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To Dzunho
« on: October 12, 2020, 04:18:58 AM »
Spoiler: This Never Happened • show
center] I [/center]

Unknown location
There were two things that first started running in Ainurja’s mind as her consciousness gradually returned to her. Cold and cuffed. As she finally regained control of her slumped head, she took her time to observe her surroundings. She was leaned against a wall her hands cuffed together, one of the first things she took note of, the area was not that large, hell it was cramped with barley enough room for movement if she were free. To her right piled neatly and compacted was an assortment of boxes and crates. Supplies, but for what? She squinted trying to make out any sort of label, a possible indication of where she was. Eventually she gave up, it being too dark to make out anything of detail. She observed her surroundings to the best of her abilities coming to the realization that this was some sort of shipping container. An ever-present though low hum resonated throughout area, which could only mean…Shit, was all she could think of now. Ainurja wasn’t even sure how she got into this situation. Her memoires still hazy but it was clear that someone somehow managed to overcome her, cuff her, and then toss her in the back of a truck going to a destination unknown. Ainuja contemplated this realization considering the worst possible outcomes which was death, and the best possible outcome. “Probably” death. Suddenly a soft but prickly object pushed itself against her left arm causing her to instantly pull her arm away snapping her attention to whatever it was that touched her.

Hair. A mop of it, unkempt too. Ainurja studied this new anomaly having somhow missed it before. She could just barely make out the silhouette of a small figure settled next to her sharing the same bondage at their wrists as Ainurja, though they were limp. A child, boy, probably between nine and twelve, and sleeping. Having been slightly disrupted the child mumbled something incomprehensible shifting his bobbing head one way before idly finding his way back to Ainurja’s arm, resting his small head for comfort. Ainurja didn’t resist this time letting the boy lean into her, blissfully oblivious to the situation, he deserved that at least. A new word now resonated in her mind: Trafficker. It was one she knew all too well making this situation take an uncomfortable yet familiar atmosphere. Looking down at the boy again she tried to study him, his features, any potential hint of his origins. Was he Kopsjenese or foreign? Despite her attempts, between the near total darkness and the boy’s hair hiding his face, she could come to no conclusions. One thing was for sure, he was heavily drugged allowing him to be less trouble for their “chauffeurs”. Ainurja let out sigh at the thought though she could not deny its tactfulness.

It was then that a harsh and near ear-piercing screech of tire on tarmac heralded the coming of a chaotic scene. The sudden stop jolted the two captives awake, Ainurja attempting to brace herself before crashing hard into the piled boxes, while the boy had a much softer landing with Ainurja acting as his cushion. Ainurja let out a frustrated snarl, whether at the boy, the crash with the boxes (which she just found out were in fact entirely metal) or a combination of the two was unclear but her frustration was easily recognizable. In a sudden move Ainurja lightly shoved the boy away, an audible thud followed by the rattling of chains sounding through out the new stopped Vehicle. Why had they stopped? Ainurja thought to herself. If they’d reached their destination, then the last thing to do was make such a fashionable maneuver. More probability of damaging the goods that way. So then why? Her thoughts were interpreted by the intrusiveness of a soft but frantic voice bombarding her with questions. The accent of the boy was odd, familiar yet foreign. Ainurja could clearly understand what he was saying but the way his words left his mouth, the combination of sounds flowing into one another it was melodic Almost as if he were softly singing to her rather than speaking. Focusing on the boy’s voice Ainurja had ignored whatever questions he’d been asking trying to pinpoint his origin yet couldn’t quite place it. The boy was growing visibly frustrated and tried to raise his voice but before he could continue a new sound pierced the otherwise quiet scene.

