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The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
« on: June 24, 2018, 11:21:04 PM »

Motto:- Words Are As Wind


The nation of Bakkermaya began it's formation in 1140 after the arrival of members of the Cult of Helus arrived on the Horn of Ardia searching for the missing King of East Moreland known as Paul the Explorer. Their search was fruitless however they did establish a settlement on the coast known as Edwinstowe which was named after the King's heir and son Edwin. The search for Paul took his loyal followers from the Cult across the tip of Ardia converting the locals to the faith and attracting a series of Morelander knights keen for adventure. The search for Paul soon took them across the seas to islands in the Alucard which saw a series of naval ports established after rumours of Paul being in Albion sprang up. This search was largely conducted by a group known as the Horseman of Jekar. When it was confirmed Paul had died in 1144 the territory swore an oath of fealty to his son Edwin. However Edwin had recieved the cryptic  message from Paul in a letter which told "of great evil beyond the realms of East Moreland" and that Edwin should "seek not to anger that evil and bring it to the shores of Alba Karinya." Saw these adventurous and missionaries begin to have less and less contact with what they saw as the homeland.

WIth the Code of Canley as a means of ensuring a social hierarchy the new territories formed themselves into a single nation named after Queen Eloise Bakker, the final wife of Paul the Explorer and the lady who had sent many of them off towards this new life. Over the following centuries the nation has remained largely devoted to the Cult of Helus however it has formed some of its own traditions and today the population is split largely into three groups, Cultists (Followers of the Morelander tradition), Helusans (Followers of a less traditional version of the faith) and those following minority religions.


Population:- 52,094,678
Capital City:- Edwinstowe (Approx 1,250,000)
Currency:- The Shilling
Demonym:- Bakkerite
Languages Morelandish and English
Religion :- 60% Cult of Helus, 30% Helusan, 10% Celtic Christian, 10% Other

GDP per Capita $31,111
Main Exports:-Metal Ores, Agricultural Products, Timber, Processed metals, textiles

Top Five Companies

2. ???
3. ???

Economic Structure Free market economy with certain industries government owned (Transport / Health / Water etc)


Government Structure:- Two tier Democracy (Each Dukedom has a council elected by its people. There is then a national upper house. Above this is the Council of Dukes which appoints the Head of State.)
National Elected Body:- Parliament of Swords, 180 members elected using proportional representation.

Current Head of State:- Duke Hugo Lascelles
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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The nation of Bakkermaya is fully democratic in many regards, however its Head of State can only come a select band of candidates, namely the Dukes or Duchesses of the Six Dukedoms.


Each of the six Duchy's has their own council. It varies in size depending upon the population of the province. It is elected once every four years and many of the Councils stagger elections meaning there is one almost every year giving a good indicator of the mood of the nation. Each province uses a system of proportional representation.

The Ducal Councils propose and vote on legislation. Those that receive approval are then passed up the chain to the Parliament of Swords.


Originally set up in  1167 as a way of co-ordinating the activities of the early settlers and missionaries. Today it is made up 180 members (30 from each Duchy) which is elected every four years using a system of proportional representation. This national body takes on legislation passed to it from the Ducal Councils and votes on it. Any rejected legislation is given a report and put aside, it may then be taken up by any of the Ducal Councils for re-examination. Successful legislation is then passed immediately back to the Ducal Councils where it must get the support of four Councils to become law.


The Grand Duke is the elected Head of State. They are elected for life but can be recalled if four of the six Duchy's pass a motion of no confidence and then a public referendum takes place.

The Grand Duke signs into law the legislation which has passed all hurdles outlined. He/She is also responsible for appointing the Cabinet and advising the Councils. He/She is commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and appoints all Supreme Court judges. They also set foreign policy.

Upon the death or resignation of a Grand Duke a new election is called and each of the Dukes/Duchesses of the nation can stand, the exception being the family who last held the position. This rule was brought in for 1934 to ensure the nation did not become another monarchy.


Born in 1970 he became Duke of Edwinstowe in 2010 and Grand Duke in 2016.

