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To Dzunho
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Spoiler: This Never Happened • show
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Unknown location
There were two things that first started running in Ainurja’s mind as her consciousness gradually returned to her. Cold and cuffed. As she finally regained control of her slumped head, she took her time to observe her surroundings. She was leaned against a wall her hands cuffed together, one of the first things she took note of, the area was not that large, hell it was cramped with barley enough room for movement if she were free. To her right piled neatly and compacted was an assortment of boxes and crates. Supplies, but for what? She squinted trying to make out any sort of label, a possible indication of where she was. Eventually she gave up, it being too dark to make out anything of detail. She observed her surroundings to the best of her abilities coming to the realization that this was some sort of shipping container. An ever-present though low hum resonated throughout area, which could only mean…Shit, was all she could think of now. Ainurja wasn’t even sure how she got into this situation. Her memoires still hazy but it was clear that someone somehow managed to overcome her, cuff her, and then toss her in the back of a truck going to a destination unknown. Ainuja contemplated this realization considering the worst possible outcomes which was death, and the best possible outcome. “Probably” death. Suddenly a soft but prickly object pushed itself against her left arm causing her to instantly pull her arm away snapping her attention to whatever it was that touched her.

Hair. A mop of it, unkempt too. Ainurja studied this new anomaly having somhow missed it before. She could just barely make out the silhouette of a small figure settled next to her sharing the same bondage at their wrists as Ainurja, though they were limp. A child, boy, probably between nine and twelve, and sleeping. Having been slightly disrupted the child mumbled something incomprehensible shifting his bobbing head one way before idly finding his way back to Ainurja’s arm, resting his small head for comfort. Ainurja didn’t resist this time letting the boy lean into her, blissfully oblivious to the situation, he deserved that at least. A new word now resonated in her mind: Trafficker. It was one she knew all too well making this situation take an uncomfortable yet familiar atmosphere. Looking down at the boy again she tried to study him, his features, any potential hint of his origins. Was he Kopsjenese or foreign? Despite her attempts, between the near total darkness and the boy’s hair hiding his face, she could come to no conclusions. One thing was for sure, he was heavily drugged allowing him to be less trouble for their “chauffeurs”. Ainurja let out sigh at the thought though she could not deny its tactfulness.

It was then that a harsh and near ear-piercing screech of tire on tarmac heralded the coming of a chaotic scene. The sudden stop jolted the two captives awake, Ainurja attempting to brace herself before crashing hard into the piled boxes, while the boy had a much softer landing with Ainurja acting as his cushion. Ainurja let out a frustrated snarl, whether at the boy, the crash with the boxes (which she just found out were in fact entirely metal) or a combination of the two was unclear but her frustration was easily recognizable. In a sudden move Ainurja lightly shoved the boy away, an audible thud followed by the rattling of chains sounding through out the new stopped Vehicle. Why had they stopped? Ainurja thought to herself. If they’d reached their destination, then the last thing to do was make such a fashionable maneuver. More probability of damaging the goods that way. So then why? Her thoughts were interpreted by the intrusiveness of a soft but frantic voice bombarding her with questions. The accent of the boy was odd, familiar yet foreign. Ainurja could clearly understand what he was saying but the way his words left his mouth, the combination of sounds flowing into one another it was melodic Almost as if he were softly singing to her rather than speaking. Focusing on the boy’s voice Ainurja had ignored whatever questions he’d been asking trying to pinpoint his origin yet couldn’t quite place it. The boy was growing visibly frustrated and tried to raise his voice but before he could continue a new sound pierced the otherwise quiet scene.

A sound everyone was familiar with but never imagined hearing in person, reminiscent of thunder yet distinctly manmade. Even though muffled and seemingly distant the two Instinctively dropped down as low as they could, stomachs flat to the floor. There was another pause and then that horrifying sound came again, followed by another and soon enough the thunder morphed into a full-on storm. Gunfire chaotic sporadic gunfire it rang all around them from the left, the right, even in front of them. An ambush, which meant they were somewhere in the north. The land where law and order had decayed away into warlordism.  “Snowbaggers!” Ainurja suddenly yelled out in a mixture of anger and realization, her voice resonating throughout the container allowing it to overcome the sporadic gunfire and occasional whizzing of stray bullets that made their way through the container. As she looked up to where one freshly made hole was, she noticed very little light made its way through the opening revealing the world outside to be shrouded in the ever-looming darkness of the night. Ainurja took a moment to think about her situation and how to get out of it.