A sound everyone was familiar with but never imagined hearing in person, reminiscent of thunder yet distinctly manmade. Even though muffled and seemingly distant the two Instinctively dropped down as low as they could, stomachs flat to the floor. There was another pause and then that horrifying sound came again, followed by another and soon enough the thunder morphed into a full-on storm. Gunfire chaotic sporadic gunfire it rang all around them from the left, the right, even in front of them. An ambush, which meant they were somewhere in the north. The land where law and order had decayed away into warlordism.  “Snowbaggers!” Ainurja suddenly yelled out in a mixture of anger and realization, her voice resonating throughout the container allowing it to overcome the sporadic gunfire and occasional whizzing of stray bullets that made their way through the container. As she looked up to where one freshly made hole was, she noticed very little light made its way through the opening revealing the world outside to be shrouded in the ever-looming darkness of the night. Ainurja took a moment to think about her situation and how to get out of it.

The Truck was being ambushed probably on both sides and considering the firefight had yet to die down it meant this truck was apart of a small convoy. Her hands were currently cuffed together restricting her movement, fortunately the idiots haphazardly cuffed from the front granting her some leeway. They’d also been kind enough to leave her here alone, well with the exception of her fellow captive. Still their over reliance on the drugs allowed her time to think plan. The only problem was the doors of the cargo container could only be opened from the outside. Ainurja cautiously inched her way towards the side of the container pressing her ear against the wall. Though barely able to make anything out beyond the gunfire, If she focused enough she could just make out … there! Footsteps approaching from the side, they were rushed too. Okay maybe she could get through this. Now confident in her plan she swiftly turned to the boy who was, shaking? She let out an annoyed sigh. Unfortunately for her his presence here made things more complicated, the last thing she needed was some shaken scared little pup getting in the way of things. Observing him for a moment more, she grabbed his arm and haphazardly hoisted him up, meeting his eye level.

"Look, kid. You want to get out of this alive? Follow my lead, keep your ass down, and keep up. You stray behind too far or decide to run off, then you’re on your own. Got it?... Got it?!” Her tone was stern a demanding. The boy hesitated for a bit his head darting around with each new sound of gunfire. Realizing his fear was distracting him Ainuraja repeated herself raising her voice and shaking him to get him to focus. His head snapped to Ainurja and then he nervously nodded. It was all Ainurja needed, whether it was true or not she was going to find out. By now the footsteps had stopped and the sound of locking mechanism being released echoed throughout the container overcoming even the fighting. Ainurja took a deep breath and prepared herself. This was a stupid plan but all she had and she sure hoped it wouldn’t get her killed.  Time almost crawled to stop as the final lock was released and a surge of bright light flooded the once dark container. Ainurja squinted her eyes just barley able to make out the silhouette of a person and not hesitating even for a second lounged at the figure, yelling “Get their sidearm!” as she did so.

The figure was clearly taken by aback unprepared for such a wild display. Their hesitance cost them as Ainurja was already on top bearing all her weight down before they could even respond. Though her hands were bound, the negligence of cuffing them in her front allowed her just enough liberty to use them as a makeshift club. Brining her hands together positioning the round edges of the cuffs downward she viciously brought them down on the unsuspecting figure’s face , his low grunts reveling him to be a man. Ainurja didn’t let up for a single moment continuing to use her cuffs to bash in the man’s head, each impact of metal to face producing an excruciating painfilled scream from the poor bastard. The chaos around them drowned out his cries for help even as he began to scream for someone, anyone to help. Eventually those too died down and the only sound left was the gurgling of his own life leaving him. Red crimson now flooding around his head.

The gruesome business done Ainurja took a moment to pry the rifle from the dead man’s hands and then began to take in her surroundings. Everywhere she looked where figures engaged in vicious combat some wielding knives and other melee weapons trying to overpower their opponents and deliver the final blow. Others had taken cover behind an array of vehicles that dotted the area their firearms in a near constant barrage of fire as everyone tried their damnedest to land a fatal shot. All in all, it wasn’t the worst scenario and luckily for her no one seemed to notice the two escapees. Ainurja then looked back to the boy, fixating her gaze on the young figure. What she saw conjured a new source of fury inside her. Instead of following her clear and simply instructions the lad had opted to simply observe the whole scene and now, as was apparent by the mortified look on his face, was passing judgment on his fellow escapee.           

