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Roleplay Rules
« on: August 28, 2017, 10:15:14 PM »
Roleplay Rules (2017)
The Roleplay Rules of the Independent Order

An Act to determine the rules of roleplay and grant powers to the Roleplay Magistrate to enforce them.

BE IT ENACTED by Her Excellency the Grand Chancellor, by and with the advice and consent of the Regional Assembly, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

General Rules

(1) The world is Modern Tech (MT), meaning all things must appear aesthetically, practically and technically modern. Alternate technology, post-modern technology or any form of future or futuristic technology is prohibited.

(2) The world is independent and separate to others in NationStates or on other sites. Territories must be free from any kind of influence from external or off-site bodies.

(3) Species in the roleplay world should be identical to those in the real world. All characters shall be human.

(4) Members shall be prohibited from:
(a) Godmodding – such as invading another nation without the respective roleplayer’s consent or deciding the actions of citizens of other nations;
(b) Power-gaming – maximizing unrealistic efficiency and progress with the goal of domination, excluding storytelling roleplay; or
(c) Meta-gaming – by allowing out-of-context (OOC) factors to influence in-character (IC) roleplay.


(5) There shall be two types of nations, primary and secondary, as defined by law.

(6) Members are free to determine their own population, territory size and GDP, but must adhere to the following limitations:
(a) For primary nations:
(i) A population cap of 500 million residents;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 20 trillion USD; and
(iii) Six claims on the map.
(b) For secondary nations:
(i) A population cap of 50 million residents;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5 trillion USD; and
(iii) Three claims on the map.
(c) Any additional limitations prescribed by law.

Map plots

(7) A member’s nation shall be contained to their map plots, and any reasonable areas of the sea surrounding it.

(8) To be eligible to join the map with a primary nation, a member shall have made at least six roleplay posts, including those made in the Factbook forum. Members may only establish a secondary nation once they have been a member for six months and made at least four hundred roleplay posts.

(9) There shall be an official cartographer, appointed by the Grand Chancellor, who shall be responsible for maintaining the regional map. The cartographer shall:
(a) Receive and process all map applications;
(b) When processing applications, check for their validity and ensure claims are reasonable;
(c) Advise the Regional Assembly on the expansion and scale of the map; and
(d) Ensure that all nations on the map are active and remove inactive members.

(10) The cartographer may reject a map claim if:
(a) A member does not, at the time of the map update, fulfil the requirements;
(b) It ‘double parks’, meaning that it fills a position that makes it difficult for other members to reasonable claim around it;
(c) The claimed territories are unreasonably separated so as to be unrealistic to form a single state;
It violates the roleplay rules; or
(d) It coincides with portions of the map already occupied.

Roleplay Enforcement

(11) The Roleplay Rules shall be enforced by the Roleplay Magistrate, as defined by the Constitution.

(12) Should the Roleplay Magistrate, having taking all reasonable steps to resolve a matter, believe that a member is still violating the Roleplay Rules, then they may issue an Order of the Roleplay Magistrate (‘Roleplay Order’). A Roleplay Order may:
(a) Remove an event, item, species, character, or any other plot device from canon;
(b) Require that an event, item, species, character, or any other plot device not be used in canon;
(c) Suspend the right of a member to participate in military roleplay;
(d) Suspend the right of a member to participate in roleplay generally;
(e) Change or alter a factbook, or declare it incompatible; or
(f) Dissolve a nation, including removing it from the map.

(13) Any Roleplay Order issued must be proportional to the offence committed.

(14) A Roleplay Order may only be issued if a violation of the Roleplay Rules:
(a) Occurred less than thirty-one days previously;
(b) Occurred more than thirty days previously, and other action was taken within thirty days that failed to resolve the matter; or
(c) Is contained within a factbook.


(15) All military roleplay, including wars, weaponry and peacetime management of armed forces, must be reasonably realistic.

(16) Prior to engaging in any military conflict, a member must list all weaponry, vessels and manpower possessed by their nation in their factbook. Any increase in military power must be declared on the forum, in-character or out-of-character, at least two weeks prior to commencement.

(17) Nations shall be authorised to have chemical and biological weapons, and may use them, within the confines of the general roleplay rules.

(18) A nation wishing to possess nuclear weapons must receive permission from the Regional Assembly, as defined by law.

Miscellaneous Provisions

(19) Sections 1, 3 5-10 and 15-18 shall not apply to the ‘Other World’ forum.

(20) A member shall have the right to appeal against a decision made against them by the cartographer to the Roleplay Magistrate, or by the Roleplay Magistrate to the Lord Chief Justice.
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