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Calling on all UK residents
« on: April 05, 2022, 07:09:24 PM »
Calling all people living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island

Recently, the fiendish corporation known as Greggs has poked its nose into Cornwall once again.

This is yet another attempt after it was chased out last time.

Map clearly shows where Greggs is not welcomed (Please not that the Greggs for Devon and the Isle of Wight is wildly inaccurate. I've sadly been to Devon several times, and I have seen several Greggs. I have it on good authority as well that the Isle of Wight has at least one. And since that map was made, that one Greggs in Cornwall has been removed.)

The people of Cornwall do not want a Greggs.

The first Greggs in Cornwall was opened in 2018
The move was met with indignation by the people of Cornwall, and the evil corporation was expelled two years ago.

However, only a bit later, they attempted to attack again.
The Greggs was only a small one, in service station, and since then it got "temporarily" closed down. But we all know who won here.

Now, it appears Greggs is once again attempting to invade Cornwall. Although hopes had risen that they'd pull out, these haven't come around.

So I ask you, People of the UK in TIO.

Boycott Greggs, write to your local MPs and complain.

Cornwall doesn't need a Greggs. Keep Greggs out of Cornwall.