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East Moreland support the Lijiang bid

"Excellent" David extended a hand before calling for his personal secretary and Chief of Royal Household Quinn Germaine to come in. "Quinn can you alert the media that we'll have something for them shortly." Several members of the vetted East Moreland press pack had been given permission to be in the Palace today by Malcolm Tucker should such an agreement be reached. Now this pack of what Tucker liked to call "tamed journalists" would be put to work covering this agreement. For around an hour the King and his guests engaged in small talk until Quinn reappeared.

"We've made arrangements in the Small Library" Quinn lead them up through the Palace to the Small Library as a child it had been one of David's favourite locations within the Palace and he was still a frequent visitor. The long table had been draped in half the East Moreland flag and half the Jugland flag. A series of chairs had been arranged at the back of the table while the press sat in front. The King and his guests filed in and took their place at the side of the table with their flag on and then the King removed a pen from his inside pocket. It had been presented to him as a gift many years ago now by the long now isolated nation of Sky Coast. The coral work on the pen still reminded him fondly of the visits and also the countless treaties he'd signed with it. Quinn placed two copies of the treaty down, one in front of each delegation. David neatly affixed his signature and then waited for his counter-part to do the same before they exchanged copies and affixed their signature on the 2nd copy thus making things official. The King was well practiced at such things and paused holding his pen just a hairs breath above the treaty and looking at the photographers to allow them to get their shots. Once he had finished he held up the document in its black bound folder and held it so the media could see and get the shot of the King's smiling face next to the freshly inked deal. Finally the King turned to Kvalheim and Skoeun to shake their hands. "It's a good result for all of us" he said loud enough for the media. "A foundation for us to build on. I look forward to seeing what your people do at Chamwick soon." All that was left was for the media to do there bits and pieces and David could chalk up another successful series of talks.

The Other World / Re: Falling Skies 2.0 IC - Mundus 2030
« on: April 06, 2021, 11:47:15 PM »
"This is bullshit" Redfern moaned as he checked the equipment spread out before him on the table in the ruined school some 35km South of Rockhampton. "Who the hell left the GPMG? And we're four claymores short. I know its a bloody crisis but since when did we become Lodjains." he complained to the assembled "military" under his command. In truth it was three Red Legionnaires, two Marines, one Air Force pilot and then a few guys who had stepped forward as "experienced" soldiers. At the mention of the Lodjains a cough came from the side of the room. "Sorry" Alex said shyly as Stasya Ironside stood there. They'd grabbed her and run when the attack began, King David had been the opposite side of the Palace and had been taken out early in the attack. Many who had escaped that side of the Palace had said they'd last seen the King with a rifle in his hand alongside his protection detail firing at incoming attackers. It gave Alex a reassurance that at least the King had gone down fighting and in some ways even if those rumours weren't true they would have needed to have been started in these difficult times. Redfern had split up what had remained of the Palace and scattered them across the countryside. He had suspected the scattered nature of East Moreland settlements would have helped the people survive but that hadn't been the case and every small village or town they approached on the march North had seen destruction and seemingly just adults dead, for some reason these Skitters wanted the children for those harness devices. They had become mindless slaves and frankly a liability. Redfern and his advanced guard of Tristian Rowe and Sebastian Johnson had been given direct orders to either evade or kill any children they'd come across if they saw those harnesses. Now though the problem was where was the missing weaponary. There would be no shortage of guns at Rockhampton and the equipment could be replaced easy enough but first they had 35km of Skitter infested country to cross and that was now suddenly harder.

"We've five people missing too." Sebastian interjected. "Luckily none of the military bods but I bet they've taken the stuff. There is a rumour going round that somehow people in that shithole of Vaguzia have survived better and we should be heading West not East." He shrugged his shoulders.

"We told Rhiannon and Saxby we'd see them in Rockhampton. We're going to Rockhampton and I don't care if Vaguzia was Skitter free and full of beer and steak, we get the Queen." The room nodded. "Then we turn the caves into a fortress and work out how to get these things off Mundus." A young boy walked into the room and Stasya took him by the hand and lead him away. Eight year old Prince Richard had been doing well keeping up but it was hard for him. Most of his friends had been killed and now he just had his mother really. He still would wake up in the night screaming for his deceased father and then complained he missed his sister Rhiannon. The Red's had managed to find a small dagger in the ruins of one of the Northfort Palace buildings and had given it him as his "sword" and that had gone some way to making the Prince feel better but it couldn't replace his father. Stasya tried her best to reassure him but even after eight years of being a mother she had little maternal instinct. She was though pretty ruthless when she had to be and when she had found out about Alex executing children he had expected complaints instead the former Queen had helped distract the others in the group so they were not aware of the issue to the majority of the group the children were already dead when the group found the settlement, Stasya had even told the people the Skitters executed the children once the work was done. It was cold but it had cemented a desire to fight in almost every Morelander in their column of around 60 people.

"We'll have to make do" Alex said as he redistributed the kit. "We keep everything within our group now" he gave each person a weapon and a share of the ammo. His two frontmen, Sebastian and Tristian got the best rifles and a Anti-Tank weapon and having refilled their water bottles from the schools kitchen sink headed off into the night. They'd be heading towards a village called Elthorpe and from there they'd find the river and that would take them to Rockhampton, the big concern was much of the trip would have little cover from the air and so they'd make the journey at night, rest up during the day. Alex cursed they'd got no night vision goggles but the distinct hum of the Skitter ships meant they'd be largely un-needed anyway. "You've got twenty minutes" Alex told everyone else and the rest of his group of survivors began packing their gear ready for the hike.

"She better be there" Alex said to himself as he watched his two scouts disappear into the nearby woods. Stasya heard him and unsure whether he was meaning his wife Freya or his niece Rhiannon left him to his thoughts.

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
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The EMAC Dragon-Ghost Drone which is due to enter service later this year has today completed trials of deploying a 2nd drone from its internal weapons bay. The UAV released a loitering munition drone (LMD) while at a height of 10,000 feet. The LMD weighed around 6kg and was carried within a bay capable of carrying weaponry or equipment to the weight of 150kg. The utilisation of the bay rather than hardpoints allows the Ghost-Drone to have fewer points to enlarge its radar cross section. The design is so unique that it uses engine gases to redirect airflows over its surfaces meaning the drone has no moving control surfaces further reducing points of observation for RADAR. The LMD was released and the Ghost-Drone returned to base with no incident. This follows the loss of one of the four prototypes in September 2020 due to issues that are believed to have stemmed from ineffective ice control. The LMD flew independently of the Ghost-Drone for around 90 minutes before being guided to strike a target boat in the Mhorish. The strike was considered a "great success" by the Admiralty and Air Force both of whom are expected to receive completed drones in time.

Sir Harry Samuelson viewed the tests and the Minister of Defence stated afterwards. "I was impressed, the last time I saw the Ghost-Drone it crashed and so this was always going to be an improvement. To be able to utilise this independent drone mid-flight could be a useful tool and one we will investigate further." It was explained by representatives of EMAC that theoretically a single Ghost-Drone could carry 25 LMD's meaning as Sir Alan Maybury of EMAC said, "Potentially we could fly a Ghost Drone close to the enemies air-space, perhaps even into it utilising the drones stealth credentials, from there we could launch these 25 LMD's, withdraw the Ghost-Drone and two hours later these mini-drones could be used to strike targets. Alternatively they could be used to swarm enemy air defences while a 2nd Ghost-Drone strikes targets with more conventional weapons. Today's test could be a useful tool for our military." One problem however as Sir Alan explains is "We need to look at a system for carrying so many, one issue is launching 25 successfully and the other is the volume of the weapons bay. The LMD is a light weapon all things considered but like anything it takes up room. We need to find a balance between the number carried and doing so without compromising the stealth features. Its a point for down the road."