The Truck was being ambushed probably on both sides and considering the firefight had yet to die down it meant this truck was apart of a small convoy. Her hands were currently cuffed together restricting her movement, fortunately the idiots haphazardly cuffed from the front granting her some leeway. They’d also been kind enough to leave her here alone, well with the exception of her fellow captive. Still their over reliance on the drugs allowed her time to think plan. The only problem was the doors of the cargo container could only be opened from the outside. Ainurja cautiously inched her way towards the side of the container pressing her ear against the wall. Though barely able to make anything out beyond the gunfire, If she focused enough she could just make out … there! Footsteps approaching from the side, they were rushed too. Okay maybe she could get through this. Now confident in her plan she swiftly turned to the boy who was, shaking? She let out an annoyed sigh. Unfortunately for her his presence here made things more complicated, the last thing she needed was some shaken scared little pup getting in the way of things. Observing him for a moment more, she grabbed his arm and haphazardly hoisted him up, meeting his eye level.

"Look, kid. You want to get out of this alive? Follow my lead, keep your ass down, and keep up. You stray behind too far or decide to run off, then you’re on your own. Got it?... Got it?!” Her tone was stern a demanding. The boy hesitated for a bit his head darting around with each new sound of gunfire. Realizing his fear was distracting him Ainuraja repeated herself raising her voice and shaking him to get him to focus. His head snapped to Ainurja and then he nervously nodded. It was all Ainurja needed, whether it was true or not she was going to find out. By now the footsteps had stopped and the sound of locking mechanism being released echoed throughout the container overcoming even the fighting. Ainurja took a deep breath and prepared herself. This was a stupid plan but all she had and she sure hoped it wouldn’t get her killed.  Time almost crawled to stop as the final lock was released and a surge of bright light flooded the once dark container. Ainurja squinted her eyes just barley able to make out the silhouette of a person and not hesitating even for a second lounged at the figure, yelling “Get their sidearm!” as she did so.

The figure was clearly taken by aback unprepared for such a wild display. Their hesitance cost them as Ainurja was already on top bearing all her weight down before they could even respond. Though her hands were bound, the negligence of cuffing them in her front allowed her just enough liberty to use them as a makeshift club. Brining her hands together positioning the round edges of the cuffs downward she viciously brought them down on the unsuspecting figure’s face , his low grunts reveling him to be a man. Ainurja didn’t let up for a single moment continuing to use her cuffs to bash in the man’s head, each impact of metal to face producing an excruciating painfilled scream from the poor bastard. The chaos around them drowned out his cries for help even as he began to scream for someone, anyone to help. Eventually those too died down and the only sound left was the gurgling of his own life leaving him. Red crimson now flooding around his head.

The gruesome business done Ainurja took a moment to pry the rifle from the dead man’s hands and then began to take in her surroundings. Everywhere she looked where figures engaged in vicious combat some wielding knives and other melee weapons trying to overpower their opponents and deliver the final blow. Others had taken cover behind an array of vehicles that dotted the area their firearms in a near constant barrage of fire as everyone tried their damnedest to land a fatal shot. All in all, it wasn’t the worst scenario and luckily for her no one seemed to notice the two escapees. Ainurja then looked back to the boy, fixating her gaze on the young figure. What she saw conjured a new source of fury inside her. Instead of following her clear and simply instructions the lad had opted to simply observe the whole scene and now, as was apparent by the mortified look on his face, was passing judgment on his fellow escapee.           

“What the hell did I say about keeping up!? GET. HIS. GUN!” the command was practically barked at the kid with a seething tone that surprised even Ainurja.  Still it worked and he instantly he snapped out of his daze scurrying to the now deceased man and trying his hardest not to stare at the gruesome pulp that used to resemble a face, fumbled with the side holster before freeing the pistol and then hurried to follow Ainurja. Yeah, yeah, it was probably beyond stupid having a nervous kid carry a fully loaded weapon amidst a practical blood bath but the only thing Ainurja was concerned with was  getting out of here and kid with a pistol was bound to cause someone to hesitate, and that’s all Ainurja really needed. The two quickly made their way across the makeshift battlefield, itself an open road with various vehicles, including another large truck, acting as objects of potential cover for their captors. Lining the road on either side were collection of various smaller vehicles, some two passenger trucks, other snowmobiles, all outfitted for the purpose of ambushing bearing the telltale signs and aesthetics of Snowbaggers.   

