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The Kingdom of Chistopol
« on: July 22, 2020, 12:28:03 PM »

Greetings rom the Kingdom of Chistopol. As a nation destroyed in the 1960's by the ravages of a twenty year occupation by TBD we are slowly rebuilding our nation to the glory of its former past. We have now reached a point where the people of the nation via the Chamber of the People have issued instructions for King Kārlis IV to open the nation for interaction with the world. In the following weeks His Majesty shall be setting forth on a journey of discovery across the globe on behalf of his people.


Darijus Laine
First Minister of Chistopol


Joined having had a telegram a while back from East Moreland. Tried a few RP regions but most just seemed obsessed with everything being on Discord and I had no idea what was going on. Seems like here there is a MASSIVE amount to get my head round.

My nation is kind of a Russian/Baltic type in terms of some inspiration for its culture. I see us having been occupied by Communists, Fascists, Nutters, Imperialists or whatever people can suggest from maybe the 1930's/1940's with attempts made to wipe out the culture or history of a nation that was proudly patriotic. King Kārlis IV is now in his 80's and as a Prince was responsible for helping turn what had been time spent trying to fight back against the invaders in small guerilla groups into a full blown fight for independence. As such the guys a national hero. The monarchy was restored in the late 1960's as the occupiers essentially scoreched earth'd their way out of Chistopol and back home. The situation is that today King Kārlis IV has given up much of his power to the version of a UK style Parliament and now only acts with its instructions. I'm gonna jump on Discord soon and hopefully someone can give me some ideas for how this could all fit together.

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