, SFB Victoria

The Seaforth Army still uses the historical term and classification of regiment. A regular force regiment is composed of 3 battalions of 600 men, plus a reserve battalion (2400 Total). Army tactics are centered on speed, maneuverability and adaptability. The work horse of the Seaforth Army is the Mechanized Infantry Regiment. These regiments are composed of two mech battalions, a light infantry battalion and a reserve battalion. The light infantry battalion is capable of extended operations and may be deployed as an additional mech battalion, as an airborne battalion or as an air cavalry battalion.

Somerset LegionCombined Arms Brigade Brigadier General Uilleam "Savage Bill" Prescott
Seaforth Airborne RegimentAirborne InfantryColonel Eric Fallstaff
Seaforth Highlanders Mechanized InfantryLt. Col Aidan Pryde
Royal Seaforth RegimentMechanized infantry
Lancaster RiflesMechanized Infantry
Glasgow ForestersMechanized Infantry
Sherbrooke Mounted RiflesMechanized Infantry
Eventide LancersArmour
Halifax LancersArmour
Lord Strathcona's HorseArmour
Royal Scotian DragoonsArmour
Arc-Royal UhlansArmour
Coventry HussarsArmour
St. Catherines Armoured CavalryArmour
Stirling LancersArmour
12th FusiliersInfantry


Spoiler: Vehicles • show

Grizzly AVGP Including Variants
Bison APC
Leopard 2A6 Including Variants
AERIES: Advanced Electronic Reconnaissance Intelligence Evaluation System: Bison APC Frame
C109 Self Propelled Howitzer


Royal Air Force: 58,853
Head: Air Marshal Roman Saratov
Main Bases: SFB Halifax, SFB Eventide, SFB Strathcona, SFB Arc-Royal, SFB Gibraltar, SFB Victoria
The Royal Airforce operates a number of air wings out of several main based. The Air Force is typically organized into Flights of 3 aircraft, Squadrons of 12 aircraft and Wings of 36. For ease, this list includes army and navy air assets.
SF-22 Spitfire Air Superiority187Raytheon (Seaforth)
SF-5 Dragonbreath
Multirole Fighter80EMAC (EM)
SE/F-5 TempestElectronic Warfare30 EW version of SF-5, EMAC/Raytheon (EM/Seaforth)
SGR-10 DragonbaneGround Attack72EMAC (EM)
SGR-130 Grim ReaperGround Attack24Raytheon (Seaforth)
SC-130 HerculesTransport44Raytheon (Seaforth)
SC/A-160 GlobemasterTransport34Raytheon
SCC-150 PolarisTanker14Raytheon (Seaforth)
CC-151 OracleAEWAC/EW24AEWAC/EW version of Polaris
SH-146 GriffonUtility Helicopter54
SH-147 ChinookTransport Helicopter44
SH-148 CycloneMaritime/ASW80
SH-153 StallionHeavy Lift64
SH-149 CormorantSAR/Air Ambulance24
SC/A-140 AuroraMaritime Patrol/ASW24
SE-3 SentinelAEWAC/EW24EMAC (EM)
SF-187 Black KnightStealth Interceptor80Ratheon (Seaforth)
SHF-152 FoxtrotRecon Helicopter28Rokkenjima
SHA-34 SaracenGunship40Dijel
SA-199 Jekar's ChariotStrategic Bomber28EMAC/Raytheon (EM/Seaforth)
SCC-151 Polaris IIStealth Tanker24Raytheon(Seaforth)

Spoiler: SF-187 Black Knight • show

Crew: 2
Length: 23.71 Meters
Wingspan: 15.74 Meters
Height: 6.25 Meters
Wing Area: 121.8 Meters
Empty weight: 23,245 Kg
Loaded weight: 26,820 Kg
Max. takeoff weight: 37,120 Kg
Powerplant: 2 Juggernaut Charger Turbojet
Dry Thrust: 2 x 34,000 lbs
Wet Thrust: 2 x 44,000


Maximum speed: Mach 3.75
Cruise speed: Mach 2.75
Range: 2000 NM
Combat radius: 750 NM
Ferry range: 3500 Km
Service Ceiling: 80,000 ft


1 x 30mm Cannon
8 x Viper BVRAAM
4 x Hawk ASRAAM

Spoiler: SHF-152 Foxtrot • show

    Crew: 2
    Length: 46.85 ft (14.28 m)
    Rotor diameter: 39.04 ft (11.90 m)
    Height: 11.06 ft (3.37 m)
    Disc area: 1,197 ft (111 m)
    Empty weight: 9,300 lb (4,218 kg)
    Loaded weight: 12,349 lb (5,601 kg)
    Useful load: 5,062 lb (2,296 kg)
    Max. takeoff weight: 17,408 lb (7,896 kg)
    Powerplant: 2 LHTEC T800-LHT-801 turboshaft, 1,563 hp (1,165 kW) each
    Fuselage length: 43.31 ft (13.20 m)
    Rotor systems: 5-bladed main rotor, 8-bladed fan-in-fin anti-torque system (FANTAIL)