He joined the military in 1988 as a Paratrooper and soon found his way into their Pathfinder unit. He became a Horseman of Jekar in 1998 and progressed to the rank of Captain before leaving active duty. He still undertakes a lot of ceremonial duties expected of a horseman. In 2007 he established the Sherwood Award, a youth project which rewards 13-18 year olds for undertaking s set number of hours of charity work, sporting activity and outdoor pursuits. It was this and his exemplarly military record that saw him gain a national reputation that made his election to Grand Duke in 2016 all but certain.

He was raised by his mother to be a Helusan but during his time in the military he converted back to the Cult of Helus.
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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OOC- Borrowed and edited from Dave



This religion had a big impact on life in Bakkermaya, it was the early missionaries and members of the faith who carved out the modern nation. As such many common traditions and rituals are shared with East Moreland. The most common form of saying "Hello" in Bakkermaya is "May the Gods Watch over you..." followed by some wish for the person you are greeting.

Cultists believe that in the beginning the Gods created all things, they created a group of people to be caretakers of what they had created. These were known as the Underlords. However the Underlords where blessed with God like powers and rebelled against the Gods in an attempt to form their own world. A massive battle took place in which some Gods were killed, in an attempt to defeat the Underlords the Gods created a second group of caretakers, humans. The humans fought loyally side by side with the Gods and defeated the Underlords. It was at this time that the human called Unasson was deemed to be the bravest and most honourable warrior. He was presented with the God Jekar's sword. Since then all the Kings of East Moreland can trace their bloodline back to Unasson and as such while they have no power in Bakkermaya they still hold a place of respect among the people..


The Cult has 8 MAJOR Gods. These are worshipped regularly, unlike the MINOR gods who are worshipped only in specific situations or days of the year.

Helus This is the Chief God. Often referred to as the father of the World. He is believed to be the God who created all things.

Jekar This is the Warrior God. He was the first Legionnaire and stood shoulder to shoulder with Helus. He gave the knowledge of the sword to humans.

Melanar She is the Goddess of Life. It is believed that it was her breath that gave life to the humans Helus had created.

Rolaf He is The God of Death and the Afterlife. It is believed that one day the Underlords may return and Rolaf seeks brave soldiers for the next battle. He has built a Kingdom in which those who have followed the Laws of Canley are allowed entry.

Thiban He is the God of the Skies and Seas. It is believed that he rode a giant Eagle into battle as a result the Eagle is now associated with him. 

Marissa She is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Health. It is believed that she acted as the healer of the Gods during their battles. She is thought to be the epitome of beauty.

Grasa She is the Goddess of Food and Drink. It is believed that she has the ability to grant great harvests and taught humans the secret of brewing mead and wine.

Frossaj He is the God of Justice. It is believed that after the war was over he presided over the hearings of which humans where to live and die. Is thought to be the wisest of the Gods.

This group of Gods/Goddesses therefore impact many ceremonies throughout the nation.

Weddings are usually presided over by a Priestess of Marissa and involve hands being bound with a scarf made from the participants birth blanket.

Funerals usually involve three parts. First a celebration of the life of the deceased takes place at the local shrine to Melanar, the body is then taken to the Shrine of Frossaj where the family give an account of how well the deceased have followed the Laws of Canley. Finally the body is taken to the Shrine of Rolaf where the body is burnt on a pyre. It is custom that the next of kin stand by the pyre until the flames die down, although this is becoming less popular.

The central part of the faith is the following of the Code of Canley.No-one is sure where the Code of Canley originated from, some say it was given to the people by the Gods, others that King Robert I of East Moreland drew them up in the Alps. Today is has been slightly adapted, it is now accepted that "Man" is readable as "person" and "King" can be substituted with "Queen" , however in Bakkermaya there is a belief this is less important. It also has been formed into a simplified written code has been published known as the Laws of Canley. It is these laws that all citizens must be able to recite in order to earn their sword of honour.

The Laws of Canley

1.It is the duty of every man to protect those who can not protect themselves, even if it costs him his life.
2.Every man must give respect to the Gods at all times.
3.It is the duty of every man to be prepared to defend their nation.
4.Every mans actions must be for the good of the Nation
5.No man must allow his dishonour to stain his families name
6.Every man must honour and obey the King above all others. (In Bakkermaya this part is left out or substituted for Grand Duke)
7.Remember the deeds of our ancestors and add to their greatness.