The Ghost-Drone is expected to attempt carrier landings early next week to evaluate its usefulness for the Navy in addition to the Air-Force. The same weapons test saw the Spearhead Mk.3 missile complete a successful 700km flight meaning it is still some 300km off its final target distance.

Centralia added

East Moreland supports this application

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Meybad Conference
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"I would be willing to sign this." King Heydar acknowledged. "I would though like to define the observation force as being transported in Seleucid vehicles and permitted to carry only communication and side arms."

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
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Following a series of attacks in Gaia that have targetted Queen Klara of Lodja her former Lady in Waiting and current Queen of East Moreland, Stasya Ironside has today visited the Temple of the Sisterhood of Helus. Queen Stasya arrived at the Temple accompanied only by her own small household staff. She was seen meeting with the High Priestess of the Sisterhood, Jinny Denman. The Queen spent several hours inside before addressing the media on her way out.

"I would like to thank the various nations that have reached out to us and offered us kind words and other support. While nations such as Tytor have offered us use of embassy space and others like Fleur support in returning Morelanders home at this moment in time my husband and his team of advisers feel that this will not be needed. We are thankful to the Ui Cenneslaig embassy, our CNN allies for their support which saw members of their embassy security detail digging our own brave men and women out of the rubble just minutes after the cowardly attack on them. There was once a time when I considered Leopold Hamsik a friend, a man that I thought acted with honour and integrity but following revelations of his bribing judges which lead to him tricking a young 18 year old girl into his bed that respect faded fast. Now I see him for what many in the international community do, a chancer, a coward and someone hungry only for power for their own ends. Leopold Hamsik has shown no care for anyone other than himself. He is currently holding his own son hostage as a puppet in his power-game. I am proud to be a friend of Queen Klara and witnessed first hand the love and care she has for the people she is Queen of. She has made greater strides towards transforming Lodja than anyone who has gone before her and I honestly believe had this incident not happened then within a decade Lodja would have seen so many changes to benefit its people. The world must now work on two fronts. The first is to give support to an amazing Queen who has always put the needs of her people at the front of her thoughts. The second is to bring the human filth of Leopold Hamsik to justice for the vast array of crimes he has committed."

Later in the day Royal Press Secretary Malcolm Tucker was asked if the Queen's sentiments were shared by the King and he responded saying, "The words Queen Stasya spoke were unrehearsed and came from the heart. Her husband shares her sentiments but perhaps not her words. We thank all nations that have been in touch and as the Queen said at the moment we believe our CNN connections are the best route for continuing embassy conditions in Lodja we will take more advice as the situation changes."

It is understood that a Royal Naval fleet will be arriving in Ui Cenneslaig in the next 48 hours and from there proceeding to the Alucard. Mr.Tucker also confirmed that Queen Stasya had requested permission to return to Lodja to comfort Queen Klara however this was not permitted on grounds of "security". So far the location of the renegade HMDS Morelander has yet to be confirmed although several nations had now labelled it a "Pirate" ship.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
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King David had spent much of the day dealing with the various reports and messages that had been coming in. He was now back in his office with his Chief of Household, Quinn Germaine, sat opposite him taking notes. "First make sure everyone who sent telegrams is thanked for their messages if they sent the usual thoughts and prayers. Thank Tytor for their offer of using embassy space however for the time being we'll be making use of the Ui Cenneslaig one under the CNN terms. Let Sir James know though that I expect a symbolic guard in place on our embassy if he thinks its safe to do so. We'll not yield to terrorists."

"That everything Your Majesty?" Quinn asked as she finished scribbling down the instructions the King had just given her.

"For now yes, thank you" David waited for her to go before making his way back down to the bowels of the Palace where the briefing centre was. Many now dishevelled looking senior offices and aides were still answering phones, tapping away on laptops and drinking giant cups of coffee. Seeing the King they all stood but David just motioned for them to take a seat. "I just came to sit" David took his place at the head of the table and surveyed the various images on the large screen at the far end. It showed the smoking wreckage of the embassy and David just watched the smoke drift off it. He picked up his own phone and called a Quinn, "Is Redfern in the building."

"He is Sire"

"Send him down to the basement please" Five minutes later in walked Alex Redfern and took the seat next to the King. "Alex I'm aware that we'll need some people outside we can trust to put a ring of steel around Klara. We don't know which Lodjains we can trust and while I'm sure the Cenneg are doing a good job I want our input if anything happens. Can you get a team in within the next 24 hours?"

Alex looked down at his watch doing some mental calculations. "I'll have some of our people woken up immediately." He said with almost a relish.

Red Legion Seasonal Training Base, Nya Aland

Sebastian Johnson was wandering through the long grass which made up the shoreline vegetation from the Alucard to the pebble beach. He had a steaming tin mug of black coffee in his left hand and a single smooth pebble in his right. He loved the view this time of year as the sea was as flat as a mill-pond and the Alander spring was in full bloom. He casually tossed a stone to his left and heard it ping off someones helmet "You're dead" he said as he continued his walk along the pebble beach. He reached into his jacket pocket, took out another pebble and winged it with more force further up the beach, another ping followed by an "ouch" made Sebastian chuckle, "You're certainly dead." He turned and spotted the boat house and two boats placed on top of each other with the upper most one being upside down to form a kind of coccoon. There was a small gap between the two wooden hulls and he expertly threw a coin between them and instantly heard cursing, "Dead" he said with a chuckle and took a sip of his brew before throwing his final stone off towards the pile of old fishing nets. He heard the familiar sound of it hitting something metallic and announced the death of the final trainee. He turned and saw the other three now looking gloom having emerged from their hiding place and turned back expecting to see the forth scrambling out from their spot behind the nets. No-one had emerged and so he wandered over and kicked where he expected a boot to be but instead found it was just a sack stuffed with pebbles. Further up the pile there was the kevlar helmet he'd thrown the stone at but no one underneath it. He heard a click off to the left and turned to see a Legionnaire kneeling underneath the quayside with a rifle aiming at him. "Shit the bed you're a cheeky sod" He found himself smiling. "You're still dead though." Sebastian motioned to the rooftop of the HQ Block where one of the other instructors was sat with his own rifle. "Get cleaned up, grab breakfast and get a shower." The trainees had been dropped off in kayaks 5km out to sea and had been told a high value target was due to take their morning walk along the beach and that a hit was required from a distance of no more than 25 meters. The team had come ashore during the night and taken up what they had thought would be good ambush positions. Usually Sebastian got all four of them but this morning had been different. He was about to go grab a bacon sandwich with everyone else when his phone rang. "Redfern, hows things?"

Alex briefed him of what had been going on knowing full well the base in Nya Aland was often difficult to keep up with current affairs in and during Selection didn't much like contact with the outside world. Sebastian was rather shocked but not surprised by Redferns instructions. "I'll be in Lodja ASAP........ Stasiuk Plaza Hotel.....Roger that." He trudged back to his room grabbed his go bag and made his way to helipad. An hour later he was en-route to Gaia and wandered into the reception of the hotel three hours after Redfern had phoned him. "Sebastian Johnson, I have a reservation" he introduced himself and was shown up to a room on the third floor.