“Hurry up!” Ainurja called back to her young companion who was starting to lag. She could have just left him behind. Honestly, part of her wanted to as her purpose for him was already done and he was beginning to look like a potential liability than someone of use. Yet there was something inside of her that just couldn’t bring herself to abandon him. A gut feeling perhaps? It only grew stronger the more she considered it, ultimately leading her to leave it out of the question for better or worse. Finally, the boy was nearly at her spot and fortunately for them the chaos that engulfed the entire area seemingly masked their movements. Suddenly the boy stopped a look of horror sprawled across his face. What now!? Ainurja angrily thought to herself, before she could make an motions she could feel her body yanked back with a force that almost winded her as her body was slammed against the car she’d chosen for cover. A sharp throbbing erupted in her head as she realized it had hit the side of car causing her to fall to the ground.

“Oi! The cargo’s escaping!” came the thunderous grizzly voice of man now standing over her and kicking her weapon away. As he reached down towards her, Ainurja brought her foot to the side of the man’s leg with as much force as she could causing him to fall to the ground letting out a pained cry. It earned her only a moment of respite in which she pulled herself up. There was not time to find her gun as the man was already up himself and now charging at her. Ainurja was able to sidestep out of the way causing the man to fumble, but even now everything felt blurry and she wasn’t sure she could keep up in a proper fight. Of course, that didn’t matter as her attacker now made his way back towards her this time more cautiously yet still aggressive. He went in for a lousy punch with his right hand which Ainurja was easily able to block allowing her to bring her knee sharply up to the mans stomach. He was just barely able to get out of the way at the time. Causing Ainurja to stumble. As she tried to rebalance herself a hard blow crashed into her side causing her to retch and instinctually reach down. A big mistake and before she could react her attacker charged at her and with all his mass pinned her to the side of a car. There was but a second for Ainurja to comprehend all this before the man brought his hands to her throat and began to strangle her.

She tried to resist, using ever muscle in her body as leverage to push the beast of man off of her. Even using her fingers to try and claw at the mans face everything and anything to get him off but it was useless. She knew it and so did he a sick grin creeping across his face at the satisfaction of his victory. Ainurja could only look back with a seething rage as the air slowly escaped her the realization of this being the final moments of her life something she couldn’t accept. The grip tightened and she could feel herself slowly begin to lose consciousness, her futile attempts at resisting growing weaker and weaker. It was then she felt a warm liquid splash across her face, and the grip gradually loosen until being removed completely. A mixture of relief and confusion surged through out her body as she looked up to see what had caused her attacker to stop. A slow stream of red liquid poured down the man’s neck then there was a loud clap of gunfire and then another, her attacker now full of bloodied holes that rapidly expanded before unable to bear it anymore the man crumpled to the ground the flame of his life extinguished. Ainujra looked to the boy, both of his hands on the pistol shaking in a struggle to keep the weapon up. He just stood there his gaze not leaving the corpse of man he just killed. Ainurja couldn’t read his expression but she recognized that this must have been quite the moment for the lad.

Slowly she pulled herself up and walked towards the lad gently clasping her hands over his and retrieving the pistol from him. His gaze still fixated on the body, Ainurja placed another hand on his cheek and once again slowly and gently drew his eyes away from the body until they met hers. Time seemed to freeze and the two locked their eyes together planting the seeds of trust and mutual understanding. It was here in this moment Ainurja realized she couldn’t just discard the boy. For better or worse the two were now comrades united in their struggles and, through bloodshed, inseparable.  The boy slowly nodded in his own way acknowledging this new bond between the two.