“What the hell did I say about keeping up!? GET. HIS. GUN!” the command was practically barked at the kid with a seething tone that surprised even Ainurja.  Still it worked and he instantly he snapped out of his daze scurrying to the now deceased man and trying his hardest not to stare at the gruesome pulp that used to resemble a face, fumbled with the side holster before freeing the pistol and then hurried to follow Ainurja. Yeah, yeah, it was probably beyond stupid having a nervous kid carry a fully loaded weapon amidst a practical blood bath but the only thing Ainurja was concerned with was  getting out of here and kid with a pistol was bound to cause someone to hesitate, and that’s all Ainurja really needed. The two quickly made their way across the makeshift battlefield, itself an open road with various vehicles, including another large truck, acting as objects of potential cover for their captors. Lining the road on either side were collection of various smaller vehicles, some two passenger trucks, other snowmobiles, all outfitted for the purpose of ambushing bearing the telltale signs and aesthetics of Snowbaggers.   

“Hurry up!” Ainurja called back to her young companion who was starting to lag. She could have just left him behind. Honestly, part of her wanted to as her purpose for him was already done and he was beginning to look like a potential liability than someone of use. Yet there was something inside of her that just couldn’t bring herself to abandon him. A gut feeling perhaps? It only grew stronger the more she considered it, ultimately leading her to leave it out of the question for better or worse. Finally, the boy was nearly at her spot and fortunately for them the chaos that engulfed the entire area seemingly masked their movements. Suddenly the boy stopped a look of horror sprawled across his face. What now!? Ainurja angrily thought to herself, before she could make an motions she could feel her body yanked back with a force that almost winded her as her body was slammed against the car she’d chosen for cover. A sharp throbbing erupted in her head as she realized it had hit the side of car causing her to fall to the ground.

“Oi! The cargo’s escaping!” came the thunderous grizzly voice of man now standing over her and kicking her weapon away. As he reached down towards her, Ainurja brought her foot to the side of the man’s leg with as much force as she could causing him to fall to the ground letting out a pained cry. It earned her only a moment of respite in which she pulled herself up. There was not time to find her gun as the man was already up himself and now charging at her. Ainurja was able to sidestep out of the way causing the man to fumble, but even now everything felt blurry and she wasn’t sure she could keep up in a proper fight. Of course, that didn’t matter as her attacker now made his way back towards her this time more cautiously yet still aggressive. He went in for a lousy punch with his right hand which Ainurja was easily able to block allowing her to bring her knee sharply up to the mans stomach. He was just barely able to get out of the way at the time. Causing Ainurja to stumble. As she tried to rebalance herself a hard blow crashed into her side causing her to retch and instinctually reach down. A big mistake and before she could react her attacker charged at her and with all his mass pinned her to the side of a car. There was but a second for Ainurja to comprehend all this before the man brought his hands to her throat and began to strangle her.

She tried to resist, using ever muscle in her body as leverage to push the beast of man off of her. Even using her fingers to try and claw at the mans face everything and anything to get him off but it was useless. She knew it and so did he a sick grin creeping across his face at the satisfaction of his victory. Ainurja could only look back with a seething rage as the air slowly escaped her the realization of this being the final moments of her life something she couldn’t accept. The grip tightened and she could feel herself slowly begin to lose consciousness, her futile attempts at resisting growing weaker and weaker. It was then she felt a warm liquid splash across her face, and the grip gradually loosen until being removed completely. A mixture of relief and confusion surged through out her body as she looked up to see what had caused her attacker to stop. A slow stream of red liquid poured down the man’s neck then there was a loud clap of gunfire and then another, her attacker now full of bloodied holes that rapidly expanded before unable to bear it anymore the man crumpled to the ground the flame of his life extinguished. Ainujra looked to the boy, both of his hands on the pistol shaking in a struggle to keep the weapon up. He just stood there his gaze not leaving the corpse of man he just killed. Ainurja couldn’t read his expression but she recognized that this must have been quite the moment for the lad.