This is an off-shoot of the Cult of Helus and formed in the 1600's as people began to feel more and more distant to East Moreland. They follow the same basic principles of the faith in regards to its origin and pantheon. There are however two main differences. The first is that they believe that the Gods are infact the children of Helus and Marissa therefore these two are venerated above all the other Gods. They also believe that the Underlords were not in fact defeated totally and that they still walk among us in either spirit form, or extremely rarely human form. The Helusan's believe therefore that one must earn a sword and carry it to be prepared for surprise attacks from the Underlords. The Helusan's also believe that the Code of Canley in the form followed by Cultists is a man made code and follow their own slightly different one.

1. It is the duty of all to protect those to unable to protect themselves.
2. Show unquestionable loyalty to your Gods even if it costs you your life.
3. An oath is the most sacred thing you possess.
4. It is the duty of all to prepare the world for battle against the Underlords.
5. No man should dishonour his family name through his deeds.
6. The bloodline of your family is precious and traces back to those who stood against the Darkness.
7. Keep the Gods in every action.

They Helusan's do not recognise the High Priestess of the Cult as their religious leader and instead believe that men and women can be religious leaders. They have appointed a Prophet of Helus as their leader who is elected upon the death of the previous one by those running Temples.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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The Horseman of Jekar, otherwise known as the Knights of the Gods, are part military unit and part ceremonial organisation. They are directly descended in terms of their existence from the 150 strong members of the King's Household knights who went in search of Paul the Explorer. Their are many stories of how while searching for their missing King they carried out a variety of good deeds and fought countless evils, it is however hard to tell where the truth ends and myths begin.

Today the unit serves in the military as Light Scouts equipped with rapid mobility vehicles and fighting on foot. To become a member an individual must have carried out five years of military service and have the support of a Priestess to become a member. In the case of non Cultists they must have a screening interview with a serving officer, a Priestess and a veteran, only if satisfied they understand the Code of Canley and will uphold its principles may their application advance. Once past the application stage an individual must past an Advanced Fitness Test which consists of a 10mile (16km) run carrying a 16kg rucksack while wearing boots, DPM trousers and t-shirt. The run must be done in 1hour 50 minutes. They must then complete 55 press ups in two minutes or less, 55 sit ups in under two minutes, finally they must complete a Jerry Can Carry where they carry a 20kg Jerry Can in each hand and must cover 150meters in under two minutes.

Those who pass the fitness requirements are then expected to undertake a six week training course which focuses on marksmanship, ceremonial drill and unit history. Once completed they sit tests in all these and if successful become a Horseman.

A Horseman serves for life. Once they reach an age at which they leave the military they continue to be a Horseman and are expected to attend cultural and ceremonial events and act as a positive role model in their community. They maintain their rank at which they retired from active duty and receive a small annual pension. They are also issued a rifle and six magazines of ammunition which they are expected to keep in good order should "The need to defend the Gods" be required.

The unit are not special forces but as are expected to represent Jekar have often set higher standards for themselves than regular Army units. Their uniform is modelled on that of East Moreland's Red Legion whom they see as their ancestors with all of the original Horseman of Jekar having been members of this now elite unit which was originally the monarch of East Moreland's body guard. There are currently 380 active members of the unit, while a further 6,800 former members are still technically "on roll"

Current Commanding Officer Brigadier Dominic Atkins

Atkins was born in 1964 in Edwinstowe. He was considered an average student but was a great sportsman excelling at rugby and athletics. He represented his Duchy in both these events and could have persued a career in rugby, however after leaving school in 1982 he joined the National Military Academy to study Military Engineering. He graduated 2nd in his class in 1986 and became an officer in the Army Engineering Corps. In 1996 he applied for the Horseman of Jekar and was accepted working his way up the ranks until assuming command of the unit in 2017.
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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Approx 60,000 Sailors