    Maximum speed: 175 knots (201 mph, 324 km/h)
    Cruise speed: 165 knots (190 mph, 306 km/h)
    Range: 262 nmi (302 mi, 485 km) on internal fuel
    Combat radius: 150 nmi (173 mi, 278 km) on internal fuel
    Ferry range: 1,200 nmi (1,380 mi, 2,220 km)
    Endurance: 2.5 hr
    Service ceiling: 14,980 ft (4,566 m)
    Rate of climb: 895 ft/min (4.55 m/s)


    1 20 mm XM301 three-barrel Gatling-style cannon mounted in a Turreted Gun System (capacity: 500 rounds)
    Internal bays: 6 AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, or 12 AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles, or 24 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets
    Optional stub wings: 8 Hellfires, 16 Stingers, or 56 Hydra 70 rockets

Spoiler: SA-34 Saracen Gunship • show

Manufacturer(s)Saewoo Aviation Ltd.
RoleAttack Helicopter
Systems30mm RKA Aerocannon
Up to 2,000Kg Ordnance on 8 Stub-Wing Hardpoints
Saewoo X-41H Combat Radar
Chiqual LB-2 AWACS (Optional)
Safety and Protection12mm Tungsten-Reinforced Ballistic Plating (Vital Areas)
Fremm-Charlesson Collapsable Landing Gear (Shock-Absorbing)
8 Mk.10 IR Chaff Launchers
SDC Aero Protection Package Mk. 2
Triple Redundant Control Systems
Power PlantDual Saewoo Whirlwind Engines
Unit CostR9,100,000 ($20,020,000)
Physical SpecificationsCrew: 2
Passengers: 0
Height: 4.93m
Length: 16m
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 10,800Kg
Technical SpecificationsMaximum Speed: 198 mph
Range: 545Km (Internal Fuel) - 1,160Km (Drop Tanks)
Service Ceiling: 5,500m
Rate of Climb: 10m/s
OverviewThe Saewoo H-34 is distinctive coaxial rotor attack helicopter currently operated by several squadrons of the FDDF's Air Arm. The aircraft includes an integral 30mm RKA cannon mounted on the starboard side of the fuselage, with limited direction away from the aircraft's directional axis, but a higher degree of accuracy than would be possible with a chin-mounting. Additional armament may be fitted on a mission a specific basis, with eight hard points on the two stub wings capable of mounting up to 2,000Kg of missiles, gun or rocket pods or auxiliary fuel tanks in any combination.

The aircraft is designed to maximise survivability, lacking the vulnerable tail rotor of more conventional airframes and mounting heavy 12mm plating around the cockpit and engine compartment, protecting the crew and vital systems from ground fire to a high extent. Redundant control systems, a package of passive and active countermeasures and a set of collapsable landing gear round of the aircraft's protective systems, all geared towards keeping the crew alive and the aircraft operational.

Several H-34 aircraft saw limited service against SCC forces during the Eugenics War, flying out of CIS FOB Transvaal and scoring several confirmed kills against armour and entrenched positions during the Battle of St Catherines and other engagements in the south of the country. The FDDF crews are reported to like the aircraft, owing to its high survivability and mechanical robustness.

Spoiler: SA-199 Jekar's Chariot SWBS • show

Length:- 30 meters
Payload:- Approx 80,000kg
Maximum Speed:- At Altitude:- Mach 1.5
At low level - Mach 0.9

Range:- 14,000km
Service Ceiling:- 21,000 meters

Armament:- Six external hardpoints and three internal bomb bays.

Each bomb bay will be capable of holding 28 Mk.82 bombs in a rotary launcher. 8 JASSM or similar loads. Bays may also be loaded with extra fuel tanks.

Spoiler: The Blackwatch • show

The Blackwatch is Seaforth's Intelligence Service. Currently under the command of Colonel Scott Carroll, The Blackwatch is responsible for foreign intelligence, espionage, covert operations and dignitary protection. While the Blackwatch recruits heavily from all branches of the armed forces it does not exclusively do so.

Spoiler: SOAR • show

Under the command of Brigadier General Thorin Crow, the Special Operations Airborne Regiment (SOAR), is a Brigade-sized, high-readiness special operations unit capable of conducting and enabling a broad range of missions, including direct action, defence diplomacy and military assistance, and special reconnaissance. The Special Operations Airborne Regiment is also be the parent command for the 422 Special Operations Aviation Wing, as well as several other specialized units encompassing all aspects of special operations.

Spoiler:  The Black Foxes • show

The Black Foxes are the covert aspect to SOAR's overt. Heavily based on the East Moreland Red Legion, the Black Foxes are much less well known...and they prefer it that way.