Slowly she pulled herself up and walked towards the lad gently clasping her hands over his and retrieving the pistol from him. His gaze still fixated on the body, Ainurja placed another hand on his cheek and once again slowly and gently drew his eyes away from the body until they met hers. Time seemed to freeze and the two locked their eyes together planting the seeds of trust and mutual understanding. It was here in this moment Ainurja realized she couldn’t just discard the boy. For better or worse the two were now comrades united in their struggles and, through bloodshed, inseparable.  The boy slowly nodded in his own way acknowledging this new bond between the two.

Without a word more the two made their way towards the body. The man’s previous cries for help apparently drowned out by the fighting all around had thankfully allowed the two to be undetected by the others. The boy began searching the corpse while Ainurja kept a watch out, now thankful she had a weapon again unsure if she could endure another brawl.  After while the boy produced what they both were hoping for a set of keys with a small remote. Their method of escape. Pushing down on the lock door button, the two were able to make their way towards a small pick-up truck being sure to avoid any others and possible engagements. At last the two made it, the boy handing Ainurja the keys as he entered the passenger side door of the vehicle. Ainurja practically yanked the driver door opened and fumbled with the ignition. It was at this point that with the sound of an engine sputtering to life that others seemed to realize what was going on. By the time a couple of the thugs had managed to position themselves beginning to aim their rifles at the two escapes the engine of the old truck sputtered to life much to the relief of Ainurja. “Get down!” she ordered to the boy and without a single moment more hesitation she slammed her foot on the gas pedal. On of the Attackers realizing what was happening just barley manage to jump out the way, his fellow not so lucky the thud loud and audible. Ainurja didn’t bother to see what happened refusing to stop for anything. This was it. As she speed off the sound of the fighting grew steadily quitter until eventually they couldn’t hear it anymore. Eventually the fighting would die down and someone would come after them. Where the two were headed she didn’t know. She hadn’t really planned this far. All she did know was that they needed to put as much distance between themselves and the fighting as the could.
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Re: To Dzunho
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Spoiler: Pending • show
Northern Kopsje
Near the village of Zhokdja
Askurbek was trying to piece all the information he’d received together in his mind. Trying to make some sense of the situation that’d sprung up out of no-where. Or perhaps it’d always been a problem and only now the KSG was bothering to deal with it. Wouldn’t be the first time, the whole of the country had practically abandoned the Blackout Zone, allowing the area to become a festering ground for anything and everything illicit. It was something that conjured feelings of disgust in Askurbek knowing he’d once called the region home in his younger years. Still, as it was if ever there was a place for this situation to be, it would be in the Zone.

Askurbek ran the info in his mind again. There had been an outbreak of attacks on caravans of unmarked vehicles. Where or who these unmarked caravans were headed towards wasn’t known. They were clearly engaged in Human Trafficking, as Askurbek had discovered firsthand a few days ago. But then why did Snowbaggers target them? More importantly how did the Snowbaggers managed to get so organized? It just didn’t make sense. Sure, the snowbaggers were easily agitated willing to fight whatever and whoever happened to be on their minds. A symptom of the widespread drug trade in the Zone, and another issue the KSG simply swept under the rug. But the psychos made a target out of each other as much as anyone else, for numerous raiding bands agreeing to work together? It was more than miraculous. Someone managed to organize these attacks, but why? If they simply wanted to stop trafficking then the victims would have been turned to the KSG, or at the very least find themselves in the south. This was anything but the case. What snowbagger attacks were successful, had seen the victims forcibly taken away, as recounted by the woman Askurbek talked to the other day. So… “what the hell is going on?”

“You okay, udak*? Didn’t go out drinking last night, did you? Last thing we need is a trigger happy rifle…” The question broke Askurbek’s thoughts, realizing now he had probably been muttering to himself this whole time. Glancing up he’d noticed the worried and annoyed looks of his fellows. Askurbek had been sat in the back of a truck with around thirteen other KSG agents. Some huddled closely together indifferent to what rumors may arise, others trying their hardest to compress their bodies together, all of them sharing a mutual struggle to keep warm. A silent distaste for being stuck in the back of their vehicle, and uniformed envy of the lucky bastards who got to sit in the main cabin looming over them all like a haze. A simple canvas topper the only thing that separated them from the harsh chilled winds outside. Such was the “cutting-edge” technology of the Kopsjenese State Guard. They were currently heading inside the Zone heading to some village in the highlands. Zoda or Hokdja, the name escaped Askurbek’s mind. Supposedly the village was connected to the trafficking situation, somehow. If anything Askurbek was glad the zone, once his home region, was finally getting attention drawn to it. Maybe even be restored to order one day.