Active Combat Ships

ClassShips in ServiceArmament
Pike Class Attack Submarine1. Caledfwlch
2. Hywelbane
3. Brightkiller
4. Caliburnus
5. Joyeux
6. Dyrnwyn
7. Vorpal
8 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes
14 torpedoes
UGM-84 Harpoon integration
Salmon Class Attack Sub1. Seraph
2. Glorious
3. Cortana
4. Heosphorous
5. Phaesphoros
6. Maellartach
7. Rivan
8x533 mm torpedo tubes(4) subharpoon-capable
Puffin Class Destroyer1.  Cthrek Goru
2. Sikanda
3. Dragnipur
4. Chance
5. Vengeance
6. Grief
Anti-air missiles:
Sea Viper air defence system, with a 48-cell Sylver A50 VLS, for mix of up to 48:
Aster 15 missiles (range 1.7–30 km)
Aster 30 missiles (range 3–120 km)
Anti-ship missiles:
2 × quad Harpoon launchers
1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun
2 × Oerlikon 30 mm guns
2 × Phalanx CIWS
2 × Miniguns
6 × General purpose machine guns

2 x Sea Fury Helicopter
Albatross Class Frigate1. Snaga
2. Vivamus
3. Verminfate
4. Rapscallion
5. Callandor
6. Heron Mark
7. Graywand
8. Scalpel
9. Rhindon
10. Blackfyre
11. Brightroar
12. Dark Sister
13. Hearteater
1 OTO-Melara 76 mm dual-purpose gun
2 Mauser MLG 27 27 mm autocannons
1 MK. 41 VLS Tactical with 32 cells for 24 SM-2 Block IIIA and 32 RIM-162 ESSM (quad-packs per cell) surface-to-air missiles
2 RAM launchers with 21 surface-to-air/CIWS-missiles each
2 quadruple Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers
2 triple torpedo launchers with EuroTorp MU90 Impact torpedoes

2 x Sea Fury Helicopter
Osprey Class Missile Boat1. Heartsbane
2. Oathkeeper
3. Lightbringer
4. Lion's Tooth
5. Longclaw
6. Red Rain
7. Widow's Wail
8. Mournblade
9. Ravenbrand
10. Brisingr
8 C-801/802/803
QW class MANPAD missiles
1 ×  KBP AO-18 6-barrel 30 mm gun (AK-630)
Pelican Class Missile Boat1. Albitr
2. Arvindr
3. Naegling
4. Támerlein
5. Undbitr
6. Vrangr
7. Coinspinner
8. Doomgiver
2-4 × RGM-84 Harpoon SSMs
4 × Gabriel II SSMs
2 × OTO Melara 76 mm naval gun
2 × Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
Longbow Class Gunship1. Dragonslicer
2. Farslayer
3. Shieldbreaker
4. Sightblinder
5. Soulcutter
6. Wayfinder
1 x Oto Melara 76 mm/62 cal. ; 85 rounds/min to 16 km (8.6 NM) anti-surface; 12 km (6.6 NM) anti-aircraft;
1 x Bofors 40 mm/70.
2 x Rheinmetall Rh202 20mm
FIM-92 Stinger portable personal missile launchers
Alucard Class Amphibious Ship1. Stonecutter
2 .Grayswandir
4 × 30mm DS30M Mk2 guns
3 × Phalanx CIWS
4 × Miniguns
8 × General purpose machine guns

18 x EMAC Lifter
Mhorish Class Tank Landing Ship1. Werewindle
2. Falchion
3. Tessaiga
1 x Oto Melara 76mm/62 Mod 9 compact
2 x 40mm/L70 Breda-Bofors guns on Type 564 naval mounts
2 x Rheinmetall Rh202 20mm (2 twin)
Dragonfly Hovercraft23 in service listed as numbers4 × Strela-3 man-portable air defence missile system launchers, plus 32 anti-personnel missiles

2 × 30 mm AK-630 close in weapon systems with 6,000 rounds each

2 × 140 mm Ogon launchers, 22 rockets each with 132 rockets in total

Mines (one set of removable equipment for laying from 20 to 80 mines, depending on their types)
Duke Class Patrol Ship1. Rain Dragon
2. Biggoron
3. Keyblade
4. Green Destiny
5. Damaskus
6. Elucidator
7. Guilty Thorn
8. Dark Repulser
9. Caliburn
10. Arondight
1 × 76 mm gun Mk M/85 LvSa
2 × 12.7 mm heavy machine gun M/01 LvSa
RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles (not fitted with)
MU90 Impact ASW-torpedo