Leublin, Lodja

Keir Peters was vastly over-qualified for this job and was frankly rather annoyed he'd been sent to do it. "If you put the plate there it's going to screw up the centre of gravity" He cast his eyes at the work that the fitters on the Kolisev transport plane were carrying out. The aircraft was being retro-fitted as a VIP transport aircraft and the aim was to ensure it was comparable with the conditions of Ironside One. The Lodjains just didn't seem to understand how half of the re-design was supposed to go. Keir was only supposed to be giving advice as a Royal Protection Agent but his experience as a pilot was also proving to be useful. He was about to start moaning about the state they'd left the avionics bay in when the base became chaotic. "Turn on the radio" one of the Lodjain fitters instructed and the usual mix of awful pop music wasn't playing but instead the news. Keir's Lodjain wasn't fluent but it was good enough to know that he had just heard the Queen had escaped a failed assassination attempt and then that his own embassy had been hit. Keir had left the hangar as an officer shut down the work for the day and found himself in the officers mess watching the 24 hour news, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He tried phoning his buddy Tristian Rowe who he knew was based on the Isle but got no answer and began feeling nervous. Several hours later his phone went "Redfern" he replied. He had expected some kind of orders to come through and as soon as Alex had told him what was going on he had requisitioned one the bases helicopters and flown himself to Gaia. He arrived at the Stasiuk Plaza Hotel about an hour after Sebastian and having dumped his gear in his own room made his way down the corridor and knocked on the door. "Evening Seb." Keir greeted his former comrade before accepting one of the beers. "We hitting the mini-bar, Red Legion expenses have changed a lot since I left."

"Just think one day we'll be on the same expenses that allow us to have smart designer suits like you Royal Protection boys." the pair clinked beer bottles together and waited for the next arrivals.

With Queen Stasya staying in East Moreland or travelling with her husband for the time being it was a good time for Tillie Brekenridge to get some time off. She'd been loaned the penthouse apartment of Queen Stasya in Gaia and along with her partner Lindsay Easom had been enjoying the first three days of a two week break. They'd picked Lodja for their vaccation for two simple reasons, first it was the Penthouse of a Baronettes and socialite and therefore it didn't disappoint, amazing views of the city square, sadly none of the coast, its own hot tub and a bath-tub you could do laps of. It was also a good chance for Tillie to get some more practice in with her Lodjain which was already pretty damn good. The pair had spent the morning recovering from a few cocktails the night before and the first they knew of the attack was when Redfern phoned Tillie. "Hi Alex" Tillie said as she accepted the call. Alex briefed her on what had gone off and Tillie's silence betrayed the fact that this was something serious. "Who else you bringing in?" ........."Good.".....she reached for the pad and pen and noted down the hotel name and room number. "Alex, we could do with some electronic analysis on this and well I just so happen to have next to me a certain Major in Cyber Legion." Alex knew most of the key agents in the Royal Protection Agency well and was aware of what that meant. Tillie laughed and turned to Lindsay, "You've just been seconded to me, now quiet literally your ass belongs to me........Yes Alex we'll get there."

It was a quick shower, change and exit from the penthouse for the duo. They walked past what remained of the East Moreland embassy and both resisted the urge to stop and gawk and instead head to the Stasiuk Plaza Hotel where Sebastian and Keir were waiting. She knew Keir and recognised Sebastian by sight and so after some brief introductions the four sat with mini-bar beers as Alex Redfern joined them via the wonders of the internet.

"Welcome to the Dream Team" Alex began, "Or the three random people I knew in Lodja and their girlfriend. We need someone out there capable of contributing to the operations to secure Queen Klara and find King Leopold. "Go see the Cenneg, offer what assistance you can and Keir I'm putting you in charge of the Red Legionnaires in country, get a plan together to get after the Morelander and find out where Prince Isaak is. Happy hunting."

Character Guides / Re: People of East Moreland
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Lindsay Easom
RolesOfficer in Cyber Legion
Year of BirthSilverhills, September 19, 1985
Positions Held2006-2017 Officer in the Royal East Moreland Air Force
2017-present Officer in Cyber Legion
EducationBSci (Hons) in Computer Programming
Morelander Highers in Computing (A) Maths (A) and Economics (C)
FamilyIn a four year relationship with Tillie Breckenridge
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyFrom a military family her father was a Wing Commander in the Air Force and from a young age she developed an interest in military aviation. At school she got interested in computing and programming. As soon as he went to University she joined the REMAF Reservists and became an Electronic Warfare Officer onboard AEWACS aircraft. She was head-hunted in 2017 to join the newly formed Cyber Legion and fast-tracked to the rank of Major where she serves as a "Electronic Warfare Specialist" responsible for finding and utilising enemy electronic signals in the theatre of battle.

During her time in the new Legion she meet fellow officer Tille Breckenridge and the pair began a relationship.

Character Guides / Re: People of East Moreland
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Tillie Breckenridge
RolesRoyal Protection Agent
Cyber Security Officer
Year of BirthSeptember 24, 1993 in Portworth
Positions Held2014-2017 Officer in the Royal Signals Corps
2017-2019 Officer in Cyber Legion
2019-present Royal Protection Agency
EducationBSci(Hons) in Digital Communication
Moreland Highers in Computing (B), Maths (C) and Physics (C)
FamilyCurrently in a 4 year relationship with Lindsay Easom
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyWas always a bit of an outsider at school as she didn't fit into any particular "clique" She enjoyed building computers, kickboxing and photography. In 2013 she won the East Moreland Universities kickboxing championship and signed up to the Army as a Reservist. Upon graduation she was commissioned into the Royal Signals Corps and found herself in a unit responsible for working out programmes and systems to intercept electronic data that could be used by front-line forces. When in 2017 King David ordered the formation of a specialist cyber warfare unit she was headhunted to the unit and gained a fast track promotion to Captain. She found herself in 2018 educating Red Legion about the finer arts of computer hacking and various other aspects of cyber security. As it was believed at some point someone with her skills may be needed on a Red Legion operation she undertook the Combined Special Operations Course which is seen as a half way house towards joining Red Legion. Her handiness with firearms alerted the Royal Protection Agency that she may be a potential agent to work with Princess Rhiannon however instead she has found herself attached to Queen Stasya.

In 2017 she began a relationship with former Air Force officer Lindsay Easom who had also been brought into Cyber Legion.

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Keir Peters
RolesRoyal Protection Agent
Year of Birth 27 December 1980, Northfort
Positions Held2001-2007 Officer in the Royal East Moreland Air Force
2007-2014 Officer in the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing
2014-2016 Officer in Red Legion
2016-present Royal Protection Agency
EducationMSci in Chemical Engineering
BSci(Hons) in Chemical Engineering
Morelander Highers in Chemistry (A) Physics (A) and Maths (A)
FamilyFather is Lord Thomas Peters
Keir is the youngest of three brothers
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyKeir was a young man torn between two paths, his love of sport could have seen him become a professional Medieval MMA fighter after finishing in the Top 3 of several junior and amateur national competitions however even at these events he could often be found with his nose tucked away in a science book. Between Medieval MMA, School and his membership of Air Cadets his youth was a packed one and while at University he joined the Air Force reserve and managed to gain his pilots licence. With a dream of becoming a fighter pilot seemingly in his grasp his 6ft 4inch and 17stone frame was not suited to the small cockpit and so he found himself flying Twin Lifter Helicopters. He put himself through his Masters degree while serving as an officer on 159 Squadron. He wrote his research project on chemical warfare and found himself in demand by the military for several operations where there were concerns over the use of such things.

In 2007 he was transferred to the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing which undertake a variety of roles requiring specialist flying skills and learned to pilot several fixed wing transport aircraft. His stay with JSFAW saw him become well respected as alongside his flying duties he did his best to learn the skills of those he was a "chauffeur" for and at the urging of Sgt.Olly Thomas tried out for Red Legion and passed selection with relative ease. He served just two years with the unit when Alex Redfern recommended him for service with the Royal Protection Agency primarily as part of the King's Advanced Party due to his knowledge of special forces operations and deep knowledge of chemical weapon use. The stability of a more routine job allowed him to indulge in  a variety of sporting passions and as technically members of the Royal Protection Agency are only on secondment from military units or police forces he still represents Red Legion at the Ostlake Games.

