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The Inter-Faith Initiative

I look forward to meeting with you all as we discuss the issues facing the Faithful across Mundus, especially in areas which aren't welcoming of faiths other than those prescribed by their Government, or those who are seemingly hostile to faith itself. For those unable to come, such as Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, I thank you for your pledge of support for the initiatives we are setting forth.

Recognizing concerns raised, I trust that matters involving the likes of Fleur, Abydos, Aschlon and others may be discussed more in-depth as we meet.

Lady Yuna
Grand Maester of the Rosari Faith
Most Humble of Islyna

Templum Septem, Pyrettania

Grand Maester Yuna awaited her counterparts within the Templum Septem, prepared to begin the proceedings upon their arrivals. With support for the funds being evident, it would be a matter of addressing such incidents in nations beyond NA.

OOC: I know there's one or two others interested, so just show up and tomorrow or the day after I'll be posting Yuna's opening remarks.
The Other World / Re: 40K. Open for all (OOC)
« Last post by Geo on Today at 12:33:09 AM »
Name-Anders Saltz
Personality-Vigilant, paranoid, stays away from other people when possible
Weapons-Executioner greatblade
Rank/organisation- Sister of Silence, Frostblade's inquisitorial retinue
Brief Description- Young, tall, under oath of silence, has imperial eagle tattoo over her left eye, Pariah
The Other World / Re: 40K. Open for all (OOC)
« Last post by Achkaerin on August 09, 2020, 11:36:02 PM »
Name- Celesti Frostblade
Personality- Calm, cold, enigmatic, calculating, ruthless
Weapons- C'tan phase sword (x2), bolt pistol
Rank/organisation- Inquisitor, Imperial Inquisition

Brief Description- Brown hair, green eyes, young, has a few notable scars on her body, has some psyker abilities.

(OOC - name courtesy of lucky dip on a 40K name generator, weapons courtesy of a quick flick through my tabletop stuff wanted interesting)
Diplomacy and Events / Re: King of Chistopol meets the Head of the Sisterhood
« Last post by Libby on August 09, 2020, 10:51:44 PM »
Erin was rather nervous about this meeting Chistopol were a useful nation for the Bene Gesserit. Their history with the Soviets and their geographic location meant they could be significant in the Sisterhood's efforts to regain the Holy Land.  Naturally she would have preferred the meeting to have been given the status of some kind of official state visit with all the pomp and ceremony that would come with it and that made her nervous. Was it the fact that the Chistopol government wanted to be able to downplay the meeting or did they have no real serious intention of pursuing things with the Sisterhood. On the other hand though there was the fact that Chistopol had a small but not insignificant Bene Gesserit diaspora. Erin had brought with her Melissa Debdale a woman who on paper was the Foreign Minister of the Theocracy however with Chistopol not likely recognising that entitity she was just going to be introduced as Erin's adviser. As a former Truthsayer and member of the Corrino household she had a wealth of experience of other nations compared to Erin. The pair did the best to hide the disappointment of not meeting the Royals at the airport but the drive to the Park was interesting with the difference between the seemingly random green spaces and the different coloured buildings.

Again they were surprised that it was the First Minister who greeted them and not the King but perhaps this was just a custom here and so they went along with it. "First Minister thank you for the hospitality" Erin said as she pushed her black hood back away from her head revealing a perfectly bald head. As she was introduced to the King she bowed before speaking. "Your Majesty thank you for extending an invitation to come and meet with you. It means a lot." She then turned, "This is my diplomatic adviser Melissa." The tall blonde woman bowed as her name was mentioned.

"An honour Your Majesty" Melissa said as they made their way into the park.

Erin fell into step alongside the King, her robes dragging slightly behind her as they walked recieving a dusty hem. "I flew in with Melissa from Aosta. One of our faith's schools held a lecture series there and we were attending. Such things are important to the Bene Gesserit you see while many faiths believe in rituals and prayers our faith believes in the importance of gaining knowledge of all kinds. So in one respect you could argue that I've just come from a prayer service as such. You see we believe the Universe goes through cycles, at the end of each cycle humanity faces a great disaster and is all but destroyed and loses so much knowledge that it makes any knowledge of God or Gods impossible. The Sisterhood work to ensure that some element of humanity survives. Eventually one of these cycles will come to an end and the Sisterhood will have worked out a way to harness the power of a special human called the Kwizach Hadrach, a kind of Messiah figure, once the Kwizach Hadrach exists we'll be able to ensure humanity survives the disaster in tact and thus can ensure we learn the truth of God or Gods. Humanity has failed several times and sadly we don't know if the next disaster is coming next week or in a million years time, but its coming." Erin sounded confident in what she had explained. To many there was clear evidence of this, be it ice ages, plagues, some even argued the meteor that likely killed the dinosaurs was one such disaster. Many of the Sisterhood believed the next disaster couldn't be that far off, global warming, pandemics, pollution and the planets overpopulation all were leading up to matters. Erin therefore needed to ensure the Sisterhood went from strength to strength. "As for what you can do to support the faith I have many ideas I hope we can discuss." she added as they took a rather pleasant seat in the parks lake gazebo.

Erin's heart slumped when the First Minister began to speak as it sounded like he was saying there was no way they would support the Bene Gesserit in Kaitaine. That wasn't surprising but it was unfortunate. "First Minister if I may clear something up. The Sisterhood is a term that is used in many many different ways. The first is that it is similar to the Christian use of the Priesthood. The Sisterhood is the group of people who complete the day to day business of the faithful in terms of carrying out our duties. If you are in the Sisterhood its essentially like being a member of the clergy. The Sisterhood is also used in a similar way as sometimes Christians use the word "Church" to mean the family of those who follow the faith, even though for example one of our leading figures, Niklaus Corrino, is male we would still refer to him as being a follower of the Sisterhood or a member of it in many ways. The Sisterhood though is an entity that should we gain full control over the Theocracy would be running the nation on a day to day basis, in a slightly similar way as the Odinists in Nya Aland. I think we can find a way where your understandable lack of support for our armed conflict in Kaitaine and the desire to support members of our faith in Chistopol can be accomodated."