1x Sea Fury Helicopter
Duchess Class Mine Vessel1. Galantine
2. Caladbolg
3. Kanshou
4. Bakuya
1 × 30mm DS30M Mark 2
2 × Miniguns
3 × General purpose machine guns
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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78 x F-18 Wolfhound Multi Role Aircraft
85 x EMAC Dragonheart Multi Role Aircraft
7   x P-8 Mermaid Maritime Patrol Aircraft
10 x P-9 Seahorse Maritime Patrol Aircraft/SAR
18 x E-18 Bloodhound Electronic Warfare Aircraft
36 x C-33 Mustang Transport Plane
20 x EMAC C-18 Munduslifter Transport Plane
25 x A-50 Alligator Attack Helicopter
35 x A-33 Voodoo Attack Aircraft
20 x EMAC LifterTransport Helicopter
30 x H-26 Dragonfly Transport Helicopter
40 x EMAC T-18 Dragonling Jet Trainer/ Ground Attack
40 x EMAC T-1 Dragonprop Basic Trainer/ Ground Attack
10 x E-4 Searcher AEWACS Aircraft
10 x Bakkermaya VIP Government aircraft

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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The Dukedom of Edwinstowe was the initial settlement of the settlers from East Moreland. The current Duke is Hugo Lascelles.

The city is dominated by the Twin Temples, one dedicated to Helus and one to Jekar. As tradition dictates the Temple of Helus has the higher tower.


Having moved through Edwinstowe the missionaries and Horseman of Jekar began setting up settlements in Elmwood, an area given its name due to the large forests dominated by the Elm. The biggest settlement is Fairfield.

The current Duke of Elmwood is Aidan Wilkerson


Geographically the largest of the six Dukedoms it was spread into after rumours spread that some Ardian natives had captured King Paul leading the Horseman of Jekar to campaign there followed by missionaries. The largest city within the Duchy is Lindale

The current Duchess is Paige Seymour


Having heard rumours of King Paul being in Albion the Horseman of Jekar began their trip across the Sea of Alucard and established trading and supply ports. As always they were followed by missionaries and soon the island swore loyalty to Bakkermaya not Paracambi.

The largest city is known as Wellow and it is currently the seat of Duchess Anna Davidson


Taken over as the Horseman and Missionaries continued to head towards Albion. The island was again acquired from Paracambian rule as the population converted to the Cult of Helus.

The largest settlement is Rockley which is where William Lynwood is the current Duke


The final Duchy to be added to Bakkermaya this island was taken from Lodja following mass conversions. It was while on Harby the Horseman of Jekar heard of King Paul's death and subsequent warnings and so halted their advance towards Albion.

The current Duchess is Rhiannon Farmer

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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EquipmentUseIssued to
SA-80Assault RifleFrontline Units
Rivett 29Hand gunAll ranks and duties
M2010Sniper RifleDesignated Marksman
LMG 74Light Machine GunSquad Issue
GPMG 2General Purpose Machine GunSquad Issue
HMVHeavy Machine GunFireteam Issue
HK UMPSub-Machine GunVehicle Crews
Stretton 500ShotgunUrban Warfare
RPG 22Anti-Tank WeaponPatrol Issue
RPG M72Anti-Tank WeaponPatrol Issue
IglaMANPADSPatrol Issue
M62 MortarPortable MortarPlatoon Issue
SaniVehicle Portable MortarBattalion Issie