Since King David's operation he has often been seen out rowing with the King on the Lake along with several other members of the King's Security detail. He has also filled in several times as a close protection agent for Queen Stasya and Princess Freya.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Art of Diplomacy
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Henrietta had to admit that the Lijiangian Lord had done his research. CETO was a project dear to King David's heart and tying the return of the art-work to it was clearly designed to try and sway the monarch. She thought for a moment or two, "I will suggest to His Majesty that he accepts the offer, however in the end the art works are his and therefore any decision beyond what we had agreed prior to your arrival is something he will need to consider. Please give me a few minutes to go and make a phone call." She excused herself and phoned the King as they'd discussed.

"How's it going?" the King asked as he answered.

"Fine, as suspected some are clearly from Lijiang and Jocelyn is preparing those for transport, there are however several pieces that are disputed and as expected they want them." They had discussed this issue and David had been wary of perhaps the Lijiang delegation chancing their arm at getting the whole haul but having been reassured that it was just 23. "They have a rather unique solution we didn't count on." She outlined the proposal and could tell from the silence on the other end there was a rather surprised King too.

"Henrietta can you let them know I'm considering the matter seriously. Take them for lunch at Zac Braithwaite's place." Zac Braithwaite was a well known Morelander chef, famed for his TV Shows of farm to fork cooking and his restaurant was a favourite of the King. "I'll have an answer for them by time you have desert."

"I'll not turn a chocolate cheesecake down" Henrietta replied, "I'll speak to you soon Your Majesty." She put her phone away and returned to see Guangtai and the others. "Lord Guantai His Majesty is considering your offer and has instructed me to take us all for lunch while he makes his mind up. If you'd care to follow me." They made their way to the rear of the gallery where Henrietta had a car waiting. The trip to the restaurant was a short one and having had an aide ring ahead the chef was waiting in person in his whites as they arrived.

"Prime Minister" he extended a hand to Henrietta, "Your Grace" he bowed to the guest from Lijiang. "I'm excited to showcase my food for you. Please come inside" He held the door open to allow them to enter and a young smartly dressed girl in white shirt with a red tie escorted them towards the rear of the restaurant and into a private room which had a large window looking directly into a well ordered kitchen. "Today we have for you some salmon and eggs, then a game pie which sadly we've had to change slightly from a traditional recipe, and then because we know our Prime Minister has a sweet tooth a Chocolate Cheesecake. I hope you enjoy the food." He bowed and left only to reappear seconds later in the kitchen where it was clear he'd barked a series of orders at his staff who instantly began pulling pans from stacks and setting about the tasks at hand.

"Game Pie is one of our nations great traditions. We used to be a nation that hunted extensively for wild meat, however that's become more farmed these days as we try and protect the environment. We've had to reintroduce some species such as Wild Boar which has been a great success. A proper Game Pie has venison, rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and boar but sadly with the Yellow-Tongue virus that hit we've had a ban on the hunting of Deer and Boar so Zak here has switched the recipe to rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and bear." Henrietta did her best to make conversation with the guests, comparisons of cuisine, the project in Mugu for the Cultural Centre and even the rugby world cup. Braithwaite's staff served up each course in turn and ensured drinks flowed. It was when the Cheesecake was being served that an extra body entered the room.

"Lord Guangtai" King David placed the guests dish down in front of him before extending a hand. "I hope Henrietta, Jocelyn and Maddie have been taking good care of you." He walked round to Xiuli and Zenchai and introduced himself before taking a seat at the opposite end of the table. "I wanted to come as discussions between us have gone in a direction that neither me and Henrietta anticipated, in a good way" he smiled and he politely refused a serving of the cheesecake from a young waiter. "You see I would very much be delighted to see an Ironside Gallery in Lijiang, and I'm thrilled you would even consider it. I am minded to accept your proposal however I would have two conditions. The first is that Lijiang are members of CETO. That way I can be assured of the long term safety of these art pieces. The second is that I would like something in return." The King reached into his jacket and produced a picture printed onto some paper, he unfolded it and slid it to Guangtai. "I would like to commission a traditional Jian Sword I hope I pronounced that correctly. I would like you to find me a smith who could make one using as many traditional methods as possible, naturally I'll cover the costs, but what I would really like is that when I visit you can find someone who can give me a lesson in its use, as you know East Moreland places great value in swordsmanship and I find it interesting to discover other disciplines of swordsmanship. If you join CETO, arrange for me to buy a sword and have a sword lesson then you may take the art-works home with you in the way you outlined. Do we have an agreement."

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Sebastian Johnson
RolesRed Legion Officer
National Intelligence Agency Liason
Year of Birth7 December 1985, Rockhampton
Positions Held2003-2008 NCO in the King's Light Infantry Regiment
2008-2010 Officer in the Queen's Regiment of Footguards
2010-present Officer in Red Legion
2018-present Red Legion liaison to the National Intelligence Agency
2017-present Red Legion Martial Arts Instructor
EducationMoreland Highers in History (B), Business Studies (C) and Morelandish (C)
His sister Alice is a member of the Priesthood
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyAs a young boy he didn't get on with school so well until at the age of 13 he joined the 4th Rockhampton Detachment of the Army Cadet Force. He became obsessed with a career in the armed forces and thanks to a committed Detachment Officer was pushed to complete his Highers. He first applied to join the military as an officer but was turned down but was offered entry as an NCO. He took up the offer and served in the Light Infantry reaching the rank of Corporal. Following acing a leadership course designed for those hoping to make Sergeant he was recommended for Officer training and upon successful completion transferred to the Queen's Regiment of Footguards. Keen to keep pushing himself he attempted to join Red Legion in 2010 and was successful catching the eye of the commanding officer he was ear-marked for several significant courses. He served tours in Safraen, Seaforth, Academica and Marseille. He was asked by Brigadier Kelly to act as the units liason with the National Intelligence Agency which has seen him sit in on several key briefings or national security as well as undertake some more unusual and secretive work for the NIA. He spent much of 2020 in Lodja helping train their armed forces.

Away from military duty he is interested in different martial arts and has belts in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu and Eskrima. He has competed in several MMA competitions and even tried to make the East Moreland Medieval MMA team for the Mundus Games. He is also a big fan of music and until his duties with the NIA played bass guitar in a blues band with three Red Legion veterans he meet in a local pub in Aldcliffe.

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The BIKINI State is a nationally used alert status used to convey the level of threat to East Moreland and its military personnel. The levels were initially kept secret when introduced as a concept in the 1950's however with so many Morelanders having completed military training as part of the nation's programme of compulsory national service it was determined that they would be made public in the 1970's. The word BIKINI is not an acronym and was infact randomly chosen as part of a security code for radio communication. Today most government instillations display the level prominently as it often influences the manner in which security services deal with the public and thus by making it publically known it is considered more likely the general public will act to support and comply with the military forces that often patrol urban areas.

There are a number of different levels and it is not always the case that the levels will be utilised in order.

CodeWhat it means?
RedEast Moreland is at war. Forces are engaged in combat and it is likely that attacks on East Moreland will take place.HIGHEST LEVEL OF THREAT
Black AlphaA known specified threat against East Moreland targets either at home or abroad is expected to be acted upon in the near future.
BlackThere is a threat in place to East Moreland targets either at home or abroad.
OrangeThere is an increased level of security as it is believed to be a potential threat to the nation or nationals.
GreenNo suspected threats or dangers.LOWEST LEVEL OF THREAT

For much of the last two decades the Bikini State has fluctuated between Black Alpha and Black. Despite East Moreland's combat troops seeing action in Marseille, Safraen and Academica these actions did not see Red deployed as they were classed as "Peacekeeping" rather than direct combat operations.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy
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OOC- Joint Dave , Kris and Libby post

The view from high above Gaia didn't betray the chaos that the last few hours had witnessed. The city appeared its ever calm self except for the gun-metal grey helicopter that had crossed into the city from the Isle of the Goddess. Even the streak of the SAM from the HMDS Morelander had only been witnessed by those near the coast itself and even then many put it down to some kind of training exercise. The duo watched as the East Moreland helicopter raced to the safety of land and paid particular attention to the helicopter set down on the roof of the embassy.