Without a word more the two made their way towards the body. The man’s previous cries for help apparently drowned out by the fighting all around had thankfully allowed the two to be undetected by the others. The boy began searching the corpse while Ainurja kept a watch out, now thankful she had a weapon again unsure if she could endure another brawl.  After while the boy produced what they both were hoping for a set of keys with a small remote. Their method of escape. Pushing down on the lock door button, the two were able to make their way towards a small pick-up truck being sure to avoid any others and possible engagements. At last the two made it, the boy handing Ainurja the keys as he entered the passenger side door of the vehicle. Ainurja practically yanked the driver door opened and fumbled with the ignition. It was at this point that with the sound of an engine sputtering to life that others seemed to realize what was going on. By the time a couple of the thugs had managed to position themselves beginning to aim their rifles at the two escapes the engine of the old truck sputtered to life much to the relief of Ainurja. “Get down!” she ordered to the boy and without a single moment more hesitation she slammed her foot on the gas pedal. On of the Attackers realizing what was happening just barley manage to jump out the way, his fellow not so lucky the thud loud and audible. Ainurja didn’t bother to see what happened refusing to stop for anything. This was it. As she speed off the sound of the fighting grew steadily quitter until eventually they couldn’t hear it anymore. Eventually the fighting would die down and someone would come after them. Where the two were headed she didn’t know. She hadn’t really planned this far. All she did know was that they needed to put as much distance between themselves and the fighting as the could.
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The Offer
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Pamak Detention Center
Second District, Dzunho
Days Past

The distant sounds of demonstrators shouting whatever chant they conjured could be heard in the distance. Their voices and subsequent response of KSG vehicle alarms and orders barked into megaphones seemingly reverberating through the streets of Dzunho and between the great edifices that nearly scraped the sky. The Second District, for the most part, had been sparred the utter turmoil of the Fifth district, yet as time had moved on that chaos had begun to spread out like a viral infection. The Second District seemingly, just recently, managed to attract the infection. Chugat wondered at how long it would take for the whole of Dzunho to mirror the situation of the Fifth District. He shuddered at the thought, such an idea was something he hoped to avoid. For now, at least, such a concept was not foreseeable in the immediate future. With this reassurance Chugat made his down the streets of the Second District.

Nearing his destination Chugat paused at a moment to observe a place many sought to avoid. A simple grey barren building, its height dwarfed by the surrounding buildings and thus being hidden away like an unwelcome blemish on the prized gem that was the Second District. It lacked any concept of identity that others in the city would hold. Not sign of deviation from the oppressive solid grey that made up its construction, even the reinforced fence that surrounded it did not deviate from this pattern of solid mundanity. Beyond this fence, was a seemingly alternative plane of reality the premises uncaring to events that surrounded; created with the sole concern of keeping those that inhabited in the edifice isolated from the rest of the city, ignorant of the world they were deprived of. Yet even Dzunho, it seemed, could not hide its marks of indignity from the world. The phenomenon of the young Kangzi had made certain of it, and seemingly invited the chaos which now flooded the Capitol city.

The process of entrance did not take long, such was the perks of someone of Chugat’s standing, and soon enough he was granted an audience with the individual of interest. He was led to a small rectangular windowless room, any concept of color seemingly unknown to this building or its inhabitants as the walls and floor shared the same dull grey as the outside. The only break of this repressive uniformity was the central set piece, comprised of a metal table and two chairs, one occupied one ready for Chugat. A fluorescent ceiling light was all that illuminated the room, leaving the corners to be filled with shadow while drawing all attention to the unfortunate soul confined to this Detention Center. 

As Chugat made his way to greet the figure he couldn’t help but notice her wrists had the faintest of red rings, her hair had been cut short to the point of nearly having none at all save for the stark contrast of color that enveloped her head. It wasn’t until Cugat sat down and now face to face  was able to see the young woman’s face. What he saw caused him to wrinkle his nose in abject disgust. The barbaric carelessness of the so-called Wardens of this facility, to allow such neglect to befall the Knagzi or even worse be the cause of it, was something that conjured feelings Chugat could not rightly describe, but clearly were not pleasant. Such incompetence, neglect, perhaps it was only to be expected. Chugat studied the young woman for a moment, a feeling of pity for her and the situation she was in subtly given. With a simply wave of his hand, the Warden who had accompanied him left the two alone.

You are lucky, you know. Despite the current circumstances you find yourself in.” Chugat began in doing so producing a folder and a tablet on the table between them. Expectedly she said nothing, lost in her own thoughts perhaps? Or still showing a display of defiance?