VehicleUseNumber in Service
HedgehogMain Battle Tank170
Chieftan TankMain Battle Tank100
MarderInfantry Fighting Vehicle300
CV-90Infantry Fighting Vehicle200
LAV 25Armoured Car300
M270Multiple Launch Rocket System50
HammerMultiple Launch Rocket System40
GovindaSelf Propelled Howizter100
SPH 90Self Propelled Howitzer100
THS   80Towed Howitzer200
THS 73Towed Howitzer100
GammonLong Range Air Defence 50
GrumbleLong Range Air Defence15
CubMedium Range Air Defence30
CobraInfantry Mobility Vehicle250
Jones Equipment LCV-3Infantry Mobility Vehicle450
Sand CatUtility Vehicle300
ApacheAttack Helicopter50
EMAC LifterTransport Helicopter25
BlackhawkUtility Helicopter 30
ChinookTransport Helicopter22
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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NationRelationsSignificant DevelopmentsNotes
Socram (and Sarandib)NeutralNoneN/A
New ZionNeutral NoneN/A
East MorelandFriendlyNoneFellow Cultists
Ui CenneslaigNeutralNoneN/A
The IwiNeutralNoneN/A
RokkenjimaCautiousNoneIssues relating from view of High Priestess
Neu UburzisNeutralNoneN/A
KaitaineNeutralNone N/A
Theocracy of KaitaineNot Recognized NoneView BG as terrorists
Slava LavoskNeutralNoneN/A
Royal SeleucidHostileCultist GenocideAnger from Genocide still lingers
ParacambiFriendlyTUNA MembersN/A
DartfordiaFriendlyTUNA MembersN/A
Nya AlandNeutralNoneN/A
LodjaFriendlyTUNA Members
Treaty of Harby
In medieval times had clashed over Alucard Islands
Arda TuluvaNeutralNoneN/A
MuneskiFriendlyTUNA MembersN/A
Ecclesiastical StateNeutralNoneN/A
MontsarreNeutral NoneN/A
EuirasiaNeutral NoneN/A
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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The city of Edwinstowe is the capital of both the Duchy of Edwinstowe and the nation of Bakkermaya. It has a population of around 1.2 million. It hosts a small effective port but not large enough to deal with massive commercial situations, as such in the 1700's a nearby port was opened some 15km along the coast. Edwinport at one time was a thrieving town in its own right however urbanisation over the last 300 years has seen it slowly absorbed into Edwinstowe which if you include the whole metropolitan area is likely to have a total population of just over 2million. The city is famous for its woolen products in particular its made to measure men's suits. It has developed a reputation for being rather fashion conscience.

The city is essentially built around the old market square which was founded in the early 15th Century and in the later period had a large defensive wall put around it. The medieval heart of Edwinstowe still remains and as such canal was the only way to effectively get 0'goods and people into the walled city since the early 1650's. Today this old city is more of the recreational and tourist centre for the city boasting successful restaurants, museuems, small bars and theatres as well as the nations primary temples to Helus and the other Gods worshipped as part of the Cult. It is home to the centre of the Helusan faith which makes up 30% of the population, the faiths Temple dominates a good deal of the skyline. 

The Dukedom is home to the Lascelles family who can trace their ancestry back to one of the original Horseman of Jekar. The current Duke of Edwinstowe is Hugo Lascelles who since 2016 has also been the Grand Duke of Bakkermaya.
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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
« Reply #10 on: November 20, 2018, 10:34:18 AM »

The Duchy of Elmwood takes its names from the substantive forest of Elm trees that were once dotted around the countryside. Following the formation of the Duchy however much of the land was transformed into farmland and so very little of the vast forests still exist today. The largest city in this Duchy and its regional capital is Fairfield which has a population of around 800,000 in its metropolitan area. It is famed for its carved wood products and has produced all of the Grand Ducal thrones since 1608 when the Duchy provided its first Grand Duke in the guise of Stephen Larkwood.

The Duchy is overseen today by Duke Aiden Wilkinson who lives in the Palace of the Wood, which ironically is no longer anywhere near woodland and sits in a rather exclusive suburb of the city. It features a large statue of a mythical giant who it is rumoured to live in the river and likes nothing better than to creep out and frighten the residents of the city, the castle was allegedly built on one of hi favourite hiding spots to prevent him continuing his tricks.

The Wilkinson assumed the Duchy in the early 1800's through marriage to the Larkwoods.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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Geographically speaking the Duchy is the largest, however a vast area of it is covered in woodland and marshes, it is however an area renowned for having some excellent hiking and camping trials and is considered the most beautiful of the mainland. Its capital city is Lindale which takes its name from the vast fields of Linseed which grew before Urbanisation took place.