"Three hours" one of the crew men sat in the control room of the HMDS Morelander checked the stop-watch informing his commanding officer of the time left on station. The officer picked up a phone and spoke to the bridge, nodded and turned to the operator.

"Ten minutes then go" The two men operating the Suicide Drones gave confirmation that they understood the instruction and both began making the final preparations for their task. It was easy to spot the East Moreland embassy and having now confirmed Queen Klara was there via the drones own onboard cameras it was simple enough to get the drone to track the building as almost 5,000 meters above Gaia the tiny sleek drone wheeled. The time came and the operators pulled the metaphorical trigger sending the drones to their and hopefully Queen Klara's demise.

The Queen had been taken to one of the central rooms where the Morelanders were slowly piecing together with Queen Klara where the various members of her household and ministry were. Things were still a little chaotic over on the Isle of the Goddess and likely would be for a good hour or so. Klara was still frantic about where Prince Isaak was and no matter what Sir James Fitzroy told her she couldn't be calmed. There was a sudden massive vibration that rocked the whole room. Sir James had served as an ambassador in Paracambi before and experienced a few earthquakes there, but surely their couldn't be one in Lodja. Before his mind could work that out he was thrown across the room as everything faded to black.

"Sir!......Sir" There was a ringing in Sir James' ears as he slowly opened his eyes. He was lying on the floor and could feel blood running down his face, a fact confirmed when he ran a finger through his hair and his unfocused blinking eyes saw the crimson liquid. Everything sounded muffled and as he tried to stand his leg was just not responsive. He looked down and saw a pile of rubble on his legs and then the pain hit. For once he was thankful he'd only got the one leg judging by how his prosthetic was mangled. He slumped his head back and noticed chaos above him twisted metal, fallen plaster, exposed beams and the sound of blaring sirens.

"Queen Klara?" James croaked as he watched a pair of Embassy guards begin tossing rubble off his leg as another stuck a needle in his arm.

"Alive sir." One of the sergeants informed him while focusing on sticking a bag of fluid into the needle. "Injured but alive. We've evacuated to the Cenneg embassy down the street." As James looked around he noticed the embassy was gutted the old building had once been beautiful and even with some reinforcement it was clearly never expected to survive a huge bomb blast, or whatever had just happened. They'd a bomb shelter in the basement and another in the garden but this had come without warning.

"What happened?" James watched as the two guards had almost completed removing the rubble and he could move his leg slightly. They began piling the rubble off his prosthetic leg and James found himself simply reaching down to try and remove it.

"Stay still, let me check you." the medic said pushing him back.

James just lay there trying to get the sound of ringing from his ears. "What happened?" he asked again. A familiar voice reached him, it was Tristian Rowe, the Red Legion officer who had brought the Queen in. He was busy working over the other side of the room helping another soldier put someone into a body-bag, James couldn't see who.

"We think the Morelander had put up two drones to provide intel of the island during the attack. They watched us head here and then just kamikazied the drones into us. The helicopter crew had just taken off to return us to the Isle for a debrief. We saw them come in, bastards used our own equipment against us." Rowe and the other soldier carefully placed the bag next to two others.

"Is it bad?" James asked as his legs could finally move and the medic began checking them over.

"12 dead, another 10 hurt needing evac, about 20 walking wounded, five missing." Rowe and his team had roped down into the immediate aftermath and had been the ones to get the Queen out. They'd used an old door to cart her down the street to the Cenneg embassy which was close by and found some of the Cenneg soldiers running the other way having witnessed the attack. Even now James could see a Cenneg uniform tending to another injured member of his staff.

"We have to let Northfort know." Sir James tried to sit up and the medic once more pushed him back.

"Already done sir." Rowe grimly took hold of the body bag and with a Cenneg soldier began heading out what remained of the room to help remove them to a place for storage until they could be returned to East Moreland.

Around half an hour ago it was confirmed that the East Moreland embassy in Gaia was targeted by a pair of U-8 LMEW Loitering Munition, otherwise known as a "Suicide Drone". While investigations are still underway it is known that such drones are operated from the HMDS Morelander and a total of thirty were onboard when the stock was last checked by Lodjain forces. The munitions were likely launched by the mutinious crew of the Morelander under direction by Leopold Hamsik. The devices are capable of staying airborne for around 6 hours and include optics systems that could have helped co-ordinate the attack on the Isle of the Goddess. Following the evacuation of Queen Klara to the East Moreland embassy we believe the building was targetted in an attempt to assassinate the Lodjain Queen.

During the attack 12 members of the embassy staff were killed while a further 30 required medical treatment. The families of those concerned have been informed and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Queen Klara survived the attack and has been evacuated to a secure location.

This attack upon East Moreland's embassy is a further example of the treachery of Leopold Hamsik. The attack could easily have seen large numbers of Lodjains killed had the weapons not been as accurate. His Majesty King David has now issued instructions for East Moreland citizens to utilise other CNN embassies should they require assistance and has suggested they leave Lodja as soon as possible. East Moreland military forces are now moved to the highest Bikini State of Black Alpha.


To His Grace Duke Stanely Keynes, Royal Overseer

I am honoured to receive your invitation and I am excited by your suggested itinerary. I am fascinated by the unique way your nation is organised and look forward to finding out more about it therefore me and Queen Stasya would be delighted to accept your invitation. Due to the lengthy manner of the extended visit and the current situations in Lodja however I would request that you permit me a larger than normal party. Traditionally I have always liked to keep my party for state visits minimal and I do not wish to have you think a larger than normal party is any slight to you or your people who have extended this warm invite. I believe that we can make strong foundations between our two nations during my visit and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

I would ask for one slight addition to your itinerary however. It is my understanding a small Cultist population exists in Eskdale and as my visit will extend to a Friday I would like to join with members of this community if possible to take part in the weekly service. If this is not possible I understand and would instead like to have some time for private prayers included in the itinerary.

If this is acceptable myself and my wife shall visit as soon as possible.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland.

Press Offices / Re: CNN Press Office
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As of 10am local time on the 30th March 2021 the Queendom of Lodja experienced an attack upon its sacred Isle of the Goddess. The aim of this attack was to remove Queen Klara from her role as the leader of the Queendom and to establish a new form of government via what can only be described as a military coup. The perpatrator of this attack was Leopold Hamsik, the husband of Queen Klara. The attack on the Queen was unsuccessful however Leopold's forces did manage to abduct 6 month old Prince Isaak and six members of the Lodjan Conclave. In addition 12 members of Palace staff were killed. In addition to forces of Her Majesty Queen Klara's protection detail memebers of the Cenneg and East Moreland Armed Forces retook the Isle and evacuated Queen Klara to a place of safety. Soon after an East Moreland helicopter was fired upon by the Lodjain Naval ship HDMS Morelander, this ship is now considered "rouge".

In the hours that followed Leopold Hamsik declared himself provisional leader of a fictious nation calling itself the "Monarchy of Lodja" this is not recognised under the constitution of the Queendom nor does such a notion enjoy the support of the Lodjain people. As such we call on all nations to place sanctions upon Leopold Hamsik and any officers, individuals seen to be within his ranks.

Lodja's CNN allies, East Moreland, Ui Cenneslaig and the Unified Iwi stand united in their support of Lodja and shall, if requested, send military support to ensure the rouge ship and anyone standing under Hamsik's banner do not succeed.