At last the truck made its way to the village, many of the agents paying their respects to an effigy erected on a post just outside the village, as they passed it. The image conjured memories of Askurbek’s youth. Supposedly effigies like these were meant to commemorate the eternal spirt, whom in turn would protect the inhabitants with their energies warding off ill omens and demons. Askurbek wasn’t sure he believed in all of that, but it was still nice to see his old homeland held on to its own costumes. The humming of the truck stopped as the engine sputtered off, an almost uniformed groan could be heard in the back an acknowledgement that the work was to begin. One by one the KSG agents hurriedly disembarked the vehicle, weapons at the read. Outfitted with their gear and overcoats they stood out like a bunch of Kanzgi*. Still no one had started shooting them yet, so there was that at least. When it was obvious the area was clear of any potential threat the agents relaxed a little as their leading officer began to speak outlining the work to be done.

“Alright you louts, listen up! We’re to check each of these residences for anything suspicious. Split into groups of three or four, watch each other’s back, don’t engage unless absolutely necessary... Sooner we get this done, sooner we can get out of this damn cold.“ With that the agents began making their rounds. One by one each building was searched and cleared unsuspecting residents vocally protesting but otherwise causing no problems. The village was what anyone could expect, a cobbled together group of dwellings, some on top of the others, some by themselves all clearly constructed by hand each one unique with its own slight mistakes here and there. A simple stone paved road snaked through the village, offshoot dirt paths leading to residential house and village gathering buildings. It was a far-cry from the more uniformly planned and developed scenes of the Southern Bay region. Having not found anything of note, Askurbek’s group had come across a rundown building clearly meant to be some sort of storge area. It looked unsuspecting but Askurbek noticed the lock on the entrance door. Not unusual but this lock was…different, new. The shine and cleanliness blatantly contrasted to the door with its chipped paint and battered frame.

“Hey, udak…who owns this building?” Askurbek called out to a local. The village was the only reply he got. An answer that was repeated by everyone else Askurbek and his group asked. Apparently no one really knew who owned it, the general consensus being that it was just some storage building. Storge for what though. To the reluctance of his fellow SKG agents Askurbek radioed in the find to their leader, who promptly gave Askurbek and his group all clear to investigate it. Cutting off the lock, much to the protest of the locals, the four agents made their way inside discovering…nothing. It looked like just a normal storge building. Crates and boxes scattered around. Scattered…

“Askurbek, there’s nothing here. Let’s go its going to get dark soon.” Askurbek ignored the complaint of his fellow. This didn’t make sense to him, surely if this was just some storge facility it’d make sense to keep things organized not haphazardly piled and tossed aside. Intrigued by this Askurbek approached one of the crates. Odd. Most of these crates lacked any dust build up. Opening the lid Askurbek was taken aback to discover nothing inside. He quickly opened another, and then another. Nothing, there was nothing! It was then that Askurbek thought he heard a faint thumping. Again, it sounded, this time more audible yet still muffled and more like a banging. Before Askurbek could move to discover the source of the noise a, shrill scream from behind him caused his hand to recoil back towards his rifle. Turning around he caught a glimpse of a liquidly scarlet stream leave one of his fellows’ body before they fell to the floor.