The Duchy was originally part of the Kennedy families lands however in 1705 Duke Thomas Kennedy rebelled against the then Grand Duke and following being captured was publically executed by being thrown from the tower of the family home, the Cartmel Palace while in chains. Stories tell it took two days for him to finally die. The Duchy was then handed over to the Seymour family.

 Today the Duchy is under the control of Duchess Paige Seymour.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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Wellow is the oldest of the Alucard Island Duchies having been added to Bakkermaya in the late 12th Century. It was originally inhabited by Paracambians however due to the then extensive attempts at spreading the Cult of Helus and the establishment of a new feudal system it meant many Paracambians left the island within the first 50 years of occupation. The island is ethnically still rather mixed as from the 17th Century onwards some Paracambians fled back to the island in order to escape conscription back in their homeland. By this point Wellow's population had decreased due to most Bakkermayans wishing to go back to the mainland or a series of plagues.

The Island is home to a huge temple dedicated to Helus and is fastly becoming a popular tourist destination. The island did have in previous generations a rather handsome amount of silver mines which has lead to the island being relatively wealthy and this is reflected in much of the architecture of the island especially around its capital city of Wellow. The island was originally granted to the Perkins family who lead the expedition which lead to the island coming under Bakkermaya control, however since then the Ducal Crown has shifted due to various marriage ties and today sits with the Davidson family.

The current Duchess is Anna Davidson, in addition she is also the Lead Sword of Bakkermaya which is a largely symbolic role which is see's them act as a conduit between the nations elected council and the Head of State.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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Another Duchy that was taken over from the Paracambians, this time however it was done more gradually. The Treaty of Yellow Sands gave Bakkermaya an enclave on the island in 1203, however the Paracambian noble who ruled the rest of the island was converted to the Cult of Helus in 1233 and by carrying out a coup against Paracambian forces handed the Duchy over to Bakkermaya. The island today features grand archetecture and is prime territory for growing tropical fruits. Like the other Alucard islands it has become popular with tourists. The Ducal Palace, known as The Palace of the Moon is even larger than the Grand Dukes Palace in Fernwood however whereas that is a private residence only the east wing of the Palace of the Moon remains under the Duke of Walesby's private ownership, the rest is now a museum and art gallery.

The current Duke of Walesby is also the oldest and longest serving of the Dukes having assumed the title in 1977. William Atwood is a descendent of the noble who switched allegiance through that nobleman's nephew making Walesby one of the longest and most stable inherited titles likely to be anywhere on Mundus.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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The last Duchy to be added to the nation of Bakkermaya this island was taken from the Lodjains. In more recent times the islands capital Paulton was the location of a Treaty signed between Queen Klara of Lodja and Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles symbolically putting in place measures of co-operation between the two nations while signing a statement of friendship. There had been brutal fighting over the island in the 13th Century however since 1599 fighting between the two nations was confined to the odd naval battle. Harby is considered one of the more beautiful and developed islands which boasts a great many centres of learning. The city of Paulton is home to one of the largest Temples in the Cult of Helus with it having a section for each of the Gods.

The current Duchess of Harby is Rhiannon Farmer, she is the youngest of the leaders of the Duchies and is rather competative wanting to raise the profile of her homeland not just within the Six Dukedoms but also internationally.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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Bakkermaya allows the Dukedoms to make decisions on certain policy areas themselves. As such the laws below are not uniform.