International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
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Following what appears to be an attempted coup in Lodja by King Leopold the King of East Moreland has issued a statement giving his support to Queen Klara. On his way to meet with members of the Representative Council the King stopped and briefly spoke with the media saying. "Several years ago I was able to meet a young and driven Queen called Viktoria, she was someone who after 90 years of rule be the previous Queen was committed and desperate to drag Lodja into a brighter future. We worked side by side and I was proud to call her my friend. Together with our friends King Piripi and King Finley we formed the CNN, an alliance not born out of anything that tied us together other than mutual friendship between monarchs all of whom wanted to see their nations prosper. Sadly that bright spark was snatched from the world by someone desperate to obtain and further their own power. Today we have seen history repeat itself. A young Queen, one who has already put in place so many changes for her people. One who has worked hard to ensure her people were on a path towards an ever brighter future. She now has seen her attempts halted through the use of violence again from someone close to her. Just as last time the people of East Moreland will stand side by side with our Lodjain allies and make sure that Leopold is brought to justice. His fake Lodja will be dealth with."

It is understood that several ships are making their way towards Ui Cenneslaig where it is likely a fleet to support Queen Klara will be formed. As of yet no details are known as to what support King Leopold has in Lodja or whether his attempt was supported by groups outside of Lodja. The King was asked about Queen Stasya's reaction however he explained, "The only reaction that is needed is one of supporting our friends. The Queen supports that aim and will not be making a statement on the matter." The Queen is friends and former colleague of Queen Klara's Ladies in Waiting prior to marrying King David and it is not known whether the Queen has been in touch with them.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy
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The Joint Special Operations Aviation Wing had worked with Red Legion for decades since their formation. Their task was simple, get either the King or Red Legion to where they needed to be in one piece and get them back again when needed. Their aircrews flew all of the royal aircraft on the VIP visits and provided the "taxi" service for Red Legion. Today Flt.Lt Redpath had figured he'd just earned this months pay. His day had started off simply flying a few circuits on a training exercise, putting Lodjains and Reds down as though a combat mission, do a lap of the base and pick them up again. It had actually got boring until this "Black Citadel" had kicked off. Everything had gone to plan, they'd contingencies for if the Lodjain Air Force identified them as hostile, they had contingencies for many things but none of them had included being fired upon by a ship built in East Moreland. The aircrew had held their breath when the missile headed towards them and it came gushing out of them as they watched it streak away under the left hand side of the helicopter. If they had continued following the ship they'd have been fired upon again and again until their luck ran out and with the precious cargo of the wailing Queen onboard they turned for the embassy.

On the Isle of the Goddess Rowe and his men had pushed uphill towards the Palace itself ensuring the lower reaches were empty. Rowe had spent close to a year on the Isle helping train various forces in Lodja including some of the Warriors of Gaia. He had heard Lennox over the radio during the exchange and now with things being calm he went looking for him.

On the roof of the embassy three Red's in civilian attire had appeared to take control of the Queen upon her arrival. As soon as the helicopter touched the roof-top helipad they had the door open and were carrying the Queen down off the roof, who knew if anyone was watching with a rifle from a rooftop. Once she was inside she was taken down to one of the interior rooms with no windows. Sir James Fitzroy was waiting, "Your Majesty we're doing everything we can to ensure your secure. For now we're going to keep you here. We'll be having helicopters coming and going all day. The plan was to have you in either East Moreland or Ui Cenneslaig within three hours, however we've heard King Leopold has issued a kind of statement that he is the government. With that in mind removing you from the nation is in my view a mistake and as such we'll make arrangements to have you stay here. Anything you need let us know."

Over in East Moreland the King was informed of the utilisation of "Black Citadel" as he had been watching a briefing on how the Yellow-Tongue vaccination process was going. He had made his way down to the Palace's underground command centre and it was already a hive of activity. David took off his jacket and carefully placed it on the back of the chair at the head of the table. "Let me know where we stand then." He asked the room as he took his seat gesturing for the assembled advisers to do likewise. There were some empty chairs which he knew would be filled in the next hour or so but even those people had joined via the wonders of technology.

"Your Majesty, this is Brigadier Kelly" a voice came from the speaker, he was en route from Aldcliffe where he had been in Red Legion HQ. "I've been in touch with our men on the ground. They had word of an attack on the Isle via Prince Lennox. As such the team in country, as agreed, set about extracting the royals. Sadly they only half got the job done. We have Queen Klara back in the embassy in Gaia but the attackers got hold of Prince Isaak."

It was then Grace Yacobs for the National Intelligence Agency who was in the room who took over the story, "We've had confirmation from our aircrew that the Prince was taken to a warship, rather embarrassingly the Morelander.  The Queens evac helicopter had been following but came under fire. As such they returned to the embassy. We now have King Leopold proclaiming that a new government is in place and him, six kidnapped Ministers and six of his buddies among others. The Morelander was last seen heading out to sea and we are to assume its crew are traitors."

The King thought for a moment. "Naturally we'll be backing Klara. Get a task force ready incase we have to get our hands dirty. I would like to avoid running a test of the Cyborg Classes armour so please don't fire upon it until we know Prince Isaak is off the ship, once we know its fair game." There were nods around the table as people began making calls to various places. There was a commotion at the door and the security detail on duty could be heard not giving way the King turned recognising the voice and made his way over. "Stasya you can't be here." he stepped past his men.

"What are you going to do? We have to invade or something we can't let Leopold." She was frantic, obviously her friends in the Ladies in Waiting had called her and now she was demanding vengenance against the man she had thought was so good once upon a time.

"Stasya. You are not permitted in that room" David hugged her now she was weeping. "Trust me. I gave word we'd look out for Lodja when I first befriended it. We stand by our word. What can be done will be done. For now I have to get to work. Go upstairs, see how Jasmina and the others are and if you hear anything let me know. We'll deal with the problem." He did his best to reassure her as the Queen's Head of Household Alexandra Samuel appeared having been looking for Stasya. She could see how upset the Queen was and so did her best to lead her away knowing the King would be making plans with his military.

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"I think perhaps you misunderstand where this going. I am pretty confident in my assessment that should you apply for membership of any of those organisations it would be a struggle for you to get the votes for membership. You see I will probably not be alone in thinking that we are not admitting Awhaele but we are in fact admitting Achkaerin. As such I am laying the foundations for a fall back as I would hate to see this visit end without some success and it may take a considerable amount of time for the paperwork to make a bid for these bodies to be completed and then of course any requested information or discussions. What I am putting forward could theoretically come into force in just a few days as far as I'm concerned. While a lot of our relationship will be governed by the East Moreland and Achkaerin agreement this essentially affords your nation a special status. Now if by some miracle you do get membership of these organisations points 1 and 2 are mute as their is provision in their charters to cover that, 3 would also fall in line with those charters, point four can continue anyway even if you become a member of those bodies and would be part of promoting co-operation between East Moreland and Achkaerin forces. The final point is something that can also remain in place if you join those organisations and in fact gets you something none of those nations have been offered. Now if you prefer to not go through with this proposal of mine and chance your arm at an all or nothing approach to joining the AKO, MICA and the like then of course that's your right."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Art of Diplomacy
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Jocelyn was rather disappointed to see some of her favourite art-works leaving the Kingdom but she knew how important the King felt ensuring nations retained their own cultural artefacts was. "We'll make arrangements for these pieces to be boxed up securely and moved to the airport to be taken home." Jocelyn left to go and tell the staff to get on the boxing job while also making the phone call to hurry up the equipment from the University.

It took about an hour for the team from Royal Merriman University to arrive and then they began the slow process of scanning each image and hoping to find some kind of hidden mark. The 13 suspected to have hidden markings were first through. Out of the 13 only two had marks they realised would be from Lijiang where as another six joined the 17 that were already being disputed bringing the total up to twenty three that they now needed to find a way forward with.