“Many in the parliament are dissatisfied with the outcome of your ruling. Some would like to see you never leave this place, others have thrown around the idea of an…accident. We can be, finnicky about such things especially when they inspire wayward elements in our country. There are of course others. Those who disagree with the handling of your situation, some even admiring it.” As he said this, he tapped around on the tablet bringing appearing to open a saved video before placing it back down and then opening the folder.

“Ultimately, you are no criminal. Your actions, though rash and provocative, are only natural for someone as young as you. In this regard you reflect your so-called Pharaoh your Akasha…” he trailed off as he said this almost as if to reflect for a moment on all that had transpired, on all that had led the two to this situation. With a sigh he tapped on the tablet, starting the video and  lightly pushing it to young woman, ensuring that she could.

The video started off with a woman much like the one in front of Chugat, though notably the women in the video was Kopsjense. She was sitting in the corner of what appeared to be a holding cell hunched down so that her knees were to her chest. She appeared frantic almost hysterical her eyes darting everywhere unable to stay fixated for more than a moment. Her arms appeared to be all bruised up and down though weather from a blunt object or other means was unclear. It continued like this for some time, until the sound of a door unlocking and the heavy motion of the metal frame being propelled open caused the women to dart up and try to retreat further into her cell, only to back up into a wall. Two Wardens entered though cautiously, hesitating for a moment before one of them spoke the woman’s name.

“Nertok…” was all one of the wardens was able to get out. A high-pitched emotional scream blared from the women, Nertok, causing the tablet to ever vibrate so slightly. The two wardens recoiled at the sudden outburst but quickly regained themselves. The women just continued to scream trying desperately to retreat into the concrete wall behind her. As the Wardens approached closer and closer, thought hesitantly, the women’s shrill fear ridden cries turned to outbursts of vulgarities. Eventually the wardens made their move avoiding wild swipes by the women as they struggled to restrain her. One of them nearly had her constrained before she suddenly broke free a sporadic burst of energy giving her new resolve to resist taking wild swipes at one the wardens.  Rapidly of the other warden pulled out a taser pointing it at the women yelling for her to stop, yet she didn’t instead she only seemed to grow more furious at being threatened charging the warden with wide eyes and a loud otherworldly scream… the video ended there. Now the only sound being the faint buzzing of the ceiling light.

Chugat had seen the video many times, each viewing causing him even more and more unease. With a sigh, he retrieved the tablet, setting it aside while glancing at the young Clysperi that sat in front of him the video clearly had caught her attention though if she felt the same unease as himself, he couldn’t tell. Was it resolve that kept her from expressing herself clearly? If so, it was admirable. Perhaps, though, it was simply that she had no resolve left; no energy to express herself. He dared not think about what could possibly have happened to her in this soulless prison.

 “This is the face of a true criminal. One who was sentenced to death for crimes far more heinous than your own. I show you this because I want you to see what could happen should you stay here. This woman, Nertok, was just as young as you just as defiant to authority.  That one of our people could ever fall to such depravity is both unsettling yet telling. The cause of her behavior was use of a narcotic; from Kodumaa I think. Even in this desolate edifice, the poison of the Kangzi world worms its way inside.” As he said this Chugat now brought the folder in front of her, she may not have been able to understand all the writing, but Chugat was confident she could understand the gist of the document.

“There are various individuals, such as myself, who seek to provoke a great change in our beloved country. To free this homeland of ours from the poison and rot of Kangzi influence. Their ideas, beliefs, hoisted upon us first by Rus, and now reinforced by the international world. Much like your own country my associates seek to retake the destiny of Kospje away from the international world and seek to forge our own destiny…” As he said this Chugat seemingly grew with enthusiasm at the prospect of his “free Kopsje” a small smile of satisfaction growing across his face. He let his words trail off again.

“Of course I suppose, you are not particularly interested in any of this. The reason I am here is simple, you are an unfortunate consequence of the things we seek to change, and so we now offer you a chance to make history, and more importantly for you to be free. This document will secure you release, it is the only thing really. As a member of parliament, I and others, are willing to sign this document to guarantee your release. All we ask is that you play a small part in our goal.” With this  Chugat waited, pen in hand, ultimately though it would be up to the young Clysperi to make the decision.