Policy AreaLaws.
Drugs LawAll Dukedoms classify drugs into three categories A= Legal at a specified age   B= Legal within specific premisses C= Illegal
All Dukedoms have an age limit of 18 for alchohol.
All but Harby have an age limit of 16 for tobacco products. Harby has an age limit of 18.
Walesby has categorised cannabis as Category A while it is Category B in all other Dukedoms.
All other narcotics are Category C in all Dukedoms with sentencing laws differing.
Same Sex Marriage   Permitted in all Dukedoms. Religious figures may refuse to carry out ceremonies on the grounds of "conscience". Those employed as registrars may not refuse.
EducationAll Dukedoms must start education at age of 5 and it is compulsary until the age of 16. There are a core of subjects which all Dukedoms follow (Morelandish, Maths, Science & Religious Education)
Harby - All students must be in education or vocational training until the age of 18
Walesby - All students must also study Paracambian for at least two years between the ages of 11-16.
Wellow - All students must study Paracambian for at least two years between ages 7-12.
Cartmel - All students may leave school at 16 as long as they reach a minimum grade in Morelandish and Maths. Those not reaching the required standard must remain in education until they achieve the minimum standard or they reach their 19th birthday whichever comes first. Exemptions are made for those with diagnosed special educational needs.
Property Ownership   All citizens have the right to own private property.
Voting   National law states all citizens over the age of 18 are allowed to vote. Dukedoms may pass extra qualifications.

Cartmel - Voting is only open to those who have undertaken military service or a community alternative.
ProstitutionNot permitted to exchange money for sex in most Dukedoms in any form.
Harby - Allow licenced brothels where sex workers must meet certain legal requirements. They must have completed a 6 hour health and safety course every three years, they must only work within the brothel and must have a bi-monthly STD check.
Freedom of the PressControlled by National Law. All media is privately controlled.
Freedom of MovementAny citizen may move freely around all six Dukedoms
AbortionEach Dukedom can make their own rules. In all but one it is permitted only in cases of rape, incest or if the pregnancy would lead to health concerns for the mother.
Elmwood - Abortion is also allowed if it is shown the child would be born with a birth defect "that has a prognosiss of the child not living beyond ten years of age."
Health CareAll Health Care except that classed as "cosmetic" is free at point of use and is paid for through taxes.
Gun LawsEach Dukedom has their own.
Elmwood, Cartmel and Edwinstowe allow gun ownership only to those who have completed military service. Types of firearm are restricted to semi-automatic and no calibre bigger than 5.56mm. They may be used only on private property with the land owners permission unless you apply for a carry permit which allows you to carry a concealed weapon.

Wellow and Harby - Anyone over the age of 18 may apply for a firearms licence. If granted you may own any weapon. An individual may carry a concealed weapon in public if they have a firearms licence. Any individual known to be carrying a firearm may be asked to show their licence by law enforcement. Additionally occasional random checks are carried out to ensure weapons are being stored securely.

Walesby - Anyone over the age of 21 may purchase a firearm so long as they are a citizen of Walesby. You may carry a concealed firearm in public. To buy a firearm there must be a waiting period of 7 working days. Gun shops are limited to how much ammunition they can sell a customer per day.
Internet NeutralityNational laws state all internet providers privately controlled.
Business OwnershipAny individual who is permitted to reside in Bakkermaya may open and operate a business in any part of Bakkermaya so long as they comply with national employment laws and related health and safety standards
MarriageNational law states that the age of marriage is 18.

Harby - Citizens of Harby who can prove they have been regular attendees to religious services run by the Sessifet faith for three years may marry in compliance with that faiths laws.

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Re: The Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya
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(Ducal Holder)
PopulationCapitalReligious Breakdown
(Hugo Lascelles)
c.20 millionFernwood60% Cult of Helus
25% Helusan
10% Celtic Christian
5 % Others
(Paige Seymour)
c.10 millionLindale55% Cult of Helus
30% Helusan
10% Celtic Christian
5 % Others
(Aiden Wilkerson)
c.9 millionFairfield70% Cult of Helus
20% Helusan
5 % Celtic Christian
5 % Other
(William Lynwood)
c.6 millionRockley55% Cult of Helus
15 % Helusan
15 % Vodou
5% Rastafarian
5% Catholic
5% Others
(Anna Davidson)
c.4 millionWellow50% Cult of Helus
20% Helusan
15% Vodou
10% Sessifet
5 % Other
(Rhiannon Farmer)
c.2.5millionPaulton40% Cult of Helus
35% Helusan
20% Sessifet
5 % Other

Cult of Helus - 30.1million
Helusan - 12.4million
Celtic Christians - 3.4million
Vodou - 1.5million
Rastafarian - 300,000
Catholics - 300,000
Sessifet - 900,000
Others - 2.6million