It was Henrietta Quinn who was going to have to take up that fight but having spoken to the King there was already a plan a foot. "We have a proposal ready for settling this dispute. Infact its a two step proposal. The first is that these art-works will remain the property of King David and will, when in East Moreland be displayed with an explanation saying they are "Suspected of being made in Lijiang" as you do not claim His Majesty broke any law in acquiring them it doesn't obligate him to return them even under CETO. The second step is that for six months of the year His Majesty will, as a gesture of friendship, lend the art works to the Dragon-Emperor. Naturally we would expect the gesture of friendship to be reciprocated and so we suggest that perhaps this gallery host a special exhibition from Lijiang, you select some art works around a theme of your choosing and we put them on display here. This way your people get a chance to see these works while at the same time we can introduce the Morelanders to more of your culture and history."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Letter to East Moreland
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It would appear there would be very little they could agree on to ensure Awhaele would gain admission to the various local bodies. Even David wasn't convinced in backing their membership if they applied as they had suggested. He did however believe that as outliers to the region a friendship would be necessary. "I think we're going to struggle to find a path forward where I can be assured of being able to retain the idea of Illumic Regional Determination while at the same time having you be able to abide by the agreement." It was a result he hoped wouldn't be reached but it was now in his view inevitable unless Queen Siora could pull a metaphorical rabbit out of a hat. "I think that should you put a proposal before any of the regional bodies it may struggle, however I would not want Awhaele to be isolated I therefore propose the following"

Quote from: The East Moreland Awhaele Schedule of Friendship

On the ??/??/2021 the Kingdom of East Moreland and the Island province of Awhaele have agreed to abide by the following conditions.

1. East Moreland shall establish a consulate on Awhaele manned on parity with embassies typically run by East Moreland.

2. Awhaele shall establish a consulate in Northfort.

3. Goods which have 100% of their manufacturing process conducted in one nation may be exported to the other without tariffs.

4. The Awhaele Regiment shall undertake annual manoeuvres with the East Moreland military in order to promote military co-operation.

5. A total of 100 work visas for Awhaele based businesses shall be made available for businesses employing less than 50 individuals. Chamwick shall put aside a multi-use facility to be utilised by these businesses. A work visa may be denied on grounds of nation security.

"Its brief but many of the major items of a treaty will be covered by the existing East Moreland-Achkaerin treaty, this however will offer some oppurtunities unique for your people. Now obviously we need to consider the idea of how this would fit in with your arrangement with Achkaerin."

OOC- Sorry thought it was your turn (oops)

"In terms of supporting agricultureal development I can think of OsmanTech being interested in a few projects. They have marketed a hardy version of rice supplimented with various added vitamins and they have also purchased large amounts of resources. I'm sure we can do a deal." The King flipped open a battered leather bound notebook. It had been in his posession since becoming King and had travelled the world with him. It had drafts of various treaties in and countless notes. He suspected either when it was full or when he passed on it'd be handed over to a museum or scholar and today he began the next page.

Quote from: Proposal

Today on the ???/????/2021 the Kingdom of East Moreland and Federal Union of Jugland have agreed to the following.

1. Both nations shall maintain an active embassy in the capital of the other. They may also establish Consulates in other areas as need requires however should the host nation wish they may refuse a location of a Consulate.

2. Ambassadors are to present themselves before the Head of State within 24 hours of being given written notice.

3. East Moreland will allow the establishment of a Jugland Administrated Economic Outpost (JAEO). This shall consist of JAEO taking control of a unit within Chamwick for small scale businesses. In addition East Moreland shall make accessable 250 work visas for manufacturing / production roles and 100 work visas for office roles. In Portworth a further JAEO shall be established along with 100 work visas for manufacturing / production roles and 50 for office roles. East Moreland may reject any visa application on the grounds of national security.

4. East Moreland agree to lower tariffs to those equal to the lowest tariff paying non-CNN nation on the following items.

*Unprocessed raw materials
*Unprocessed food products
*Goods of which 80% of their manufacturing process has been completed in Jugland prior to exporting.

5. Jugland agree to lower tariffs to those equal to the lowest tariff paying nation on the following items.

*Unprocessed raw materials
*Machinary destined for East Moreland majority owned businesses
*Goods of which 90% of their manufacturing process has been completed in East Moreland prior to exporting.

6. Jugland permit East Moreland based industries to invest in the agricultural sector of Jugland. Those companies must pay tax on locally recieved profits. They will not be taxed for removing after tax profits from Jugland.

"So what do we think" David asked as he passed his notebook over.

International Organisations / Re: Conradh na Náisiún
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Following the recent attack that has taken place in Lodja the Kingdom of East Moreland believes that we should consider the moving of assets towards Lodja should the situation require it. As such I have today issued orders for an East Moreland Task Force from all branches of our military to assemble in order to be made avaliable for working alongside their Lodjain comrades. We furthermore will be doing all we can in order to assist in any operation to rescue Prince Isaak and the various Lodjain Ministers who have been kidnapped.

The East Moreland task force will depart home waters as soon as possible however will not enter Lodjain waters unless granted permission.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Enemies Find Death

King David III of East Moreland.

Sporting Hub / Re: Jugland Sports Network (OOC Signups)
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Team Name: Roll Out-EMAC
Nation of Origin: East Moreland
Rider One: Laura Kemmy
Rider Two: Rebecca Rhomero
Rider Three: Victoria Pendelton
Rider Four: Laura Trots
Rider Five: Joanne Roshwell(U25)
Rider Six: Dannielle Roe

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Dangerous Game (Open)
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110km East of the IMPS Poseidon

The REMNS Chamwick was on yet another routine between Portworth and Achkaerin transporting some of the last few Achkaerin nukes for disposal. The carrier was on its first of such runs that had been publicised as a variety of training exercises for future humanitarian operations. Each run would see one of the carriers or amphibious warfare ships accompanied by a destroyer and pair of Frigates with often a sub or two milling around just in case. The crew of the Chamwick had set off expecting to pick up various pieces of hospital equipment and run it back to Portworth and Captain Frazer had been rather surprised when he had been briefed on his arrival about the extra bits and pieces of cargo he'd be carrying. The nuclear equipment had been loaded in secrecy and only the senior officers, three Red Legionnaires and a pair of Marine officers had been told of its presence.

The crew were rather enjoying the run, it had been the first chance to get the ship out on a long run and the aviators were enjoying the chance to get some flight time in away from the Illumic. This morning it was time for some routine patrols to run a few drills and a pair of Dragonskin fighters were about to intercept a returning Sea-Dragon when the distress call came through.

"Chamwick Actual this is Dragon One did you just get that distress call?" the pilot of the lead Dragonskin called in.

"Roger that Dragon One, we heard it." Onboard the ship Frazer was already sending word back to East Moreland and also to Rokkenjima. He was though now in a bit of a pickle and requested to speak to Admiral James Thompson   just as his instructions in Achkaerin had told him too should anything happen that was a problem. Frazer took the call in his ward-room.

"Admiral Thompson you know what we have onboard and you also will have been told of the situation. We may be the nearest military vessel and we have onboard Marines and some Red's, they may be of use but obviously we don't know the situation fully. What do you want us to do?"

"Captain" the Admiral understood the Captain's desire to help out but things needed to proceed. "The cargo needs to get back here ASAP. I want you to take a more Northern route avoiding the Poseidon however if requested by the flag state you may detach a Frigate to help in operations, stick some of your Marines and the Red's onboard and then haul ass back to East Moreland. You have discretion to reveal to your crew your mission if you think its needed."

"Thank you Admiral." Frazer ended the call and headed to the bridge, it was too early to perhaps declare what the cargo was but he called the people in the known together and briefed them. About forty minutes after the distress call had been heard Sergeant Lister of Red Legion was taking a helicopter ride to the Frigate "Melissa Gunningham" as he arrived with his two Red comrades and a further 10 Marines to supplement the small detachment on the Frigate he watched as they turned away and began heading towards the distress call.

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Skye Maddix interjected next. "I would say that militarism is not a key part of the Code of Canley. The Code exists by giving each human a responsibility to look after each other and historically speaking that meant a need to become skilled in weapons. There is nothing explicit in the texts that tell us to join the military." Her correction given she was content to be quiet.