Melissa took over for a moment. "One of the biggest things any Bene Gesserit would desire is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge of the Sisterhood and the discovery of the Kwizach Hadrach. In order to do that we'd like someway, naturally within your nations laws, to give people access to it. In places like Ui Cenneslaig for example we have a special school. Our faith believes in a form of genetic screening to find people with potential links to God/Gods and have them produce children to further the chances of finding the Kwizach Hadrach. This often sees a form of matchmaking for marriages so would we be permitted to do likewise here? I think its hard for us to immediately begin this discussion as we are unfamiliar with your own nations laws and possibly more importantly religion."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Council of Albion - Admission of Aschlon
« Last post by Geo on August 09, 2020, 09:44:26 PM »
OOC- I will be taking you up on the offer, I just have a lot on my plate at the moment
Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Prince and The Atreides
« Last post by Libby on August 09, 2020, 09:30:02 PM »
The two Missionara had expected to have some conditions put on the school setting and to be fair the three conditions still have them a large amount of wiggle room. The idea of teaching everyone about their tribes religions was not a problem for the Missionara, naturally they may have to first learn about it themselves but the Missionara believed all faiths had elements of truth in them. As a result they encouraged each student to learn about as many religions as possible and adding one more to that was not a problem. The second condition wasn't a problem either. The girls could still be streamed into the four branches of the Sisterhood but the Honored Matres wouldn't be paired with potential mates, instead they could wait until the girls had graduated and anyone with genetic potential could be offered a place at a Chapterhouse overseas and thus from there be paired up, in the short term they would just come up with a new name for that group. As for being visited since the faith had gone public there had been regular visits of the Chapterhouses and thus this would not be a problem.

"Those conditions are not going to be a problem." Lidia said happily. "Perhaps we can start looking at venues for these schools?"
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Council of Albion - Admission of Aschlon
« Last post by Libby on August 09, 2020, 09:01:19 PM »
Lodja would support this with a 2 year limitation before reconsidering it.
International News Networks / Re: Lodja Times
« Last post by Libby on August 09, 2020, 08:33:08 PM »


A fleet of 10 Lodjain vessels today departed from Gaia to take part in a series of exercises with the Cenneg Navy before joining a much larger exercise with Bakkermaya and Paracambi. The deployment marks the largest contribution to a military naval exercise in the Queendom's modern era. The QNS Alohura, the nations aircraft carrier, will lead the deployment that also features three destroyers (Bibulous, Libertina, Vometia), two submarines (Ikebana and Sek), two Frigates (Errata and Patina) and two Minelayers (Fate & Pedestriana). The ships are scheduled to take part in a vareity of different scenarios before staging some form of simulated war games near the Isle of Tar.

The Minister of Defence, Lubos Kubik, stated, "The exercise is an important step in the continuing development of the Lodjain Armed Forces. There have been a great many advances made over the last 12 months. This however is a great chance to test what has been learnt against people that haven't been through our own system. We're lucky that the East Moreland representatives who have been observing and advising our military will be on hand to give us feedback and hopefully be able to see even more progress than with the annual review."

The QNS Morelander was scheduled to be part of the exercise but was pulled out last minute after it was discovered to have a slight fault with its launch catapult. Mr.Kubik explained, "Its a few days to set it right however with any repair job you don't know what may happen during the job. We didn't want to potentially hold up proceedings."


Lord Besarian Ivanov is set to marry Isidora Smirnov, the daughter of former military General  Lord Pankrati Smirnov. Lord Besarian is the current Head of the Conclave and at 40 years of age is rather surprisingly unmarried. It is understood that Queen Klara arranged the marriage feeling that it is now the time that what many percieve as the most powerful man in the Queendom to settle down. Rather uniquely among Lodjian nobles, particularly unmarried members of the Conclave, Lord Besarian has not been the subject of rumours regarding his romantic life.

Isidora Smirnov is set to become the Lady of the Conclave, a title that carries no political weight however is expected to organise the Lord's social calender and represent him at several important functions. Miss Smirnov however is not a stranger to the Isle of the Goddess having resided there since 2019. The 21 year old is currently living on the island as part of the artistic community. It is understood the Queen paired the duo up at a recent Summer Ball. The arrangements for the wedding are yet to be announced.
The Other World / Re: 40K. Open for all (OOC)
« Last post by Geo on August 09, 2020, 04:38:48 PM »
If you would like to take part in the suggested 40k rp, please note interest and a character you would like to play

Code: [Select]
Rank/organisation- (you don't have to fill this one in)
Brief Description-
if you want to cooperate with existing players to create character relationships, feel free.

Once/if we have 5 or more people we can begin. (it would be greet if anyone who wanted to take part could submit it by the 20th of August.)

This will hopefully work as a squad style RP in purging/investigating the underhives for Genestealer cultists, for numerous factions. You could also be a Genestealer trying to stop others from interfering etc.

Oh and the enemies, the genestealer cults:
GW model page

what the setting will be like

More clarifications:
This is happening on a hive world
Preferably no OP psykers
No stupidly strong guns
Any other queries ping me on discord
Any other alternatives or things you would like please let me know
The Other World / Re: 40K. Open for all (OOC)
« Last post by Viljandi on August 09, 2020, 03:17:37 AM »
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