Askurbek’s team moved into action one of them Carrying their wounded comrade to safety and radioing in the situation, while Askurbek and the others positioned themselves between their attackers and fellow agents, instinctually ducking behind crates. The exchange of gunfire broke out amidst a now chaotic background screaming locals, equally unaware of what was going on as Askurbek’s team were. Askurbek and his fellow agent nodded together in silent agreement and together rose from their positions firing at the doorway. Before long they heard the loud thud of a confirmed kill. Both of them then ducked behind their crates. He and his fellow agent stayed there for a moment expecting more attackers to rush inside, but no one came and Askurbek couldn’t assess the situation with his vision restricted to the doorway. Nodding to his team he made the decision to approach the doorway to get a better understanding of the situation.

The sound of gunfire erupted all throughout the village, but amidst the locals scattering around and the crowded arrangement of surrounding building’s he still couldn’t make out what was going on.  Despite his better judgment Askurbek couldn’t bring himself to leave the building, instead waiting near the entrance keeping alert for any other potential threats. He took this time to occasionally glance at the fallen figure, one of their attackers. They were outfitted in a simple parka coat, hiking boots and cargo pants, with a balacalava concealing their face all but the eyes, now closed never to open again. Eventually the gunfire died, and soon only radio chatter and the mummers of bewildered locals filled the air. Askurbek could hear the rushing of boots on the ground coming towards him causing him to aim his rifle, until he could make out the uniforms of his fellow KSG agents, all of whom had their weapons at the ready now on edge.

”You two get him out of here and back to the checkpoint, radio in what happened! The rest of you keep here and find out what the hell that was all about! This village just became a crime scene!” their leader ordered once her assessment of the situation had been complete. With that the KSG carried out her orders hurrying to their assigned tasks. A couple carrying their wounded comrade back to the truck, while the rest as began surrounding the building making a parameter and keeping cautious eyes on the rest of the locals. She then looked to Askurbek expectedly, whom promptly began to explain what had happened. The fresh lock, the mysteriously empty crates in a supposed storge facility, and finally the noise which had of course gone silent now.  The two began looking around the room trying to locate and sort of hidden compartment eventually discovering a hatch under one the crates. With their weapons at the ready they slowly opened the hatch only to find a group of frightened people all huddled together in one corner of a small cellar like structure.

The relaxed their weapons and tried to express themselves as friendly but the group refused to break away from each other all keeping eyes on the two KSG agents in terror and suspicion. Askurbek had managed to make out a pattern among these people. Not a single one of them could have been older than twenty-three. Most of them were also Kanzgi, Askurbek only able to make out two or three Kopsenjese faces. The KSG leader was the first to break the silence that had befallen the two groups. A single sentence was all she spoke.

“This just became, international.”   


An Official Communique From the office of the Secretariate on Foreign Relations[/center]

Addressing:His Majesty King David of East Morland, His Majesty King Jonas of Hassfurt & Her Majesty Queen Karin of Hassfurt, Her Majesty Queen Klara of Lodja

Your majesties,

Following investigations conducted by our own law agency, the Kospje State Guard, it has come to the attention of the KSG and now the Parliament of Kopsje that there is a network of organized crime involved in the illegal transportation and smuggling of foreign citizens into our nation. The KSG has managed to recently uncover a potential drop off point for these criminals and, fortunately, was able free a number of victims involved in this activity. I write to you today to inform you that your nations in particular are affected by this discover as it appears the victims are nationals or originate from you respective countries. To what extent this criminal network is entrenched in our country is currently unknown, however with this recent discovery it is safe to assume that Kopsje is now affected by the greater human trafficking ring that affects Alba Kariyna. To this end, by the will of the Parliament of Kopsje, our country should like to see if we can establish a united front to bring an end to this egregious crisis. Kopsje is willing to send or invite representatives from your respective countries to achieve this goal. Know that this invitation is addressed to you specifically as your countries are directly affected should you seek to involve other parties the invitation stands open.

By the will of the Parliament and with their sanctioned approval,
Bakhtiyar Musaev, Secretariat of Foreign Relations **         

OOC Notes:
*Udak- meaning cousin, is a common greeting among fellow Kopsejenese, especially among close individuals.
*Kanzgi – Kyrzun word for foreigner
**OOC: I’ve posted this hear to avoid double posting, but feel free to respond in the appropriate thread to keep things organized.
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