"In terms of East Moreland I think we would be less worried if we saw a military unit made up of Cultists. When the first genocide happened most that died did so in the first 48 hours and that was mainly because it was impossible for anyone to get anything close enough to stop the killing. With Royal Seleucid being a signatory of the Uppsala Convention now and knowing soldiers who have both sworn to uphold that and the Code of Canley are in the region would put our mind at ease." Duchess Orlaith explained.

Heydar had sat for a while. "The idea is workable but I would look more at a Battalion than a Regiment. Creating a Cultist only Regiment would make them seem like we are segregating the Cultists from the rest of Royal Seleucid and that is not what we want. A Battalion within say the King's Light Infantry Regiment could be stationed in Meybad permanently and made some kind of Cultist unit. We could perhaps work it so that they provide representation around the area on your many Feast Day's?" He addressed this to the High Priestess. "It would then be a practical consideration and not just a safety one. As for laws specifically against Cultists that is not permitted, we are a nation with a great number of different faiths, Manists, Anahitsts, Cultists, Muslims, even a small Christian population too, Goddess only knows how they ended up here." he chuckled, "To make one law for Cultists and not applying it to any other faith is again focusing on Cultist members standing aside from everyone else and does not promote integration and acceptance. I would though concede that perhaps as we now have more tourists and investors visiting the nation a law could be framed in such a way as to protect them all and not just Cultists. This law though would need to go both ways so Cultists may be held responsible for acts of hate against Anahatist members."  Having addressed the Princesses two suggestions on how she would be tempted to withdraw forces Heydar now had one of his own. "I would be willing to create a joint flotilla, each ship from Ui Cenneslaig mirrored by a Seleucid one whenever its in our waters. The same with combat aircraft, every time a Cenneg fighter takes off it would be accompanied by a Seleucid one. It would then allow us to take over your day to day operations as and when this arrangement ends."

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The Feast of Jekar is seen as the 2nd most important festival in the year of the Cult of Helus and today members of the Cult across Mundus celebrated with sword ceremonies, competitions and feasts. The day is dedicated to the God of War and Swords and is used to give thanks to the "Scarred Legionnaire of Helus" who convinced Helus to intervene in the war between humanity and the Underlords. The day is now used to mark a celebration of those who have been loyal to the Code of Canley and also pay tribute to those who have served various good caused through the year. As with most feast days the day began with the King visiting the Temple of the God in Northfort. The King was accompanied by 7 year old Princess Rhiannon and the pair were attired in traditional tunics, Red for the King and Red and White for the Princess. The King took part in the morning ritual which saw the Royal Blacksmith, Maxwell Power, use the Temple's grinding wheel to put a new edge on the sword held by the statue of Jekar and the King's own blade. The Queen meanwhile visited the Sisterhood of Helus' Temple in Northfort where she presented it with its first sword for their own statue of Helus-Jekar which they believe is merely a personification of the "Goddess Helus'" warrior side. Just like the King she had opted to wear traditional red tunic marking the first time since her coronation she has been seen in public wearing the attire.

Following the time in Temple the King and Princess Rhiannon made their way to People's Park next to the Palace where a huge fayre was taking place including charitable stalls, craftsman and oppurtunities to take part in swordsmanship events and practice. Princess Rhiannon joined with school mates to take part in a demonstration of traditional sword fighting techniques before being presented with a ceremonial wooden training sword for being the "Most Improved Under 11" at the Townshend Sword Academy, considered one of the most prestigious places to learn traditional swordsmanship. The Princess has been studying with Sir Charles Townshend, who is the leader of the chivalric order known as the Court of Canley. Princess Rhiannon was watched by her father, step-mother Queen Stasya, aunt Princess Freya and her mother Matilda Osman. The Princess was permitted a brief conversation with the media after the presentation and said, "I like learning with the sword because its important to know. Sometimes though I make mistakes and that hurts a lot but then I know not to do it again. I'd like to say thank you for my new sword and I want to get another next year."

The King, Queen and the rest of the Ironsides then retired to the Palace where it is understood that they hosted a feast and ball for members of the armed forces nominated to attend by their commanding officer because of work they had done to support communities. One person invited was L/Cpl Robert Weathers who was nominated because they had helped set up a homework club for students at a nearby school where the Royal Signalman supported students with science work. L/Cpl Weathers said, "I'm honoured to get an invite to the Palace on a day like today. I've always been proud of serving the military and doing my best to follow the Code of Canley and to celebrate at the heart of the faith is exciting."

Across Mundus there were other celebrations in which the various East Moreland embassies played a key role. In Meybad, Royal Seleucid, the embassy lead an attempt to try and replace swords that had been confiscated during the food crisis of 2019. Blacksmiths across East Moreland had donated new blades that could be distributed, a total of 476 were given out however as Ambassador Edward Stackhouse explained, "We believe well over 2,500 swords were confiscated during this crisis which we know of. Many more family heirlooms were also taken and we believe the number could be as a high as 10,000 today we went a small way to trying and restoring some families honour." Meanwhile in Paracambi the embassy staff had arranged for a Medieval MMA tournament among members of its embassy and the Bakkermayan one with 22 year old East Moreland guardsman Andrew Preston coming out victorious. Following his victory he said, "We wanted to celebrate with the local people and thought putting on a demonstration of the skills Jekar told us we needed was a good way of letting them see some of what we're about. To celebrate the feast of the beach though rather than the hills of my hometown Roberton is odd but fun."

Tomorrow there will be a large military parade through the streets of Ostlake where the King and Queen are expected to take the salute.


With scientists in Fleur having developed a vaccine to tackle the Yellowtongue virus which has been plaguing Ruminant species across the Kingdom for some time. The virus has impacted the deer population in the Northfort Royal Palace parkland as well as various farmers herds around Ostlake and Rockhampton. The new vaccine is said to be around 85-90% effective following scientists in Fleur taking advantage of an OsmanTech mapping of the virus. The company has now switched to mass producing the vaccine as it is estimated that around 400million doses will be required to vaccinate the majority of East Moreland livestock. Olivia Cole, the Kingdom's Science and Techology Minister toured the OsmanTech facility today and said, "It is vital that we now pump this thing out as quickly as possible and get it to our farmers and then see how we can perhaps get it into the wild populations. East Moreland as a nation relies a lot on wild game as a way of life meaning at present lots of traditional hunting has stopped because of the risk of this disease. We are now thankful that our joint co-operation on tackling this with Fleur has lead to them working out a path towards getting things back to normal and now its time to forge ahead and complete the journey we've been on side by side. The co-operation between Fleur and East Moreland has shown just how powerful large scale collaborations such as this can be in tackling problems and I know in the future we will look to build upon this fruitful and successful collaboration of work."

It is expected the first dose will be given next week however no details of how the vaccine will be made avalible has yet been confirmed causing many farmers to complain about the Agricultural Ministries lack of communication.

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"A militia force doesn't necessarily have to be under your direct command. There are many examples of defence forces of nations being created in special circumstances. The solution could be to create perhaps a Awhaele Regiment in the Achkaerin armed forces that are granted by the Emperor the status of a Home Defence unit. As such they would recruited from all the villages and this may reduce the issue of them being seen as "your" people. With the Emperor being their commander in chief you would be granted a rank such as General and this would give you the ability to issue orders in an emergency. You could even build in a fail-safe that no orders could be given without your parliament first releasing the force to its senior officer. You see my major concern is that should you apply to join these organisations as things stand I would find it difficult to have the East Moreland representative vote in your favour as I am yet to be convinced that you could fulfil the obligations and requirements of being members. Chances are others would feel the same. The military obligations of some of these is going to be a major stumbling block and I'm not even sure the concept I've just outlined would convince everyone."

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